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  1. Challengers of the Unknown? Maybe. They are a definite precursor to the FF and thus a gateway for all SA superheroes. I think a strong argument can be made but not sure how much mental energy i want to spend on working out what that exactly is
  2. technically, a bottom loader, no?
  3. Sal

    CBCS is Very Unprofessional and a RIP OFF!!!

    if there's one thing i've learned over the years, it's that the amount of punctuation used in a screed by a New Guy is directly proportional to the validity of their complaint(s). in this case, i think we can all agree that it's time to break out the pitchforks and torches and follow this guy to this thread's inevitable conclusion
  4. Sal

    Any cool kids still here?

    Good ole Lenoir. Or Lenn-wah, if you prefer
  5. Sal

    New Collection We Looked At

    the Swank issue has a Bode/Wrightson story in it, according to the sticker on the bag. Those Pussycat books fetch a decent coin in good shape, iirc
  6. Sal

    Those Damn Comics

    What? No.
  7. four pages and no "...oh, about tree-fitty" comments? slipping
  8. Sal

    Need advice on a sale that is going sideways

    i'm not a mind reader, but i'm guessing that a large part of the reason moleman was so willing to on his own rep was that he has no real intention of coming back here
  9. coincidentally enough, this page is now up for sale in the Heritage May Signature Auction;
  10. Sal

    Which "Hand Cover" do you prefer ?

    As I said, people...
  11. Sal

    Which "Hand Cover" do you prefer ?

    yeah the original post, to me, is akin to; what would you prefer: A - a 5 course meal, personally prepared for you by a Michelin 3-star rated chef, or B - a Falcon Punch to the grundle, delivered by a top-ranked heavyweight boxer i mean, there are probably some who would pick B, but those people are clearly suffering some sort of brain-related malady
  12. honestly, it looks more like a printing error/issue than fading but it's hard to tell because the photo is so crappy . looks like the ink levels were low to me. i would think the whole book would be evenly washed out if it was fading
  13. Sal

    This week in your collection?

    this is like a dream pickup for me. holy mackerel
  14. Sal

    Can someone please explain this CGC grade?

    My folks took me to see this at the drive-in. i wasn't quite four years old and I think i remember falling asleep before it ended. Pretty sure i had nightmares afterward. Probably not the best idea my parents ever had
  15. I will see your "don't nobody care about dose DCs" and raise you a few;