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  1. Sal


    sorry to hear this, but glad you are able to get back here if at least with some difficulty. best wishes to you dude, hope your recovery is swift and uneventful
  2. interesting thread. collecting keys and hot covers is pretty easy. a person with a modicum of intelligence and an internet connection could do it and with a few month's dedicated effort, become fairly good at it. collecting runs takes a much more intense effort from the collector. they have to be familiar with the character, his/her tropes, the relative influence the story has on the universe in which it well as know where in the run the thing is in the first place. this takes a lot of time and experience, for the most part, and is sort of a barrier for entry insofar as the collectibility of story runs goes. i think what you're describing, RMA, is the explosion of - to use a slightly pejorative term - casuals in the hobby. seems like many people get into the back issue floppy part of the hobby as a way of finding arbitrage opportunities rather than exploration of the medium. i mean no disrespect to anyone reading this who might be of this mindset, just trying to - as the man said in the greatest movie of the last thirty years, Miller's Crossing - "(speculate) on a hypothesis." pun intended
  3. nobody has the time to be both RMA and another account. it's literally not possible unless they have found a cure for sleep
  4. Thank you to the anonymous boardie who disregarded my intention of skipping the prize award portion of this contest. His or her generosity outweighed my sense of impropriety, apparently. It's one thing to abstain but another to refuse another's request. So, to whomever you are, mystery person, thank you!
  5. interior back cover has some damage on the spine above the top staple that the exterior wrap doesn't have. that is confusing to me
  6. i already linked to an HA auction that had the actual book they used for the mock-up. it's a 6.5 ow
  7. so, which modern variants are the most valuable?
  8. LOL, that Hulk book is actually a 6.5;
  9. now if only we could get people to send their labels back in when they have them CPRed or otherwise reentombed, then we'd really be on to something!!1!
  10. having not donated a prize, i personally would feel awkward accepting another person's largesse, so i am going to pass on making a selection. Thanks to Andy and Shin for being so generous with their time and energy to run this contest over the years.
  11. thanks for running the contest, and all your hard work! and for getting some of those dogs slabbed
  12. time payments on that Tec 31? say...$1,000 bucks a month for 22 years?
  13. Who knew that Wolverine had the ability to keep his mask still on when it was completely ripped in half??? I guess that tuft of hair on the left side of his head is holding it in place
  14. iirc, there was a message from Stan Lee in one of the early days of the Marvel revolution where he advised people to do this very thing, for the reinforcement reason given above. there's also the episode of Antiques Roadshow where a guy brings in a suitcase full of the top 60s Marvel keys, all of whose covers were completely covered in shellac. said he did it for "preservation" or something similar
  15. Gee, that email exchange completely seems like the kind of thing a totally legitimate charitable organization would do when getting a simple request for documents they are legally required to provide, and not at all like a group of people running a complicated scam and hoping the requestor goes away by obfuscation or intimidation. Totally legit.