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  1. PQ is Page Quality, not Page Color. It's to give a general indication of the quality of the page preservation over time. As the page loses suppleness, it darkens relative to its original color. Technically 'white' means that the page quality is just as it was from the day it was made, not that the pages are necessarily 'white' colored. Especially with bronze age books, which were printed on pretty crappy paper for the most part. Another thing to consider is that "white to off-white" doesn't necessarily mean that the page color/quality is somewhere in between white and off-white, but that both states exist in the book. you could have a book whose quality at the staples is newstand fresh with darker edges and it would get an off-white to white designation. PQ is one of the lesser-understood parts of collecting, and is also the most variable and subjective of characteristics imho.
  2. Sal

    So What's Selling?

    gotamighty i hope not
  3. Sal

    So What's Selling?

    there's no telling! old man Lee would sign a sock if you gave him enough moolah!!11!
  4. Sal

    So What's Selling?

    i'll tell you what's not selling...Stand Lee Comic Book Stand's offerings on Amazon. You want a 9.2w Luke Cage 9 for $549.99 American? You got it! Howzabout a copy of ASM 97 in 9.2w for $649.99? Absotively!! Something called True Believers: Kirby 100th - The Mighty Thor #1 that's in a 9.4 SS slab, signed by Stan Lee...for the low, low price of $799.99!!! Or, just forget about those and blow it all on a copy of Amazing Spider-man #650 9.8SS Signed by Stan Lee, Joe Damon & Humberto Ramos for $1699.99!!!!1! And there's more! An 8.0 Sub-Mariner 69 for $379.99! The Incredible Hulk 122 in 9.4 for $549.99! Hero for Hire 1 in 8.0w for $929.99! The list goes on and on
  5. Sal

    Child of the 80's comic covers

    Kind of a loose definition of "iconic" but i like how you're thinking. Web of Spider-Man Ronin Secret Wars American Flagg! Dreadstar
  6. Sal

    Iron Fist 2 Netflix

    yeah, i completely agree. he's a "living weapon," for chrissakes, how is he getting knocked around? they definitely made a mistake with the casting. it's like they found the right person from a visual perspective but boy, when the star is the weakest part of the show...
  7. Sal

    Venom Movie

    i think they had no choice but to go for the humor angle, considering the CGI looked so poor in the trailer. those teeth! they look like a gaggle of uncolored candy corn
  8. Sal

    Who is your least favorite inker?

    Klaus Jansen is a very 'style-particular' inker. the book has to have the right graphical motif for his inks to work. otherwise it looks like he used a broom to lay down lines
  9. if you're familiar with VB canon, you have to - HAVE TO - watch the Aug 19 show. it's just mindbogglingly good in how it references the ten-plus years of work to date
  10. nice copy! is that new? i bid on one of the MGAs but i already have slabbed copies of them all except 85. i've got the Cleveland copy of that one, albeit raw. here's my 86;
  11. Seriously, nothing? I'm sure there is one, but damned if I'm hunting it down. The Sunday, August 19 episode might have been the best one of the series, and I've been on board since right around episode three or so. Hats off to the boys for this one. If you're not watching this show, you owe it to yourself to binge the entire series, just so you can watch this last one and appreciate just how good it was
  12. Ha, yeah, this is an excellent read.
  13. Sal

    Nightmare situation with eBayer / PGX

    this book was basically a hand grenade, being passed from person to person. the last one to pass it before it "went off" is culpable for repair of damages. at least that's how i see it, anyways
  14. you need to immediately either volunteer at a local shelter or donate a chunk of cash to some worthy cause or your karmic imbalance will cause you an anyeurism
  15. Sal

    How often do you buy from Mile High Comics?

    when i got back into comics around 2005 or so, i did what any naive person would do; looked up to see if the purveyor of those centerfold ads in every Marvel comic in the bronze and copper age was still in business. i wound up buying a few slabs from them at exorbitant prices but that's my fault, not theirs. X-Men 110 9.2 for $49, anyone? How about a Hawkman 5 8.5 c/ow old label for $98? No? Right. flash forward about 3 1/2 years. a new Silver/Bronze age original owner collection surfaced in St. Louis and was brought to market by a group called - at the time - Mound City Auctions. these books had been untouched prior to slabbing and as this was at the height of the 'is it pressed/unpressed' craze going on, were very desirable for that reason. many of the nicest books were slabbed and while it wasn't enough to constitute a pedigree - nor was that designation sought, i don't believe - it was a really nice collection that attracted a lot of attention from the community. by all indications, the auction went really well, with both internet and live bidding. many GPA records were set, iirc. roughly around a couple of weeks after the auction, Chuck sends out his MH email and announces that, due to the success of the Mound City Auction and in light of the prices realized therein, his prices on slabs were clearly too low and he was now going to raise prices accordingly, that he might be more aligned with the marketplace. after i picked my jaw up off the floor, i replied back to their mailing list person and asked that my name be removed from their list. everyone knows their business model is designed to appeal most to the uninformed but this was beyond the pale