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  1. like me tenth straight year of missing this show. everyone have a great time, stay safe, and enjoy the absolutely awful stench of pretentiousness that fills the air in the City That Wishes It Was Atlanta
  2. "Have saw?" Seriously, "have saw?" my blood pressure is fine but this is the sort of thing that has bubbled up during the entire time i've been reading this thread, which should have started and ended with "Aliens 3," a movie with everything going for it going in except apparently a lack of studio interference
  3. actually, the more i think about this, the more i believe someone would have to be willfully ignorant on a level of stupefaction to think that the line would be added as a 'return.' they would have to believe that the books would be sent back to the PRINTER and then disassembled, and re-run through the freaking line to get that mark on there. okay, so that's pretty idiotic. color me corrected
  4. it's easy to see how someone might think this bar was added post-production; they have no idea how printing works, and have no ability to question 'facts' which are delivered by a source with confidence. some people immediately view all information with skepticism, some people view the same information as gospel, and then the rest of us find a healthy mix of the two. in this case, a rudimentary amount of knowledge about press printing would point a person in the correct direction
  5. oh, if only the market was logical. things would be so much easier on just about everyone
  6. FF 250. Gladiator chases some skrulls to Earth and mayhem ensues. wall-to-wall action by Byrne in his post-Xmen prime. What If? 32 "What if the Avengers had Become Pawns of Korvac?" Yeah i know these are both Copper. Sue me
  7. firstly, condolences on your loss. second, i think your instincts are correct; you're going to have to do at least a cursory inventory. you don't need to worry about grades so much at first, unless books are really beat up. no one is going to give you top dollar on a bulk purchase from that time period based on condition. just catalogue the contents of each box at the start and then with a little research you can make some decisions about which ones should garner more of your attention. as a general rule, if you have heard of the character as a 'layman,' then there's more likely a value to that book or series. the figurines/toys is a different story. i think doing searches of sold listings on ebay would be your best bet to establish which would be worth your time trying to sell versus donate or some other option
  8. they also only mention "7 legends" signing the book when there are clearly 8 sigs on there. this whole thing just looks odd to me. i am guessing they went off the label when they wrote that post instead of looking at the book
  9. one day, a reporter is going to run a story involving comics and the collecting of same and his or her editor is going to refrain from using a sound effect/onomatopoeiac device in the headline, and the entire collecting world is going to orgasm and/or die after. but it won't be today!!1!
  10. to be fair, there are literally thousands of examples of works by great artists in which the feet are either obscured or otherwise not shown. this is not something limited to Sir Robert, although his reputation in this arena is well-deserved and honestly given
  11. promises, promises. i can only wonder what the mindset of any professional inker is when they are handed a piece of work like this. on the one hand, it's probably tougher than a normal job by someone with tight pencils, who has actually done live figure drawing and/or who owns a copy of Gray's Anatomy (the book, not the tv show). but on the other hand, the pressure is probably lower since the only thing that can be done is improvement, with the scale of said improvement being the only variable
  12. it's not fixed. it's an error that started occurring for me when i updated Chrome to the newest stable version. i think it's probably something ubbboards is causing, instead of something locally for people. i had to dust off Firefox and come in via that way
  13. the logical end to this particular path is the death of the hobby as a going concern for all but a few people. it's nearly apocalyptic if not dealt with at some point