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  1. yeah i was just wondering that. they're from AndyL, and according to the Registry, he's 200,000 registry points from being the #1 set
  2. you, sir, are the very sort for whom this Association was created. well done
  3. here i was, thinking we hadn't gotten a good pedantic row going on here in quite a while. this thread delivers. all involved should feel good about it
  4. 415.18 You sir are a gentleman and a scholar for running this each year. Merry Hanukwanzmas to you and yours
  5. that's a great book! i would advise you to get that thing graded only if you plan on selling it, which it seems like you're not interested in doing right now. it would be spending money for the purpose of seeing what grade a 3rd party service would give it, which is of some value but not enough to justify the expense and risk, imho. if i had that book and planned on keeping it, i would investigate perhaps sending it in for a resto check, but i doubt i would slab something just to do it for my collection. there are people who prefer their books in slabs, so it's not a universal opinion by any means, but those are my thoughts
  6. after i posted it i read the notes and was like hope you're safe, friend. have you thought about sending your Western Penn copies of MGA over to me for, uh, safe keeping?
  7. yes, GR is one of them. Bethlehem, Boston, Sucha News, Circle 8, couple others i believe but have no immediate corroboration on
  8. there are 5 or 6 SA pedigrees with multiple copies per title.
  9. Rick Fortenberry is Captain Comics, can't remember his exact board handle...mayb Capt_Comics? Has Gene switched over from those open-top mylars yet?
  10. 100% agree, that Steranko cover had someone come behind him and add stuff. Hulk's right arm is coming out of his chest muscle; you can see clearly that his shoulder is extending past that wall
  11. never seen one of those before...pretty cool!
  12. is that color touch in the top left? nice book though