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  1. I will see your "don't nobody care about dose DCs" and raise you a few;
  2. Biggest Regret or Score in the last decade?

    Best buy: getting My Greatest Adventure 8.0w on eBay for $300 in 2013. Worst buy: Oh, there are many. Watching Roy keep bidding up the 9.2 Mound City copy of MGA 81 well beyond what any sane person would pay and not being smart enough to walk away from it is one burned into memory. Oy vey gevalt
  3. Buying slabbed books to upgrade

    Oh, if we're making this the Tip Thread, I've got a surefire one; the next time you go to a con, ask to see a slab from a dealer you wouldn't mind never doing business with again. while holding the slab in one hand, reach down into your pants and rub your nethers with as much vigor as you are able wit the other. Then quickly - and speed is the key here - remove your hand and smear it all over the slab. Hairs are a bonus! PROTIP: avoid showering for at least three or four days prior to attending the con. You will still need to look presentable so as to not alarm the dealer in their native habitat, so deodorant and clean clothes are a must. Once said smearing has been completed, you're in all likelihood going to have the upper hand in any negotiations, as most dealers do not bring disinfectant to conventions. However, this will only work once, so make sure the slab you get is a good one,
  4. Buster Douglas? LOL.
  5. nice, but misses the SA by about a dozen years...
  6. Donut's opinion and Jaydog's opinion; that's the real false equivalency here
  7. Can't think of anything offhand...
  8. Some thoughts on the cover of X-Men 1

    Not really sure what Hank is thinking he's going to do once he lets go of that swing...I mean, optic blasts are bouncing off of Maggy's shield and while i suspect he can probably punch harder than a thrown snowball, I'm not convinced he's going to do more than Cyclops is already failing at doing. Angel is probably the weakest "top-level" hero in the Silver Age. I think if one were to order all the SA Marvel heroes from top to bottom in terms of overall power, he's going to be in between Patsy Walker and Rick Jones. Honestly, he should be drawn standing off to the sides and holding some pom-poms or a megaphone, because that's basically all he's bringing to the table
  9. Cal's Thread

    Oh, Cal. take it somewhere else. you know, like you keep PROMISING? if i had a dollar for every threat to leave made by you over the years, i would probably have enough for a decent meal at a family-style restaurant. I'm not sure what you are getting out of being annoying to strangers on the internet, but I am sure you could find someplace more worth your time. maybe somewhere over the rainbow there is a community of people who will find you sympathetic and not at all annoying. well, at least for the first month or so. get out there and be somebody! somebody else, preferably, but that might be asking for the moon and you'll want to start off slowly and pace yourself being no spring chicken these days
  10. well, there are a couple... but the most maddening is Doom Patrol 115. there's one 9.8 in the census and three 9.4s. that's it. for a 1967 DC. go figure.
  11. congrats! you should do the Disney Fellowship competition, if they're still doing that one
  12. Baltimore Con 2017 Report

    in a perpetual state of "almost done" for close to 5 years now. there are two or three books that just don't exist in grade at all...or are so unwanted to have not been submitted enough to shake more copies loose
  13. Baltimore Con 2017 Report

    kind of you to say, Mike. i miss my posts, too. Oh, and a follow-up to Chrisco's post; it was nice to see all of you whom I ran into at the show. I honestly feel bad every time I leave Bedrock's booth without buying anything, because he is a genuinely good guy and we should all endeavour to support good guys. That being said, he's not the only good guy in the room, but he is the only I feel badly for not supporting with my wallet. Many thanks as well to Foolkiller for another example of his humbling generosity. He's another whom collectors should be supporting, only he doesn't really need it, from what I can tell. Good on you, BK
  14. Baltimore Con 2017 Report

    kind of you to say, Mike. i miss my posts, too
  15. one of my undercopies. i don't consider myself a GGA aficionado per se, but this cover has always made me stop and check my bank balance when i see one for sale