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  1. I dunno - the sig kinda looks like the Bernie Wrightson books I have. Looping B with the bold vertical line in his last name. There can't be that many people faking Bernie Wrightson inside books. I lean possibly real.
  2. I bought a graded book from Adam in the last VCC. He shipped it promptly, very safely packaged. Recommended!
  3. Great thread. I'll post my most unusual CGC SS Star Wars book- Colin Trevorrow was supposed to write/direct Episode IX: Duel of the Fates. He signed this book in June 2017, three months before he got taken off the project and replaced.
  4. I've been happy with the times I've used Trinity. They've cracked two books for me to get a second sig - both came back the same grade. But you're taking a huge risk cracking a 9.8. They could do everything perfect and a CGC grader on that day might catch something. Guess it depends on how lucky you feel.
  5. 1-9 were decent stand-alone stories. 10-19 is a good arc with memorable characters. But in my humble opinion, 21-50 jumps out in my mind as the "best". Silent Interlude, Storm Shadow, Zartan, the origin of Snake Eyes, Freds/Crimson Guard, Destro & Firefly, Ace vs Wild Weasel, Billy, Cobra Island, the Soft Master, the Pit, Springfield. And the most memorable Michael Golden and Michael Zeck covers. But even after, you can find some fun twists and turns. Cobra Civil War, Trucial Abysmia. And if you're really looking for fun, watch as Larry Hama is forced to weave some odd Hasbro toys into the narrative. Serpentor? Sure. Battleforce 2000? No problem. Python Patrol? Okee doke. DEF? Why not. Star Brigade? Ninja Force? Transformers Generation 2? Eco Force? LOL.
  6. 100% fake. Here - this is Turtlegirl1999's eBay sales for the last three months. Notice anything suspicious? Almost like the dealer has a never-ending supply of cheap Stan Lee signed comics on low-grade comics. Almost as if they're constantly churning out new fakes. MBDando - contact the seller and get your money back ASAP.
  7. Fake. Stan's sig changed a lot in the last few years of his life when he was doing a lot of signing, making identifying real unwitnessed sigs difficult. But the letter construction and slant in the pictured example are all wrong. Unless it was CGC witnessed, or it comes with a Stan Lee hologram sticker, it's most likely fake. If it was bought off eBay for super cheap, then it's definitely fake.
  8. Crumble? YIKES. Didn't know that could happen. But both processes work - I just prefer peroxide since it doesn't require gloves to prevent skin burns. The clear wrap technique was something I found online when reading about guys using salon 40 to whiten their old SNES systems. They would apply the stuff, then wrap in clear wrap.
  9. Easier way- Put them in a jar with hydrogen peroxide, cover the top with clear wrap, and leave it out in the sun for a few hours. Repeat as needed - wash the figure thoroughly after you're done. Other way- Carefully brush retrobrite (40 volume salon developer) on the yellow parts, wrap the figure tightly in clear wrap, leave it out in the sun for a few hours. Repeat as needed - wash the figure thoroughly after you're done. Hydrogen peroxide is my favorite method. Retrobrite gives you more control, but you have to be careful to wrap it tightly to not let it dry out or else it supposedly can leave spots.
  10. I used Trinity Convention Services. Desert Wind also facilitated. I'm assuming a few others did, too.
  11. With the way Kirby's signature changed over his lifetime, plus with the way his wife did so much ghost-signing, plus with all the recent forgeries, honestly the best way to make sure would be to post your example in the Signature Forum here on the CGC boards and ask for opinions. Most sig verification like PSA or JSA are probably useless with Kirby, but I think one of CGC's competitors does a good job of verifying Kirby sigs.
  12. A few years ago, a couple of his signed checks were up on eBay. He signed his checks like he signed comics in the early-to-mid 80's - his big bold sig with the pronounced slant.
  13. You took your daughter to NKOTB? Tony S, you are a brave brave man! As for thank you notes- A few years ago, I bought a set of three Amazing Spider-Man comics on eBay. It came with a letter from the seller with a full history of the books - the name of the drug store and town in the 1960's that he bought them from, how he'd read the books, how he'd put them away in boxes as he grew up into adulthood, and that after 50 years of them being his how he hoped that I would treasure them as much as he had. I was FLOORED. I wrote him a message back to thank him for the letter and to assure him that I would take good care of them for the next 50 years. Got a great deal on books I'd wanted, and I got four amazing stories for the price of three.