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  1. Except for the big mail-in signings, right now you're going to have a hard time finding facilitators while we're still in a pandemic. My advice is to keep an eye on this website here- Then as appearances at shows return, come back to this forum and try to find CGC facilitators who will be attending those shows. Good luck!
  2. Welcome to the boards. Your issue's being discussed here-
  3. The Signature Series/Restored label looks like this-
  4. Since I'm seeing chatter about the return of comic shows everything, updating & bumping this. Because optimism. Also vaccines. SHOW LEGEND AND FACILITATORS ATTENDING ACE - ACE Comic Con AKR - Akron Comicon November 6-7, 2021 ACCC - Alamo City Comic Con ABQ - Albuquerque Comic Con June 25-27, 2021 ALV - Amazing Las Vegas Comic Con AHI - Amazing Comic Con Aloha ATL - Atlanta Comic Con August 6-8, 2021 DCA - Awesome Con DC August 20-22, 2021 BALT - Baltimore Comic Con October 22-24, 2021 BApl - Big Apple Comic Con September
  5. If it was mine, I would just sell it as is, with the description info that the Kirby sig is most likely a Roz Kirby proxy-signature. Don't worry about what happens if it ever comes back onto market - you can only control what happens to it when it's yours. And don't put a pen through it. A Roz Kirby proxy-sig still has value, and, in my opinion, is still pretty cool. Whatever you choose to do, you're clearly an honest stand-up fellow who doesn't want anyone to get ripped off. You're a good dude - you'll be fine.
  6. I don't know much about Thibodeaux's signature, but yours appears like the other examples out there. But on his sig, I'm just guessing because I really don't know.
  7. It's generally accepted that his wife Roz Kirby did a lot of ghost-signing for him, especially towards the end of his career. On all the signed "Last of the Viking Heroes" books out there, the Kirby sig looks like one of Roz Kirby's proxy-signatures. So while unfortunately your sig isn't a real Jack Kirby sig, I still think it's a cool book.
  8. Good news - the sigs on your Captain Victory look authentic. Very cool. Bad news - the sigs on your figure look like forgeries. Unfortunately, eBay has a lot of bad actors faking their sigs - I'm assuming you picked it up off eBay.
  9. FYI - Twincities Comics just announced a Michelinie signing.
  10. 1. The Stan Lee doesn't look like his signature. 2. The Jack Kirby doesn't look anything like his signature. 3. Signing comic books was very different back before Kirby passed away. Other than the Dynamic Forces books ghost-signed by his wife, Kirby rarely signed covers, he never signed in sharpie, and he never signed books that he didn't personally work on. Stan Lee, sure - but not Kirby. 4. A huge number of raw Lee and Kirby sigs on eBay are fake. Several con-artists are regularly churning out fakes. 5. Common sense. If it was authentic, it means someone took a beat-u
  11. So I've been schooled - I was wrong. CGC is not mislabeling them. The third printing G.I.Joe #21's have the symbiote-Spidey head box on the front cover and the Captain America "reach for the stars" ad on the back cover - and a "third printing" mark on the first page. But collectors have been finding a handful of G.I.Joe #21's with the symbiote-Spidey head box, Captain America back cover, and NO "third printing" mark. I don't know what you'd call this - another printing or a variant or something. Since they're not marked as reprints, CGC is simply slabbing them as-is. I suppos
  12. Ugh. Yeah - another third print that CGC mislabeled. Unfortunately, CGC seems to miss these regularly - here's another mislabeled third print that sold on eBay-
  13. Actually, now that I think about it, Xenosmilus, I think you might be right if you count Stan Lee's last comic book writing credit that he did as a regular monthly comic book as a full-time Marvel writer/editor - and not as a limited series or back-up story.