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  1. Wow, I love the Australian DD 1. Very cool. Hate to say it but that's a better cover than the US version!
  2. Batman 227

    Good eye on this. It does look like there's something there...? Crazy nice copy, but very hard to grade in this higher grade range without large scans.
  3. Agree with all the suggestions above. IMO, Strange Tales 115 in particular is a nice idea, a cool book and more easily affordable than the 110. Take a deep breath! If your boyfriend is a good guy, and I have faith that he is, he would not want you to be this stressed over a comic. It sounds like you've spent a lot of time and energy on this. Your time is worth something too.
  4. The book looks terrific. I'll throw out a guess of a strict 7.5. The top right corner looks to have some roughness (slight nibbling?) along the tops of the page edges, and the back cover as well in that spot. All the corners are a bit soft. Looks way better though. Beauty!
  5. Secure USPS Priority ship extra at cost. First 'takeit' wins, whether in the thread or via PM. Returns no problem if not pleased. Paypal preferred, but if you want to pay some other way we'll work it out. Please be able to pay within 4 days. Thanks all! -- JUNGLE COMICS #99 in 4.5/5.0. Classic bondage-torture cover... whoa. Nicer than average copy, flat with clean image area, good spine, all attached; small LRC piece missing and a few discreet edge tears are the only notable flaws. OW pages. $115 SOLD Back cover:
  6. Please grade this Sweet Love #3!

    Thanks guys. The staples are clean and it's sharp overall. Even so though, not sure about 9.0 with the scuff. You think?
  7. Sharp high grade copy, though note the small scuff on the lady's forehead. Super colors and gloss. Thanks all!