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  1. Right. I'd probably file that under 'legitimately annoying but not worth pursuing'. These are definitely holder errors I'm describing, where either the book's cover or the whole book itself are askew in the inner well. I was fortunate that all three of the problem books were GVG to VG range and not ultra high grade.
  2. Is anyone else experiencing a higher-than-average rate of 'mechanical errors' with the books they are getting back -- books that are crooked in their holders and have to be returned for reholdering? I had 1 out of 12 from the batch I got back this month, and 2 out of 8 from my October batch.
  3. Is there a scuff in the Man-Thing's crotch?
  4. 6.5/7.0 seems right with the stain. Probably not the best submission candidate.
  5. 7.5 seems right. The colors seem a bit soft for that issue; is that a production thing or is there fading?
  6. RIP Russ Cochran, very sorry to hear this. My being here today is a direct result of his EC reprint projects of the 1990s, which started me collecting 1950s comics. Loved his passion for our hobby.
  7. I've been taking Bakers at killer prices for the last month and it's bleeding me dry. At this point I'm down to a bed, and a [looks around] cat. Anyone wanna buy a cat?