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  1. Action 242

  2. Action 242

  3. Action 242

    I'll guess 2.0. Love the colors tho!
  4. PGM: ASM 129

    Beautiful book and I don't see any spine roll other than from production. What I do notice are some tiny marks of color loss around Spidey's left foot and on his left arm. (I can't tell for sure, but I'd have some concern there could be a dot or two of color touch in those areas...the green and red areas look a bit mottled but not the black lines.) Would have to guess a strict 7.0, maybe 7.5, though it obviously presents better.
  5. That's a dust shadow. You sometimes see them on golden age books, if they were stored in a pile or something. This one's pretty faint at least.
  6. One of my fave GGA covers. Really nice eye appeal at first glance, but a couple of odd flaws... some color loss on the lady's dress, and some pink splotches mostly in the propeller areas (not to be confused with the more subtle pink shading which appears on the cover here and there). Thoughts?
  7. Pretty nice-looking book, but faint sub crease, shows more on the back cover than front. Thanks all!
  8. PGM: Superman 233

    Welcome to the boards! With a good amount of spine wear and bits of color loss in the logo, looks like your basic VGish copy... I'd say 3.5 to be safe, assuming nothing big wrong with the back cover.
  9. Whoops, looks like I was 100% wrong. Sorry about that! I thought there was some rust transfer in the original centerfold photo, but it must be the staples casting funky shadows there or something. My bad. Beautiful book; only real issue would be the structural bottom corner dent. I'll say 6.5/7.0 range as is but could certainly press a bit higher.
  10. PGM Strange Tales 97

    I'm going to guess 8.0 even with the corner rumples in the URC. They seem pretty faint. Beauty of a book!
  11. The staples also appear to be rusted through...see the back cover and the last pic of the centerfold. Front cover has amazing eye appeal for the grade range, but I'd think technical grade of 5.0, maybe 5.5. Still, nice one!
  12. Great! Make sure you sign up in the thread in General so your post doesn't get missed.