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  1. Front looks great; light wear, a few gentle bends not visible in scan. Back cover has a good amount of light staining along the spine. Whacha think?
  2. Point Five

    What are the rarest romance comics?

    "The only reason I'm marrying him is for his MONEY!" "That's why I wanted them to LET ME DIE!" Can you feel the radiant love?
  3. Here you go, Jayman. It really does resemble your copy, right down to those discreet nibbles or whatever along the upper right edge. Unfortunately this one has part of an ad page missing. But the front shore is purty.
  4. Apparent grade for this bad boy please, as the last page has a sizeable piece removed. Note too that the back cover has a small hole in the upper right. But man, that front!
  5. Point Five

    Awesome Pre Code horror comics

    Agree with Goldust. Looks like Heritage just made a mistake there. Great cover all the same!
  6. Looks higher grade, and most of the photos show closeups of slight cracking along the spine which is normal for these Sandman books. At the very bottom it is moving towards a small split but hard to tell how serious it is in hand. Averaging all that I'd guess 7.5/8.0 range.
  7. Point Five

    Whats with Wonderworld Comics pg. 29?

    A fun mystery so I took a look at issue #8 through the link kindly provided above. I'm guessing "Page 29" means the 29th page of the book, i.e. pages 57-58 out of 64. Page 57 of #8 is a "Movie Memos" page, a one-page filler with drawings done from photos of then-current movie stars. Assuming the other issues have the same Movie Memos page there, I could see that being a theme that some kid might have removed from each issue and taped up on their wall or something.
  8. Point Five

    PGM New Teen Titans 2

    Hard to be certain from the photos, but I'll guess 9.4 as well. Love those early NTTs.
  9. Point Five

    PGM ASM 300

    7.5. Nice!
  10. Point Five

    Baker Romance

  11. That is quite bizarre. Never noticed it before.
  12. I really dig this one too. Never saw it until last year. Something about the combination of deep greens and vibrant reds on the cover is super cool. It's like Christmas! Christmas for bondage cover lovers!
  13. Oh, for sure! But it basically looks exactly like yours. Which is even weirder. Going to go make sure mine is still there...