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  1. Am I reading this right -- your books were delivered and opened the same day? Did you write FREE MONEY INSIDE on the box?
  2. Super nice book! It looks like the back cover might have some minor top/bottom dirt or edge stains, and the spine (while lovely) some gentle wrinkles. I'd guess 8.0, possible 8.5, barring any interior flaws. Great find!
  3. Honestly, I think scouring ebay regularly... like, *every day* for weeks or even months... is going to be your best bet. The kinds of issues you describe won't stay in a dealer's stock for long, unless they're priced aggressively enough that they don't move quickly. Browsing ebay completed auctions, I can see a few .5 (incomplete) Caps that would have fit your criteria, more or less in your budget: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Captain-America-34-Low-Grade-Incomplete-missing-pinup/313455147911?hash=item48fb61fb87:g:EDQAAOSw-JBgQABQ https://www.ebay.com/itm/Captain-America-Comics-50-NG-1-B
  4. I don't know, on a second look it may be fine... you provided huge closeups and it's still hard to say. The blotchiness on the 'Ast' looks a bit odd for sure but perhaps not c/t.
  5. The color loss on the Z seems pretty minor gradewise, unless there's color touch there. Is the cover wrap attached at the single staple? Any tape there? I'd think more like 3.5/4.0 range. Nice one!
  6. 3.0 was my guess before scrolling down. Lots of color-breaking creasing that's not going away even with a press... and rusted staples. That said, looks really nice for the grade!
  7. Great one! 3.5 is a good guess, that seems about right. (Also, I suspect some color touch in the S and T of the logo... seems like there's color loss somehow bobbing and weaving around the black lines.)
  8. It would definitely take our bathroom renovation to the next level.
  9. Amazing book! Off-topic, but I was just thinking the other day that I've seen a lot less Centaurs floating around in the past year. Are they just not coming up for sale as much (even compared to, say, Fox) or is it my imagination?
  10. I wasn't planning on getting it slabbed but that's an interesting train of thought. Would CGC deem it a pedigree without any documentation?
  11. My wife showed me this article on her laptop and asked if this is an issue we have. I said I would check in the back.
  12. Seems like good circumstantial evidence that this Kaanga #15 I picked up on ebay is from this pedigree. Nice PQ with check marks next to GGA panels. Yay!