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  1. If you're not a writer in real life, you really should be. If you can bring this level of suspense to *researching Fawcett reprints* you can bring it to anything!
  2. I used to own quite a number of UK GA books. It's a fascinating market, with books rarely surfacing for sale and so much still unknown. Here's a couple I have left:
  3. Mak is good folks. I think he saw a perfect-copy-for-him BCM #50 in that thread and got a bit excited.
  4. A strong contender for me as well. I bought and sold a beater copy back then, and wish I'd kept it.
  5. Oh yeah. We've all got some of those! And I wish I could have gone completely nuts buying GA in the 80s, but not to be. I guess this is a potentially interesting question because the timespan is more recent, and there are personal faves we 'left on the table' even as many of us were already actively buying.
  6. Just for fun. We regularly bemoan how hard GA books are to find today, and/or how prohibitively expensive they have gotten compared to 5 or 10 years ago. Fantasy scenario -- you can time travel back to 2010 and buy ONE golden age book at then-current prices, with the caveat that you can't resell it (i.e. it's a 'collecting' fantasy more than a 'flipping' fantasy) and it resides in your collection going forward. Maybe it's something you're priced out of today, or where available copies don't have the grade or eye appeal you'd be satisfied with. What's the one book you would choose and why?
  7. If you mean the Black Cat #50, Scrooge was the buyer, not me. You can always ask him (but obviously, if he were selling it would not be at 2012 prices).
  8. On my wantlist for years; finally acquired. Some pulling at single staple but still attached. Back has some foxing/light stains scattered around. Thoughts? Thanks!
  9. That's awesome. I'd love a crack at the Startling if you decide to make it available.
  10. 7.0... nice bright book, but almost every corner has a small crunch or ding of some sort.
  11. You were banned from the group over a grade dispute on this book? I mean, the whole dynamic you describe is bananas and you should probably just move on from there. Hard to finetune the condition from these pics--it's in a bag in some photos and far away in others--but it looks sharp and I don't see any reason to think it's not somewhere in the 9s.
  12. And even tougher to get a 7.0+ for an Atlas war comic from you!
  13. 7.0... definitely a higher grade copy, dinged for small bumps and back cover tears. Nice one!