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  1. Many thanks to Steve/sacentaur for this affordable Baker a few months back. Such a great cover!
  2. Thought this bad boy would be out of reach with today's prices on LB Coles. Well pleased to be wrong!
  3. I take this if still available. thanks Awesome. @bounty_coder, is this book still available for the cause?
  4. Feel better, guy! Good to see you back.
  5. SUPERMAN #12 in 2.0. Classic Siegel/Shuster-studio Supes with a patriotic war cover (though it predates Pearl Harbor by at least a few months). These early DCs are so fun. Solid low grade copy; cover is attached though extra staples were added at some point; some pencil tracings on figures. Supple white/offwhite pages. No recent GPA sales in grade, but even a few .5 to 1.0 copies have sold in this neighborhood. $350 $325 $300 SOLD Back:
  6. A neat early Supes up for grabs. Secure USPS Priority ship is extra at cost. First 'takeit' wins, whether in the thread or via PM. Please note terms below: -- For payment, I can accept Paypal, check or money order. -- Please be able to pay within 5 days. (Note: I may not be able to ship between Thurs 11/14 - Mon 11/18. If I don't receive your payment by Tues 11/12, I will ship the following week.) Satisfaction guaranteed. Any questions, feel free to PM. Thanks! 
  7. Ditto. Checked the NY-to-TX exchange rate; unfortunately still 1-to-1.
  8. No prob! Hope you'll seek the series out anyway... there are cheap TPBs available etc. Highest recommend.
  9. Hey troops, I'm feeling like this thread has probably about run its course, and don't want to keep bumping it forever. Unless there are any new donations (hint hint), let's say another 24 hours to wrap up and then a soft close tomorrow night. Thanks to everyone who participated. You guys rock!