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  1. Have a Cigar! Golden Age only....!

    Wow! Nice one Rick! Fantastic #2 was actually the random issue I picked up that got me hooked on Fox Comics some 16 years ago. The Fletcher Hanks Stardust story is hysterical.
  2. Batman and Detective Show Us Yours!

    Huge thanks to mate Andy in the UK for this beauty. Missing an ad page, but one of my favorite .5s ever!
  3. PGM: Fantastic Comics 4

    Rick, are the covers split under the tape?
  4. The cosplay has really improved at these VCCs since 2016! Wow. Definitely didn't think GACollectibles was going to show up wearing that.
  5. Welcome to my booth! Please click on the thumbnail images to view scans, and PM me to purchase any books. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, and returns are no problem. I've sold over 1K books here and I do want you to be pleased with your purchase. Payment: Paypal is fine for US purchases under $200, and for international purchases of any amount. For raw US purchases of $200 or more, I'd prefer check or money order if at all possible; check/MO is required for the slabs. Any questions, feel free to ask! Please read! I'll be away on and off, but will answer PMs and mark books as sold when I return. Reasonable offers are of course welcome and will be considered, but the first unqualified 'takeit' gets the book. Thanks for your understanding. Shipping: In the US, I'll ship via secure USPS Priority Mail at cost. International shipping available at cost. I may need up to a week to ship once payment is received, though it's usually well under that. Thanks for looking! –Jon COWGIRL ROMANCES #10 in 4.0 (r). Steamy cover by Whitman; Matt Baker interior story! Front looks VG range, but there's interior repair/reinforcement to the bottom spine and some amateur piece replacements on the back cover (see BC scan). OW pages. Uncommon issue. A 7.5 sold for $1076 last fall. $150 SWEET LOVE #3 in 7.5. Really nice copy of this Alice Kelley photo cover. Book is flat and fresh with sharp corners, super gloss. Structure suggests 9.0, but bit of tanning halo to tops/bottoms of pages (I'd still call them C/OW rather than LT/OW, but just barely), and light scuff on her forehead. Still, an ultra vibrant copy. $135 TOP LOVE STORIES #13 in 3.0/3.5. Classic "I Loved My Doctor!" LB Cole cover. Pretty copy presents better than grade; nice cover colors with bright whites, uncommon on this one. Back cover has a strip missing along top edge and edge chips. White/OW pages. $150 BEWARE TERROR TALES #6 in 4.0 (q). Very cool grinning skull cover. Some nice interior art. Attractive, flat VGish book has had some gluing to the lower spine. White pages. $190 SOLD MYSTERIOUS ADVENTURES #2 in 5.5. Creepy cover. Very nice colors and gloss. Tough in grade I'd imagine. White/OW pages. $230 STRANGE MYSTERIES #7 in 3.0. Neat skull cover. Vibrant colors. Tough in grade I'd imagine. Slight fanning to pages, right edge chips, but nice overall. OW pages. $135 THE THING #5 in 2.5. This cover is so insane, I love it. Monsters and corpses and a guy literally getting decapitated behind her, and she's like eh, it's a job, I'll stick it out one more day. Both covers have some staining and light rumpling. The interior margins of most pages have a fainter version of the left edge staining visible on the back cover. All that said, presents pretty well. $125 WITCHES TALES #13 in 7.0. Mad scientist torture cover. Outstanding copy, glossy and flat and likely a file copy; presents as VF+. Small tear top edge of back cover. Pages are LT/OW (to be safe) but uniformly supple; inside covers are OW. Very sharp book. $180 SOLD WITCHES TALES #22 in 4.0. "A Day of Panic!" Honestly, I commute on the NYC subway and every day is pretty much like this. Awesome Lee Elias zombie cover; VGish book with light creasing but great gloss; shows nicely. OW pages. $160 ACTION COMICS #17 in CGC .5 (slight C-1), C/OW. Classic early Siegel & Shuster Superman! It's rough but has nice colors, and presents pretty decently for the grade. Please click thumbnails to enlarge and view. Label notes: Restoration includes small amount of glue on cover. One half of Page 12 missing, affects story. Cover detached. Incomplete. $795 (check/MO only) BATMAN ADVENTURES #12 in CGC Universal 9.2, OW/W. 1st Harley Quinn in comics. Hot key that still has plenty of room to move. Very sharp copy with bang-on centering (the whitish/light blue stripe next to the spine is scanner glare, not wraparound). No label notes. $450 (check/MO only)
  6. Baker Romance

    I really like the Cinderella Love run. Such pretty covers with rich imagery and no word balloons. I'm not a Baker completist by any means, but would love to pick up one or two of those at some point.
  7. VCC XXXV - November, 2016 Damn. I used to have a lot more time. Ah well. See you guys on the floor!
  8. Reducing 'The Damned' set of 8 books from $40 to $30. This is SUCH a great read (by Cullen "The Sixth Gun" Bunn) and a killer deal. For the love of God, SOMEBODY BUY THIS SET BEFORE I DO!
  9. Sold, thanks! PM coming your way.
  10. Tough crowd. Let's move my first lot to my giveaway thread and I'll donate the amount myself. In other words,
  11. I'll be participating in this VCC... my first in a while I think?... with a handful of fun golden age books. (No presales!) Hope to see y'all there.