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  1. Point Five

    The Dark Knight Returns # 1

    Cool! I'll throw out a guess of 8.0.
  2. Point Five

    The Dark Knight Returns # 1

    So great. I remember running all over town looking for one of these when every shop had sold out. Front looks really nice. Small scratch on the back, correct?
  3. Point Five

    Rangers 26 - The Classic GGA

  4. Point Five

    Golden Age marketplace links

    That's the problem with you kids today. You want everything on a silver platter!
  5. Point Five

    Fiction house anyone?

    Very much agree... love the croc ones, especially drawn by Zolnerowich. These always catch my eye when I see runs of Jungles/Jumbos.
  6. Pearls before swine. (Er, no offense...) Reduced! $1100
  7. Point Five

    Golden Age marketplace links

    Listed a Captain America Comics #22 CGC 2.5 in the marketplace forum.
  8. Secure USPS Priority boxed shipping extra at cost. First 'takeit' wins, whether in the thread or via PM. Check/MO only on this item; sorry, no exceptions. Please be able to pay within a week. Thanks! CAPTAIN AMERICA COMICS #22, CGC 2.5 Universal C/OW. Awesome WWII cover... the Cap 'storming the beaches' image has always reminded me of D-Day, though it preceded the actual event by more than a year. Spectacular art and splash pages inside. Bright flat book with vibrant colors and strong eye appeal for the grade... presents more like VG/VG+ than G+, with minimal visible cover wear. Label notes: Tape on cover & interior cover. Cover re-attached with extra staple added after manufacturing. Classic Timely pretty rarely available in any grade. $1200 $1100
  9. Low grade but nice and bright. Staple tears but all attached.
  10. Point Five

    Fiction house anyone?

    If someone said that to me it would most likely be my wife, and I would gently remind her of all her shoes in the closet.
  11. My vocabulary embiggens even the smallest mind.
  12. Point Five

    PGM Voodoo 10

    Yep, 3.0. Cool cover!