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  1. Oh man! So sorry to hear this. My condolences to his friends and family.
  2. Interesting! I'm picturing a grader grading an 8.0 book and pulling down the FUGLY FOXING ON BACK COVER option.
  3. That's a heck of an undercopy. Unless there's a full split at the top, I'd agree with the 5.0s.
  4. I PM'd him in 2007 and offered 8 cents plus ship, but haven't heard back yet.
  5. SPOOK #28 in 3.5. Gotta love an LB Cole eyeball cover! ...and if you collect green ooze covers, you're definitely getting bang for your buck here. Glossy cover with nice colors, light overall wear and tear, scattered small chips on the back. A quite attractive copy for the grade of this toughie. $395 $350 Back:
  6. One book. Secure USPS Priority ship is extra at cost. First 'takeit' wins, whether in the thread or via PM. Returns no problem. -- Paypal or check/MO all OK. Please be able to pay by the weekend, or I reserve the right to cancel the transaction. I will most likely ship in 3-4 days. Any questions, feel free to PM. Thanks all!
  7. I think your mom will complete the Blue Bolt/Ghostly Weird run before I do.
  8. I agree with 5.5. CGC will like this one. Beauty!
  9. Nice at first glance, but back has a fair number of heavy spine cracks and areas of rubbing wear. I'd guess 6.0 give or take.