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  1. Do i need to list everything i know of or is there a way to pull .. that was part of my problem.. some are listed under the title.. and some are under "Free Comic Book Day" and some are under FCBD.. I'll be glad to start making a list.. i think i have 5+ slabbed.. maybe more.. but i know i have a boatload of raw ones.. I responded to this one above on the original inquiry. I addressed the title concern as well. Thank you for your input!
  2. I dont know how to even ask for this.. I dont know most of the books that might be involved, but It would be cool to have a Free Comic Book Day book Set. I can get a bunch of the early ones listed if it helps, let me know if thats even possible to do? Or what I can do to help. I have several done but im sure no where near the 'full list' The challenge in creating a set to include all "Free Comic Book Day" book is the titles and publishers are inconsistent. Some of these featured book titles start with "Free Comic Book Day" followed by the featured comic, for example Free Comic Book Day 2013: Infinity, while others start with "FCBD" like FCBD 2018 - DC Super Hero Girls and some don't have the qualifying "Free Comic Book Day" in the title at all. However, this doesn't mean a set cannot be created but a full list will require time and research. Here's where we can start: Could you provide me with as many certification numbers as you have? I will continue to look into this in the meantime for consideration of how best to proceed.
  3. I have a question about the Free Comic Book Day Books.. is there a set that they go in? IE do they go in their 'Title' set or is there a place any of them exist? If not is it possible to build a 'Free Comic Day Book Set" might be tough to gather all of them but would be cool Also: I have a sketch cover wonderwoman that was done at a convention but it doesnt seem to let me add it to the set. I think it goes to Wonder Woman - 2016 Rebirth set It is #2502890005 Wonder Woman 58 Sketch Edition is available in "Wonder Woman (Rebirth - 2016)"
  4. I think there are 3 or 4 different covers for this book, is there a specific one? I think the Alex Ross one is the most expensive
  5. Thanks.. I'll try that.. it seems weird that it doesnt let you do it.. i'll call and confirm before I get a package ready to go do this.. I just dont think i want to wait 72 days for pressing and then another 30 for grading.. i can do 60days total.. but.. wow.. not sure i care for the 100 day option :)
  6. Can you do fast track pressing without fast track grading? it doesnt appear that you can.. I wanted to cut the CCS Pressing time in half but to do that it appears you have to do the same thing to the grading?? I cant seem to find reference to it being a requirement to do both, but it appears that this may be the case.
  7. comxdlr

    Label updates?

    I checked the Adventures of Superman #596 in the census but there is no note that it was a Recall copy due to the 9/11 events and the 2 buildings that are in the book that are on fire. Can that be added to the label? Something like Recalled by DC for 9/11-like Images
  8. pfff.. i had a Detective #82 come back in a cracked slab .. called them and they offered to do the same thing.. I was sending another pack to grade so I told them not to worry on the ship back but I did appreciate how good they were on fixing it quick.
  9. Good evening.. If you can add Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (IDW) #78 Comics and Ponies edition (example Cert# 1589750010) that would be cool and Daredevil #600 Christopher Variant Cover (Cert # 0347927008) (i think it ends at around #512 but.. eh)
  10. Cool.. i was kind of scared to have it done.. but think it would probably bump it a whole grade/grade.5.. or so .. i figure its probably worth it.
  11. I have a Marvel superheroes book (the 1st Squirrel Girl one.. but its a squarebound issue.. but it has some waves in the cover that could use a pressing.. its in really good shape otherwise.. but.. since ive never done any book pressing typically just send books and take what i get .. Im wondering if i should try it.. or not on a few that i have that it could or would help.. But not sure if squarebound books are 'pressable' or if it messes up the squarebound..
  12. Thanks!! I couldnt figure out about the GI Joe.. but thanks so much .. i know its like trying to add words to a dictionary..!!
  13. anyone that knows.. how long does it typically take to get sets updated? I know the hurricane probably blew some stuff outta the water (so to speak) but is there some sort of normal schedule (ie updates go in every other month on the 1st week or something?) just wondering..
  14. I am the first owner. It is just as it came from the printer. Only half of the back cover is folded
  15. The inner cover is complete.. but its torn.. i could fold the outer side up and it would be just a folded copy of teh full cover.but it must have gotten caught when it hit the book and thus it got doubled. So if you notice the picture where my hand is, thats where the fold on the back stops and is torn but the rest of it is to the right.. somehow the front didnt get torn but did get folded up underneath.