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  1. Just acquired this for real cheap, curious the grade. There is a spine split in middle, and a small piece removed from comic on front cover with signs of age and creases. I really have no idea here and need help! I would guess a 2.5 because of tears in cover, No real idea!
  2. Looks pretty good to me, but I have just started collecting and want opinions on grade! Thank you graders in advance, book has what I would consider a firm spine and strong staples showing no sign of rust.
  3. Thanks everyone! Really appreciate the feedback, this was my first post on CGC and WOW I'm impressed with the information and help.
  4. Thank you @redgar-red that does help. Another question, I'm a newbie collector and building my collection, would this comic book be a good candidate to have press/cleaned? It shows a bunch of grime/dirt around it, on the back particularly. I wonder what grade this would pose in its current state? I would think maybe around a 4.5-5.0? Thank you!
  5. I noticed on the back page of my hulk 180, there is some form of graphic/art that is apart of the paper as far as I can tell. Please help me understand does this raise the value or lower the value? Sorry for the lack of photos but could provide more, really just interested in if others have seen this printing error? Thank you!