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  1. PGM ASM 2

    there is a photo of the book with its grade, thanks guys
  2. Stan lee signature fails

    Personally I don't think this one is bad but I would not have believed that was an authentic stan sig is CGC hadn't witnessed it
  3. Stan lee signature fails

    Some more fails
  4. PGM ASM 2

    It looks nice in person thanks
  5. PGM ASM 2

    thanks guys for all the feedback the grade given by CGC was a 3.5 i'm happy with the grade, i guess it was not so over graded
  6. Hey Guys I have my ASM 2 graded by cgc already but I have always thought that CGC was being too generous for what this book got and what it looks like so as a test I just want to know what you guys think it should be and then I will compare now don't get me wrong I trust cgc but I'm just curious thanks, ps I will say that it was graded with OW/W pages
  7. Hey guys I am trading 2 extremely scarce pages of comic history both graded by cgc! First is the front cover to a detective comics 36 1st Hugo strange and 6th Batman cover ever! Also a pre robin! It has cream pages and colors present well, would make a great candidate for completing a coverless copy. Next I have the final page from Batman 1 which features the original death of the joker, one of the hardest pages to find and 1st joker apperance, slightly brittle pages, presents well though mainly in the case. I am trading these for a .5 or 1.0 copy of ASM 1 no coverless! Page quality does not matter to me as much, thanks
  8. Batman and Detective Show Us Yours!

    Just got it back graded!!! 1st Hugo strange and joker! A “piece” of history, literally
  9. Stan lee signature fails

    he probably took a pic right before CGC graded it, your allowed to do that
  10. Stan lee signature fails

    But in 2010 stan was still signing nicely on many books with the exception of a few I do believe it was around 2015 that his signature started to reall6 become sloppy, but I have seen some sloppy examples from all the way back to 2013 so I may be wrong, but even in 2015 you could still get a legible sig out of him but now a days good luck even getting this ST of stan right 😂 also no hate toward someone stan we all love him even if he ruins a few books #GetBetterStan “financially and personally”
  11. show us your HOLY grail thread

    gorgeous, a true grail congratulations on owning that beauty, do ou know the story behind why the 2 stan sigs, i always thought it would be cool to get stan to sign the 2 pager he first worked on... would be interesting. Love it!
  12. show us your HOLY grail thread

    amazing book, would you be able to show a picture of the stan and jack sigs???? would love to see that
  13. Stan lee signature fails

    i pity those high grades
  14. show us your HOLY grail thread

    i want to bump this thread for the reason that i think it is awesome to share and see what people's "Grail" is... so show away!
  15. Stan lee signature fails

    take these beauties out of this forum, these are not fails, i mainly like the TOS with Iron Man punching the green guy, forgot what number that is, perfect spot, that cover was made to be signed. also love the X-men!