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  1. that would have been a very ditko thing to do. i loved him
  2. i would assume Steve Ditko had a good amount of doctor strange pages in his office along with some spiderman stuff. He had said once that he had kept a good amount of those 5 page sci fi and horror stories he did for stan... wonder if they will ever hit the market...
  3. ditko Mr. A, it is technically a 'splash page" though it was first used a s a cover but later he reprinted it as a more "splash page" centerfold
  4. Aliens

    Steve Ditko SIGNED comic!

    hey guys, just got this in as a birthday gift for myself, so stoked to finally own one, i am a huge ditko collector, i only collect ditko comics. anyway does anyone know the history behind this? i know there are more that exist out there and that Robin Snyder published them with steve but does anyone knopw how they came to be? does nayone else know of anyother ditko signed books? thanks!
  5. yup its been happening to me too, does not bother me though
  6. Aliens

    Charles Schulz "original"

    @pemart1966 schulz did do alot of those types of drawings, 2. he did do them in sharpie sometimes. anyways i really does not look right, i would not go for it
  7. Aliens

    Anyone seen a creator be a jerk?

    its not my video i have no input in it i found it in youtube and thought it explained it well enough, so no im not quoting Angelina Jolie, also i can assure you i am a quiet objectivist, i keep my moral beliefs to myself, i live by them but i dont talk about it, its no ones business but mine, i respect your opinions on the subject, i dont agree with all of it, but i understand. heres the rule of thumb i independently live by, "one" should live the way he/she feels themselves is morally right in a logical and understandable state for the independents own well being as long as the logical action(s) does not affect other independents lives without the other independents fully understood consent in their own logical state of mind. and i put this concept to work to each respectably. you dont have to follow this concept, yoi dont have to agree, or even regard it, its my personal way i wish to live and that shouldn't affect anyone else but me. i dont like people who scream their views to the world and hate on people who dont agree on the same things. also Ayn Rand was not perfect. she was a human being living by her rules. i respect and honor her but that is nearly all. i dont follow Ayn Rand directly, i just follow her concept.
  8. Aliens

    Anyone seen a creator be a jerk?

    i dont want to start any controversy (as in lets not fight, rather have a peaceful "talk)... but i am an objectivist, steve actually introduced me to the concept and i later grew a passion fro it through Ayn Rands novels and conpects of moral righteousness, (the fountainhead, atlas shrugged, etc.) anyways, Objectivism is a very controversial subject becuase it represents "selfishness" as a good thing, but what i dont appreciate is when people use that as an excuse to hate on something that has no concern on "them". if you dont agree on a concept or dont want to take the time to understand it then just disregard it... respectably no one should care about your opinions if they dont affect "me". but selfishness in the concept of "objectivism" is not exactly what people say it is... here is a quick video that sums up the correct views on the philosophy... p.s. Robin Snyder is not a man she is a woman, and i have corresponded with her many times and truthfully i see where your point is coming from as she "begs" for money in the campains to publish steve's books, but then again she gives things to you if you contribute so its not like your "donating money" and also it is the fans choice to do so, no one is making you do anything. i happen to have contributed to those campaigns myself and you even get your name printed on the back of the book you helped make possible, and i persnally am a fan of ditkos work he has done with robin, i fined them very informative and "good reads" (as i agree on most points that steve brings up)
  9. thats an awesome copy! and yeah i think im going to stick with just leaving it alone, and once in a while take the covers off to the side and read it / look at it. thanks guys!
  10. Hey guys, so some horrible stuff happened yearserday to me, long story short I bought a copy of strange tales 89 and I’m lookin through it being very careful as o always try to be with older comics, the whole bottom spine was gone but the back cover was still attached by a thread or so to the top staple and the back was attached for eh front... well I guess I opened they book a wrong way and it touched the backboard strange and “RIP” the back cover detached from the top and the from cover... so now it went from a attached cover and not Fully split to a fully split cover and attachment... ? I feel so horrible... the comic is for my PC anyway so o don’t really care about the value as that’s not why I collect but i am so angry at myself because it did not have to happen and I caused it... any insights or anything on what to do... what should I do with it... etc. just wanted to ask you guys... though when I put it in the Mylar and place the front dm back rightfully it looks great... then again I like opening it... ? pictures attached are in the bag (detached and split)
  11. Aliens

    Show us your personal artwork

    Here’s one I did last week. Took me maybe 25 minutes. I create my own chatchters and stories. Love doing them
  12. Aliens

    Amazing Spiderman Collecting Thread!

    ive shared this one before, but its my favorite book in my collection, sentimentally. so i have to put it up again. there's the copy before ss and after
  13. Aliens

    Strange Tales Collecting Thread !

    thought i would show off my favorite pre hero monster on here. love this thread, cant believe i have never found it before. any one have one of these ss by Stan???
  14. Aliens

    I need clarity on "stolen art"

    i mean a response like that sounds about right for Ditko
  15. Aliens

    Ditko's estate...

    dont do that. jack kirby is a completely different story, but Steve Ditko, did not get the "credit deserved" which was alot for how brilliant his work was, but he did not want it, if steve ditko was more like stan and would have been in the public eye, i have no doubt he would of appeared right along stan in the cameos for spiderman and doctor strange, and im sure he would have been much more well known and respected by a wider audience. steve lived on steve's terms he took no BS from anyone. he passed alone becuase he never really found love i guess, maybe he did who knows. but steve was like that. he lived for himself. thats not to say he would of nejoyed other people, i am sure he did. i heard he was very kind to his neices and was a very good person. but who really knows what i do know is in no way is it Stan lee's fault what so ever. and Marvel is not really to blame either. its just Steve Ditko never wanted, fame, he never wanted fortune, he drew becuase he was good at it, becuase he liked doing it. if steve did not like to draw he would of stopped a very long time ago. but he continued to work until he last days. he publushed 3 brand new mr A stories from 2018 with Robin Synder. and a bunch before that. he loved to do it and thats why he did it. he always said he does not give interviews becuase he wanted his work to speak for itself and no one was going to tell him otehrwise. he was so amazing and he has always been my favorite artist in comics. i wish he would have been more public but steve just at the end of the day did not like that kind of stuff, if he did he would have.