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  1. Aliens

    Amazing Spiderman Collecting Thread!

    ive shared this one before, but its my favorite book in my collection, sentimentally. so i have to put it up again. there's the copy before ss and after
  2. Aliens

    Strange Tales Collecting Thread !

    thought i would show off my favorite pre hero monster on here. love this thread, cant believe i have never found it before. any one have one of these ss by Stan???
  3. Aliens

    I need clarity on "stolen art"

    i mean a response like that sounds about right for Ditko
  4. Aliens

    Ditko's estate...

    dont do that. jack kirby is a completely different story, but Steve Ditko, did not get the "credit deserved" which was alot for how brilliant his work was, but he did not want it, if steve ditko was more like stan and would have been in the public eye, i have no doubt he would of appeared right along stan in the cameos for spiderman and doctor strange, and im sure he would have been much more well known and respected by a wider audience. steve lived on steve's terms he took no BS from anyone. he passed alone becuase he never really found love i guess, maybe he did who knows. but steve was like that. he lived for himself. thats not to say he would of nejoyed other people, i am sure he did. i heard he was very kind to his neices and was a very good person. but who really knows what i do know is in no way is it Stan lee's fault what so ever. and Marvel is not really to blame either. its just Steve Ditko never wanted, fame, he never wanted fortune, he drew becuase he was good at it, becuase he liked doing it. if steve did not like to draw he would of stopped a very long time ago. but he continued to work until he last days. he publushed 3 brand new mr A stories from 2018 with Robin Synder. and a bunch before that. he loved to do it and thats why he did it. he always said he does not give interviews becuase he wanted his work to speak for itself and no one was going to tell him otehrwise. he was so amazing and he has always been my favorite artist in comics. i wish he would have been more public but steve just at the end of the day did not like that kind of stuff, if he did he would have.
  5. hi guys, anyone know if stan is doing any upcoming private signings and if so, does anyone know if the signings have worked out well in the past? thanks
  6. hey guys looking to buy or trade a copy of strange tales 89 1st fin fang foom signed by stan lee thank you
  7. Aliens

    Let's See Your Stan Lee Signed Comics and Stuff

    love this one. glad to own it
  8. Aliens

    What's the most ridiculous Stan lee SS???...

    mine came out good, i made sure to tell max (the one time he was actually useful) exactly where i wanted stan to sign. the problem with these bad signatures is they are unprepared, no window bags, no preparation just putting a AF 15 in front of stan without anything. spider roach is a different story though
  9. congratulations thats a cool one
  10. I have about 5 is my collection 2 cgc 1 from the 90s 1 on a poster and 1 on a personal item which holds no value but sentimental. This is my favorite comic in my entire collection, kind of my holy grail. I did not have stan sign this to sell. None of thetems I own which are signed by stan I bought/ had signed are for sale. I don't care is there are hundreds s of thousands I just really like having stans signature. This was was my first big purchase, it was the comic that's rated my craze for collecting, doctor octupus is my favorite villain, Steve ditko is my favorite artist, ASM 3 is my favorite book, this one presents well, I had stan sign it for me in front of me, I really like looking at this comic everyday, the signature is a bid clumped but I could not have asked for a better placement and the signature is all there just clumped up by if you look closely you can see the E's and stuff like that. If Stans signature on a book makes you happy why should you care how many there are. Now a book like ASM 3 is not an extremely highly signed book there are only 164 signed in the census, its a very desirable book and 164 signed is not a lot when you see the demand for a key like that. Also you have to factor how they are signed. Sure there are only 164 but how many do you think are signed on a very bad spot, you have to factor all these things. To conclude it is actually good that stan signed so much. So real fans can own them, if stan signed very few copies, his signature would be much rarer but that also means it would be much much more costly. Stan signatures don't actually sell for as bad as you could think, a random fan who is not all that settled and does not have much money may be able to afford a signature is he really wanted it. I don't care that there are many I care that he signed it. Now stan signing a D.C. Comic or something like that is a different story
  11. Aliens

    Are Kirby signatures rare?

    Always Love seeing this copy! Awesome!
  12. Aliens

    A letter to Steve Ditko

    His legacy cannot be said. From his beautiful work to his quirky ways of being... well ditko, he was a one of a kind. He lived on Ditko's terms no one else's. He gave this world so much happiness, he inspired so many. From Spider-Man to doctor strange, from Mr. A to the question, no matter what, he impressed so many with the way he can tell a story with his art. He said countless times the reason why he does speak on his work is because he wants his work to speak for itself... and it does. The world never understood ditko, I don't believe they ever will. He was different in the best way. He was not a man of words rather a man of art. We never really knew his personal life and maybe we never will, but he did let us in on something bigger, "HIS" world. The world that lived in his head and that he copied onto paper. DITKOS style was his own. He said many times that copying someone's style is not art, to know what art is you have to explore your own mind, find your style, understand your style, he knew his style and he embraced it for decades. He never really changed, when you look back from the early marvel/Atlas days to some of his final work with Mr. A it was what's his own. His imagination was as feat as his art. But that's just it ditko Thoth a brilalint artist was not brilliant for his art, it was the way he made you see it, how he made you read his art. This word will never have another ditko and that is the way he would of wanted it, he would of wanted another artist to be that artist, a new comer named joey... well let joey be joey not joey be ditko. Thank you ditko. It is truly impossible to say what he did. The greatness he left behind. I do believe Ditko said what he had to say. His life was lived to the fullest. Thank you Mr. Ditko. As he would of said Regards, Steve Ditko.
  13. Aliens

    Steve Ditko has passed....

    My idol, he was one of the most brilliant minds. Rip. Thank you for the good times. I hope they say in memory of mr ditko in the new Spider-Man film
  14. yes same here, i am a personal fan of stan signed books, i just think its cool that stan lee, an icon, and a person who has alot to do with the creation of so many marvel characters had actually physically touched my book and signed it, i just think that is really cool, i have 4 stan lee signatures at the moment, 1 i got on a spidey lithograph to have framed another i had on my ASM 3 2.0 graded book (My holy grail in my collection) and then at another convention i had a personal item signed (its worthless to others but to me its priceless) and then the 4th was signed in the 90s on an ASM annual 21, the spidey weds mary jane cover. he signed it to bob and, no i was not the one to get it and my name is not bob but i got a for a good deal so i am happy. so no even if the market is flooded with stan signd books, as long as their are people like me that are just fans and love stan for all he has done, i dont care if stan signatures become $50 things if so i will just buy more. i dont sell comics i am not an investor a speculator non of that, i am a fan, a collector. i do this as a hobby not as a job or as a source of income. so i would not care if my book is worth 10 grand i would still love it if it was worth a dollar, thats the problem with this industry now adays, there are so many people doing this hobby for a quick buck that real collectors have now been forced to pay much much more than before on things that we dont care about the value for, i dont believe a stan signature will ever go down below the $50 mark, and it does not even today when he is still here. stan lee signatures are now common but what happens when in 50 years in 100 years people remember stan and love his lagacy they wont be able to meet him but they can own a piece of him someting he left behind somehing he touched and signed that is why his signature is special and the same thing has happened to kieby since his passing. i am a younger collector i never got to meet kirby but i have thigns sigend by him and to me thats enough. i have soemthing i know he touched and persnally signed. i have had the plesure of meeting stan and to be honest the experince was well worth the money. nuff' said