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  1. Aliens

    stan lee genuine signature?

    very true thanks
  2. hey guys just wanted to ask for your opinion in your best opinion would you say this stan signature is authenticate or not. i mean it looks convincing and looks older maybe 1990s or late 80s any advice thanks
  3. Aliens

    PGM ASM Manuel 1

    Thanks love the book one of my favorites
  4. I got it a few years ago what grade would you say love The sinister six! Thanks guys
  5. is it worth getting graded??? i would say no but what do you guys think?
  6. hey guys i know its not going to be a 9.0 or anything like that but to me i dont care about the grade i just care that i have a copy of it, so this copy of this awesome cover and book is good enough for me, though i would not mind knowing the grade, i put a picture of the back and front what would you say this is? also because it is such a low grade for a modern book im thinking of getting dan slott to sign it, is it a good idea, i like his stories and he wrote this one so... thanks! also what i like about this copy is i can actually read it, unlike those other copies of this same book that are in mint condition and cant even be touched without gloves! its an exception
  7. Aliens

    PGM ASM 361

    thanks guys, i wont get it graded but i think i will get bagley just to sign the first page,
  8. I tried to give as many pictures I think I am going to get bagley to sign it, do you think I should get him to sign it on He cover of first page??? And do you think it is worth sending to CGC?? Thanks guys
  9. Aliens

    how many graded comics are there?

    587,494 Signature 587,493 of those are Stan Lee
  10. i know this is a stupid very unnecessary question but i just am curious, are there a set number recorded that says the amount of comics CGC has graded? i know it grows everyday but does anyone know how many are out there
  11. Aliens

    The Stan Lee SS thread

    did stan work on this one? he is not mentioned on the label
  12. Aliens

    The Stan Lee SS thread

    i cant agree more with ASM 121, usually i would not like to own a book that he did not work on and still signed, it but 121 is a special exception, love the story of how mad stan got after he found out what they did
  13. Aliens

    The Stan Lee SS thread

    awesome books, love that ASM 1 and who can say no to an ASM 3 great set
  14. Aliens

    The Stan Lee SS thread

    Hey guys, I have done many threads based on stan lee and his signings but I have never put all of it together, if it is a spider roach ASM 129 or a beautiful AF 15 signed beautifully in a perfect location with a perfect signature on a lower grade so it does not "ruin it" no matter what show it here this thread is for the stan lee lovers only, if you are against stan lee SS books don't post here (though some of your reasons are respectable) I will start with my one holy grail I have showed this book many times in the past but I am so proud of it so I just have to start this thread with it. "Nuff said" #WeLoveStanLee
  15. Aliens

    Amazing Spiderman Collecting Thread!

    Here is my newest addition to the collection it was the one book I was missing to complete my 2-22 collection and I finally got it for a beating deal on a bidding sorry for the bad image I will get a better one later