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  1. I thought another message of explanation was needed. If you gaze throughout my account, for the past 3 years I have posted on numerous subjects based on signatures, autographs of comic writers and artists (either responding to threads on the subject of signatures or starting my own threads). I started a thread initially retrospecting the “worst” Lee SS books (AF 15’s with Stan signatures on Spiderman’s face, etc.) which although began as plain curiosity, fun and overall admiration for Stan, to see the many signed books which did not turn out so well, once Stan passed along and a boardie mentioned the thread seemed a bit mean (which had never been my initial desire) I thus immediately changed the title to “WE LOVE STAN LEE” requesting to only post memories and photos of Stan’s life. As well I have indeed been a great Ditko enthusiast, and that is viewable in my post’s throughout the years. Because this one incident already costed me all trust, rightfully so, I thought I would return again and explain the threads which were selected here, as now i suppose all past sales by me seem questionable when they should not be fraughted by the incident. The Stan Lee, George Lucas and Harrison Ford signatures was sent to PSA/DNA after asking on the forums and it unfortunately did not get a pass, but indeed I did purchase the book at a convention along with, as stated, a Sigourney Weaver Aliens photo signed, which too did not pass PSA/DNA. I still have the book somewhere, as well as the Aliens photo (which for some reason is still in a frame and hanging on the wall) The Jack Kirby stan lee Steve Ditko signed… real??? post was regarding three separate signatures by all of them, and it was never sold, but rather I decided to keep them for myself—and if you do not believe me on that, understandably, I swear to it that you will never discover a buyer who ever touched them as there never was one—The Kirby signature was on a copy of the Art of Jack Kirby the 1000 limited edition folio omnibus published by Wyman and Hohlfeld in the early 90s before Kirby’s death (and of course this along with the FF #1 and X Men #1 reprints also limtied and signed, may or may have not been signed by Roz), the Stan Lee was on a comic, which did prove to pass authentication with CBCS and it was a dedicated signature from the mid 2000s and the Ditko signature was on a signed letter (cut, not by me). The two posts on DITKO are regarding the same book (the first book on the topic of me first receiving the book, this was not a SALE page, but as I have noted, a showing off of a recent grail in my collection) and the next was a SALE page but it never did sell (it would sell a bit of time later, and it passed CBCS authentication, as well as other copies which were from the same signing set have also passed) Steve did sign for Robin Snyder in the past on quiet a few circumstances. (I included photos of the inside signature by Ditko fro the copy I have shown here, which although not mine now, as it was happily purchased some year ago by a very respectable individual, passed CBCS authentication at an 8.0), and as well a 5.0 CBCS authenticated copy (Not ever belonging to me, but shown for provenance that other copies, besides the one I owned have passed.) Lastly, the STAN LEE SIGNED books, never sold, and was as well purchased, I still own these issues and have never thought of getting them authenticated, although I have the spiderman poster which was noted as being signed still hanging on my wall. I have always collected Stan signatures and equally so with my affection for Ditko I have picked autographed material by him throughout years scouting for them (my holy grail is a piece of OA from him in his work with DC during the Vietnam war and as well a book signed by Stan.) Although I find it of not much interest on here any longer, the covid-19 case before mentioned which has affected a very personal individual of mine has just passed of the virus, that is why I have not really had time to respond to many of the messages above. If all would feel more comfortable with my account staying here to prevent me from “future-suspicion” then so be it, that would be completely fine, I had thought that if my account was not on the forum any longer it would make everyone more eased, but if it is the opposite that it once again fine.
  2. Here is the proof of these books never entering the market again. now they will never be considered “authentic” by any one at any time.
  3. Hello, This will be the final message I write on the boards before my banning, which I am sending CGC a direct message asking if they may do so. I do not expect to be forgiven nor do I expect to justify my most heinous actions to our most virtuous and loyal comic hobbyists community, which has been nothing but kind and gracious to me. I do not deserve to call myself a boardie nor to have any interaction with any of you all most honest collectors on this forum, my reason is as follows: Last evening at about 10:30 I received a call that my financially week and very feeble grandmother was rushed to the hospital and although at the time I was uncertain, I have learned now she has Covid-19 and is not looking so well, she is once again not very healthy money wise and barely stands with food stamps—my family and I help her as much as we can, but even we are not the most financially enabled, especially with the virus (so the part of why I needed the funds was not at all untruthful) what was untruthful is the authenticity of the signatures. I did know that the signatures were not authentic and I was willing to risk the collecting community and multiple individuals (comic lovers) hard working and righteously earned money for my own selfish needs. I am a rather young collector And am still full of foolishness. I do not expect to be ever forgiven as I do not deserve to be, nor once again am I ever to be justified, I did a thing most wretched and evil against all of you and I have no right to call myself part of the CGC family nor any right to call myself part of any family to any comic collecting community. I do not sell inauthentic material ever and I have indeed sold authentic ditko signatures in the past (which have passed CBCS labels and what not) but most unfortunately, this was not one of those times. I have, with a marker blotched over the signature’s until they have become illegible, and thus even if they ever reach the market they will never be given the opportunity to be considered “authentic” and not only am I deleting any CGC membership but as well, as I stated prior, I have deleted every other membership of any comic community I am on, for I do not deserve to be on any of them, and I think it is safer if all collectors know there is no despicable scammer out there who is willing to do something as horrid as I have done, out of the foolishness and unthoughtfulness which comes when one is forced in a desperate and tragic situation. These past 3 years on the boards have been a gloriously wonder our experience and I will not forget it, but I am paying for the consequences of my actions and of my willingness to be cruel to you all. All buyers of the books have received refund (and one has the refund pending but should go through soon.)—there were two buyers, and if anyone had any conversation with me I am sorry that I wasted your time and did such a despicable as lie. I now take my exit and hope all of you have a safe and healthy time out of this virus. and lastly, this was done in the fit Of a tragedy and please to anyone who has ever purchased anything from me, know that I have always, till now, been honest in selling. But this one mistake must be payed with heavy consequences, for heavy faults deserve it as such. thank you all for taking the time to read my petty explanation and I apologize once again to all who took part in the thread, as no collector of comics should ever have to deal with this.
  4. I found sufficient reason based against my claims of the signature's authenticity and am asking the board to ban my account for doing this. It was a pleasure being on the boards for the past 3 years, but I am accepting responsibility for my actions and feel as though it would be right to delete any mention of me as I find that the CGC boards would appreciate it thus.
  5. I have thoroughly studied Stan and Steve Ditko's signatures throughout the years and I am almost certain this is not any good. The "s" is far too enclosed within itself, and the double "e" at the end is a wretched mockery of a forgery. Of course, "This above all: to thine own self be true" But if it were me I would say a certain no. But once again, that is just my own opinion, I could be wrong. Hopefully it turns out well for you at the end, and I hope you the best with them/
  6. Ahhh, okay, I think I am getting it now. So, yes that is the 5th physical sheet of paper (page) from Cap 1 which is why they refer to it as the 5th page meaning the 5th sheet of page in the book, but when CGC says it is page 5 it means the actual story page either front or back. So if that page you have had a piece out and it only affected the story on the front side they would say "piece out from page 9" or at least I think so...
  7. these were a few of the past sales which I was basing the copy I purchased with. The CGC census has only recorded 63 copies of Detective Comics 29 with 29 of those restored so there are only 33 unrestored copies in the census. It is a very scarce book and although I do believe the cover is what made this book at some points even beat tec 28 even though it is Batman's third appearance and not second. But this book is the book which started my love for collecting comics and I have been looking for decades and I always seem to miss out on the deals since they sell so fast. I figured if a tec 29 which is missing 2 more wraps (only has 1 leaf (2 pages) of the batman story left) could sell for 1500 in a competitive auction in 2015 then I do not beleive 1900 is such a bad deal for a copy which although is truly beat, has more then half of the batman story (2 more wraps) and what really suprised me was (and perhaps some of you has seen this on ebay last year) a single page from Tec 29 (page 3 to be precise, which is actually the page you see in the slab of my copy) sold for $1000! a single page! and with the new record of almost 100 grand for a 5.0 has given me the proof that this book is HOT. Anyways thank you for all the advice. It is a beat book, but it will be loved.
  8. Hello guys, I recently purchased this copy of Detective Comics Issue 29 CGC and it is quite beat, but my question was, the CGC label says puece out of page 5, affects story. my question is when they refer to “page 5” are they referring to the 5th leaf? So back and front, the front of a page being page 1 and the back being page 2 (so 2 “pages” on one page) or does this refer to page 5 being both front and back counted as 1 page. also when they mention,” piece out affects story” would this have to be a rather big piece or can this mean a very minor flaw, perhaps a few words cut out so therefore “affecting story” also I know this is not the form to ask this question but since I am already here asking for this book,  do you think $1900 is a fair deal for a book like this? I will be buying it regardless if it is a good deal or not, but it would be nice to know I did not overpay. sales for this book have been CRAZY for years but especially now, it’s seiosuly on fire. thank you all!
  9. Hello guys, I recently purchased this copy of Detective Comics Issue 29 CGC and it is quite beat, but my question was, the CGC label says puece out of page 5, affects story. my question is when they refer to “page 5” are they referring to the 5th leaf? So back and front, the front of a page being page 1 and the back being page 2 (so 2 “pages” on one page) or does this refer to page 5 being both front and back counted as 1 page. also when they mention,” piece out affects story” would this have to be a rather big piece or can this mean a very minor flaw, perhaps a few words cut out so therefore “affecting story” also I know this is not the form to ask this question but since I am already here asking for this book, do you think $1900 is a fair deal for a book like this? I will be buying it regardless if it is a good deal or not, but it would be nice to know I did not overpay. sales for this book have been CRAZY for years but especially now, it’s seiosuly on fire. thank you all!
  10. You have a very nice piece indeed. Yes I apologize it must have been my miscount in general of the pages. This would be page 22 not 21 and I believed this is the other page I had seen, or perhaps it was a differnt one, I cannot remember. If so I do not intend to adress that there are only my page and one other, i just mean in essence it is a rather scarce piece to find out there and I would not assume those who own a page such as this would not intend to sell it off. Truly a great piece. Congratulations!
  11. Hello, up for sale is the 21st page of Captain America issue 1, which is, of course, the first appearance of Captain America, Bucky and of the Red Skull. This page is quite phenomenal and in my opinion, there is not any page which is better. This is the first fight which cap and red skull ever have and as seen in the pictures, Red Skull is exceptionally prominent in this page (leaf) and it is just classic Kirby. This books record sale was $343,000 and are obviously a holy grail for any collection, so for anyone who cannot afford a copy, this is the second to best thing. Some argue the problem with pages are even if for example, you have a page from Batman 1 which is the first appearance of Joker and Catwoman, many will argue that if you have a page which only joker appears and not Catwoman then it is technically not a first appearance of Catwoman, etc. although it is a page from the book which the character first appeared if the character does not appear on the page it is technically not an appearance at all. But the brilliance of this page is portrayed by all three characters appearing. Red Skull appears on both sides extremely prominently and is classic on both sides, then Cap appears on both sides (last panel on side 1 and on the entire page as he fights red skull on the other side) and then Bucky appears on the last panel of side 2. So this is a true first appearance of all of the characters. This is as good as it gets for Cap fans who cannot afford a cap 1 and these do not come up for sale all that often, I only know of 2 existing loose pages, this one and one other. The pages are very supple on this page and the colors are vibrant and not faded at all... NO BRITTLENESS AT ALL! I am asking $2460 OBO plus the cost for priority USPS mail and insurance to cover it (if desired) with signature confirmation upon arrival. First gets it. DM me for any further questions. Thank you all!
  12. Hello, I am selling these comic books as a lot, together. For sale are 3 silver age marvel key issues and 3 stan lee signatures! First the strange tales 89 which is a bey hard book to find. It is the first appearance of Fin Fang Foom. This copy is in my opinion a 2.0, in the Mylar it looms phenomenal, sharp colors and gloss and complete only problem is the spine is completely split and the cover is fully detached but still a true beauty. Next is a copy of Avengers 2 the second appearance of the avengers and the issue Hulk leaves the team. A beautiful copy it is missing an ad page but does not affect the story at all otherwise complete and a nice looking 4.0. Next is a copy of amazing spider-man issue 8 the first appearance of the living brain it is complete a tight 5.5 the only problem is there is a very small piece of tape on the cover which at one point ripped the cover but it is very minor and not obvious (look at picture) it is a nice book. Next are 3 Stan Lee signatures, they are not SS so please judge for yourself on what you think about them. To me they look authentic and I bought them from a reliable source. He signed a reprint of DareDevil 1 and New Mutants 98 they are very high grade and lastly is a had page from 1975 it is an ad for stan Lee’s book and he signed the ad. A great piece to have and a great lot to have for sure! I am asking $645 through Paypal buyers protection plus $15 shipping priority mail USPS. PM me with any further questions. Thank you!
  13. Gary Friedrich Marie Severin Steve Ditko Stan Lee Rest in Peace... l hope the best for everyone this new year. Let us hope 2019 will be a brilliant one p.s. as I mentioned Marie Severin, does anyone know if she ever did any CGC ss signings? I have not seen any. just curious
  14. that would have been a very ditko thing to do. i loved him
  15. i would assume Steve Ditko had a good amount of doctor strange pages in his office along with some spiderman stuff. He had said once that he had kept a good amount of those 5 page sci fi and horror stories he did for stan... wonder if they will ever hit the market...
  16. ditko Mr. A, it is technically a 'splash page" though it was first used a s a cover but later he reprinted it as a more "splash page" centerfold
  17. hey guys, just got this in as a birthday gift for myself, so stoked to finally own one, i am a huge ditko collector, i only collect ditko comics. anyway does anyone know the history behind this? i know there are more that exist out there and that Robin Snyder published them with steve but does anyone knopw how they came to be? does nayone else know of anyother ditko signed books? thanks!
  18. yup its been happening to me too, does not bother me though
  19. @pemart1966 schulz did do alot of those types of drawings, 2. he did do them in sharpie sometimes. anyways i really does not look right, i would not go for it
  20. its not my video i have no input in it i found it in youtube and thought it explained it well enough, so no im not quoting Angelina Jolie, also i can assure you i am a quiet objectivist, i keep my moral beliefs to myself, i live by them but i dont talk about it, its no ones business but mine, i respect your opinions on the subject, i dont agree with all of it, but i understand. heres the rule of thumb i independently live by, "one" should live the way he/she feels themselves is morally right in a logical and understandable state for the independents own well being as long as the logical action(s) does not affect other independents lives without the other independents fully understood consent in their own logical state of mind. and i put this concept to work to each respectably. you dont have to follow this concept, yoi dont have to agree, or even regard it, its my personal way i wish to live and that shouldn't affect anyone else but me. i dont like people who scream their views to the world and hate on people who dont agree on the same things. also Ayn Rand was not perfect. she was a human being living by her rules. i respect and honor her but that is nearly all. i dont follow Ayn Rand directly, i just follow her concept.