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  1. Even if they did another movie, I doubt they will go with Hal Jordan again...
  2. A good side effect of having collected Hercules appearances since forever is discovering current hot books like Avengers 43 (1st Red Guardian) and the whole Black Knight thing in 47-48. Also 1st Firelord in Thor 225 and all the Russian characters that appeared in Champions like Darkstar.
  3. My favorite Marvel character! I think I pretty much have the market cornered on Marvel SA and BA Hercules appearances 😀. Any other fans? Show us what you got! All ages & versions welcome! JIM Annual 1 is seeing some action, there are rumors he might finally make an MCU appearance in Eternals...
  4. A PLOD 5.5 just sold on eBay for 810$. My max was 755$ I’m kinda mad I wasn’t more aggressive...
  5. Still can’t believe I own this...
  6. Ok so let's get back on track to how we can screw the Canadian government out of it's rightful tax income JUST KIDDING!!!!
  7. Well then if anyone should know if comics are subject to PST, it's him, no need for all the other bullpoop.
  8. Anyway... Man, those Montreal Canadians can't buy a win these days, huh?
  9. To me, joke or not, threatening to kick someone out of their country is akin to telling them to ''go back where they came from''. Unacceptable. This thread was never about not paying duties or taxes, it was about whether PST applied to comic books or not. I will gladly pay whatever I owe as long as it's warranted.
  10. I won't stand for that kind of talk!! No one should!
  11. Um, Is that a slam of my ethnicity? I was born here, raised here, educated here, opened my business here and pay every cent of tax I owe. So don't go making comments about people you know nothing about!!! I don't care how many ''awards'' have been bestowed upon your royal head! That comment is unwarranted and unnecessary in every way!