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  1. Am making one post here, A statement. I do thank long time friend Mitch Mehdy calling me up last Saturday there was a thread here about me. I simply said to him at the time I hope they are spelling my name correctly and that Steve Carey was probably head cheer leader. He said no and yes to those queries. I also thank long time friend Mark Zaid (who is also friends with Katy over on facebook and is more fully informed than some here about her travails) who PM'd me on Facebook regarding such interest in the saga of Robert Beerbohm. Even though Mitch had called me last Saturday after talking with me to see what I was capable of handling, Mark informed me he was stepping in "taking over" and thereby accidently inadvertently sparked some more controversy over where when what which he and I continued some private Facebook PM messages concerning this matter. Mark also instructed me not to post in CGC about this. Am breaking those instructions as I have not been/am not now/not even in the future hiding behind Mitch Mehdy and/or Mark Zaid, or any one else who has contacted me, concerning the tremendous amount of BS being flung about me on some other thread on these here CGC "boards." Glad I have been of such entertainment value to some who take delight in such affairs. Me, I was (and have been for some time now) concentrating on moving my warehouse across town, it has gotten then down to 10 degrees with snow coming down. Makes it hard to load and unload working against time runs out sundown especially seeking not to hit the weather which can get to 10 below zero these parts. Am not going to respond to replies as I have little to no time as I rebuild inside new warehouse (where house??) during this move, but have it as some of you seem to m a s t u r b a t e on getting your jollies off at some one else's expense especially thief Steve Carey SACentaur who stole two SF movie lobby cards from me Sept 2012 basicly sent out on spec after he clearly voiced via emails I still very much have an interest in acquiring them and this past year simply makes up stories about me as he goes along. Steve Carey is a liar. Steve Carey reminds me of blowhards Rush Limbaugh and/or Sean Hannity. As just one instance related of his liar ways, nope, I did not "write (my) own wiki page." That wiki page was put up by some one I do not know, his authorship clearly stated in their notes. He gleaned his stuff off what ever is readily available previously on the net and/or some printed articles I have written and/or co-authored. I did go on there a couple times once I discovered it was there already for some time to fix a few time line mistakes plus some one shortly after Carey stole those movie lobby cards had made some insidious inflammatory insinuations which I did erase. if that makes me a "writer" then you know nothing about writing as you sit there drunk on your brain making slander and libel up out of thin air. Funny, Steve Carey made specific mention of said wiki page. Makes one pause to wonder. Your attempts getting your rocks off are so clumsy to be laughable. I am thankful very much I am able to walk again following a half decade ordeal. That I am no longer in a wheel chair, then off crutches, no longer having to use dual canes to get around. I am thankful especially to the person in the New York firm who contacted me on behalf of their post 9/11 foundation fund via Mark Wilson out in Washington Oct 2009 proffering $25K towards the dual hip joint replacement surgeries out of the $65K total the half decade ordeal cost. I can surely use some more succor getting Katy back to proper health both physically more especially psychologically as she feels these days her life has ended. She is just 34. I did all my PT myself at home 2009-2011 having zero medical insurance still on the outside of the window looking in having been cited by insidious HMO Aetna in Oct 2006 as "undisclosed pre-existing condition" which makes me thankful the initial stages of Single Payer is coming to America thereby breaking portions of Oligarchy stranglehold on this great country and it's citizens. Have had to forego setting up at all comicons (which is what I have long called any comics convention, festival, show, what have you) even though Steve Carey has been a liar again running around in his drunk stupor psycho-babbling I have been banned from San Diego, or even OAF. Regards the former, get your head out of where the sun don't shine; the later, I pre-paid for a few tables in 2009, then was blessed for said hip replacement surgeries a week before long time friends Bart Bush, Robert Brown crew et al hosted the comicon that year in Oklahoma City. I became an OAF during the 68 Dallascon, but I digress. Fond memories of their first shows they call Multicon back in 1970, then 72 which saw Will Eisner come to his second comicon ever following his first at Seulingicon 71 which I was also at. Last couple times they hosted these very fun reunion events water pump busted day before i was to head out. This year's gig Katy had a SJS relapse which turned in to a no brainer. Hope my pre-paid "credit" is still good for those tables, guys. I am thankful my oldest daughter did not die on me this year dealing with something insidious doctors call Stevens Johnson Syndrome following as complications from having had two skull opening brain moving surgeries to seal a hole in the side of her skull though we almost lost her twice this past year. There have been times of distraction, yes. I am thankful for my 99.7% positive feedback rating with an Above Standard Gold Power Seller Status on my eBay store though there have been several concerted attempts of what eBay calls these days "competitor attack," a relatively new phenomena in the cyber wars of the current new century. Involves buying something cheap, leaving a green positive feedback though posting a "one" SDR rating for "item not as described" which I am sure Steve Carey has been behind orchestrating. I guess he gets his rocks off attacking a disabled person trying to rebuild an almost destroyed life. More power to you, I now have the power of eBay upper management monitoring these attacks. Bring It On, am still standing. The first eBay store "competitor attack" happened in the very next month in October 2012 following Carey stealing the two lobby cards. Pause for station identification as one ponders the "coincidence" of these two events. Especially following Steve Carey sending me an email he was going to try to get me knocked off eBay. I still have that email, Steve. Hmmmmm. eBay conducted an "investigation" of sorts - and after some time simply turned it back on at Above Standard Gold Power Seller Status like nothing had happened. They concluded and agreed there had been "competitor attack" removing negatives as well as 12 one star DSR for "item not as described" in each instance where buyers had left positive green feedbacks but yet had posted one star "item not as described" This eBay store is what I can handle, and appear to be doing well with it to date and am thankful to those who recognize superior customer service in most instances which leaves me with said 99.7% rating. I am not longer capable of making the long cross country treks to shows around the country following my medical ordeal some might be acquainted with as well as having to stay closer to home to tend to Katy's needs Yes, I still seem to drop a few balls along the path of life. But just a few. Any one with some thing not dealt with properly to your satisfaction out of many thousands of transactions in to some 62 countries world wide according to the map one can click on to on any of my eBay store listings as I remain constantly amazed at the power of the internet connecting people with common ground interests. I am disabled now wondering at my good fortune reaching 62 years of age and being able to stand up once again, though precariously at times (still). A miracle many friends tell me. I am thankful most buyer friends have been patient in those rare instances where I have misfiled a book ordered as I sometimes have trouble these days being disabled. This happens once out of a thousand orders placed on average. Cannot lift boxes of comics, books, magazines, pulps, etc like I used to, hence, can not do the comic book shows at the 30 show year pace I was once maintaining following moving out of California (my home for 22 years 1972-1994) in the aftermath of the tragic accidental death of world class artist Rick Griffin with whom I had partnered up opening an art gallery centered around my decades long friend. I still miss him very much. I do miss catching with old timer collector friends around the country as well as over at Lucca in Italy and Angouleme in France. I had been attending both those Euro shows for some years as well. Have had to curtail all such fanac. In Angouleme the French government funds a huge comics museum whereat the curators there would buy $4-$7K from me every visit of mostly pre-arranged earlier "classic" American comics stuff what some in American call Victorian and Platinum era most collectors here have zero interest in cuz it taint super hero or cater to the d i * k measuring 9.8 contest too many are absorbed in here these days. I am thankful for the 17 years in a row since John Snyder invited me Oct 1996 re the Overstreet Comic Book Price Guide has used the material I cobbled together with the able help of over 40 comics scholars from around the world teaching the rest of the world proper comics history even though I have been attacked in the past on these CGC "boards" with some citing stuff like "how do you market that stuff." Simple answer, one does not. It is what it is. The history books have been rewritten. The first comic book in America is from 1842. Period. I am thankful for having been blessed with handling 7/9s of the second best pedigree collection ever to enter the vintage comic book market even though there are some here who seem to think they could possibly know more than me about its parameters and contents. Tom Reilly, I thank your spirit allowing us back in the day to build one store to the the Comics & Comix chain store operation. The first of its kind in the world, once proud, now simply a memory relegated to that proverbial galaxy long ago far far away. I am thankful I got to open a Rick Griffin art gallery back in 1991 mentioned above which had ALL of the other major poster artists clamoring at the doors wanting in to ride on Rick's coat tails. Out side of the births of my children, the best year of my life. Rick's life and death altered my life forever good, bad, and ugly. Am working on a book about his final years I call Rick Griffin Without A Net. Has life been a struggle? But of course People are passengers in vehicle accidents every day. Kids die from life threatening scenarios every day Have I dropped a few balls along the way? Yup. Am I stealing this man's money sent for some pulps? nope When he first contacted me soliciting to purchase "all" my pulps I had/have then in stock he was self-proclaiming himself "King of the Pulps" to me - that he was on a mission to buy up every pulp possible. No one else could compete he told me. That he was pulling in a hundred grand a year acting as some sort of re-agent re-selling other people's stuff on eBay - then tacking on a buck or two to each sale. I almost did not do this deal as its wholesale nature was such it was too cheap. I also informed him there were pulps to be dug out of boxes yet. But I did drop a few balls along the way getting thru this year - and he will get these pulps. Trip is, eBay shut him down doing what he was doing, Too many complaints from not being able to quality control customer service returns involving stuff he did not have in stock, I guess. Then he disappeared on me for some months. My last email in my google g-mail "cloud" from him i was aware of is dated July 21 Katy had had another severe bout with SJS in late May into June while I also dealt with yet another mysterious "competitor attack" which erupted late April in to May which eBay was quicker this time re-opening my e-store there in just six days. Then Katy had yet another SJS attack in late June though these days we/she are recognizing the earliest symptoms quicker high-tailing it to hospital for steroid shots. Trip is, they then proscribe something called pregnizone which makes for my having to monitor her psychological upheavals ever more closely during those week long scenarios while on that stuff while the steroids do their thing once she is released from ICU hospital wards This is about when the pulp buyer guy disappears on me. He does resurface end of summer post Labor Day IIRC psycho-babbling about some woman he had gone down to Washington DC to hang with, but she stole 100,000 dollars from him - he was coming off as a remorseful crackhead. but by then the 74 year old owner of my warehouse (where house??) and his wife decide to divest themselves of all their apt building rentals along with the 4000 sq ft warehouse I had been in for 3.5 years I did find one lone email from him dated Sept 21 but that had come in my gmail spam folder which I just recently discovered as I looked for contact from him ipso post facto once all the fun had started on CGC friends began to inform me of. I have hired some locals to box stuff up for this warehouse move, I can not do this type of work any more, my apologies for slowly becoming old,. prep for moving as I located a proper facility which does not leak in rain/snow storms, have adequate electrical system, decent wifi internet service capability in Fremont (I am out in the boon docks these days of daZe), and especially proper security concepts as previous warehouses dating back 40 years have been broken in to too many times over the 47 years been doing this comics gig. Been moving in stages. This guy's pulps got mixed in, for that all i got is mea culpa - not my intent, but there are a lot of boxes, and the not always reliable teen agers doing this evidently did not follow instructions as well as I would have liked 99.5% of the eBay listed items are well sorted and I know where they are at, Most eBay orders ship out same day purchased except when Katy has had these SJS bouts. Last one with Katy was in late Sept which was nipped in the bud in just four days By then have been knee deep in warehouse move mode, separating out all the extraneous stuff in to areas for their new homes here in this new warehouse from where I type these words. I do thank those who have placed orders. From the bottom of my heart (yes, I do have one.) Am not dependent on the world of the CGC "boards" for reaching customers. I did come here last December when Katy was having her first SJS bout and the eBay store had been subjected to its first major "competitor attack" which eBay concluded was indeed such, but again I digress as I am some times wont to wander off on some times. I am told some one posted on that other thread stating he had placed an order. Thank you, sir, your Battle Front 45 is already pulled, in prep stages for shipping out tomorrow morning. The pressures of the eBay trip are such they need to go out with the quickness. Now, back to these pulps and the Saga of the Beowulf Beerbohm. These next few days I have moving help again as they are out of school till Monday. I hope great progress gets made, I am told there were weather reports posted on that thread (Thanks, Bill!!) which forecasts passable weather though it gets down to 10/15 once the sun falls from its perch. So, I wish in a more perfect world I was not disabled able to easily heft the small mountains of stuff around one accumulates dealing in these paper drugs Am making one shipment. One Am almost "there" with or without any prodding Am almost done with this missive as well. Such a brou-ha-ha with so much fun stuff mentioned about me especially by my good buddy, thief Steve Carey, drunk as usual making stuff up about me for over a year now to mask his nefarious deed. Could some one please ask him to return those two SF movie lobby cards? Will gladly cover the return postage. I also had another nice conversation this morning with the widow of comics fandom Founder Jerry Bails. I used to stay at their house in the Detroit area back when I still able to make Mike Goldman's Motor City shows. I surely miss my talks with ling time friend Jerry we would do every night once I traversed back there from the show site. She has authorized me to sell all of Jerry's Justice Society club stuff which is a lot of fun material plus some other rare goodies which resided in a special box he kept in his bedroom. Jean Bails and I discussed again the concept we both think some one in CGC popped that bottom staple of Jerry's All Star #8, Jerry Bails started comic book fandom, guys and gals. When i came on to these "boards" regarding the damage to the Jerry Bails copy of All Star Comics #8 I was not asking money for me on it. Not in the slightest Jerry Bails STARTED organized comic book fandom as we still know it today I was stating that CGC's insurance company should pay full restitution to the widow of Jerry Bail's struggling widow direct to her. Mail her the check. not for me as some i d i o t s have insinuated on that other thread. For that I was attacked unmercifully - and the attacks have never let up to this date as if I was responsible. Huh? Jerry was my friend since I was Jr High schooler in the 60s. He was one of many mentors I had. Just like Bill Blackbeard was. Mitch tells me he posts some thing I have not seen about Bill Blackbeard and a few a*s wipes make fun of the concept? This what I was told today. For shame on you who perped same. Bill Blackbeard is literally the "guy who saved the comics" which are not folded over supported by two staples on the side. But it is now almost 2 AM my time, have said my piece. Too bad am too tired to discuss Fred Flintstone down in Bedrock. Gotta love the guy. Those of you who see something strikes your fancy in my eBay store, all reasonable offers accepted. Simply scroll the feedback to ascertain proper grading standards are being adhered to as well as shipping times. Here is a link to my eBay store feed back page. those of you still seeking to take shots, have your fun.