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  1. Just updating info on my grade-requested comics. I got £85.00 for this one on eBay.
  2. Thanks! I know what you mean...being printed on a kind of newspaper, the covers suffer more so than those printed on glossy stock. They were especially prone to print offset in white areas. I'm pretty sure those marks on the back cover have always been there since new. Captain Britain eventually went to glossy covers before merging with the Spiderman weekly. I can't find my issue #1 anywhere and I definitely had it.
  3. Once again, I ask your opinions. This one might be a bit of a curve ball, as it is a British weekly magazine from the 1970s. Apparently, issue 8 is a major key issue as it contains the very first appearance of Betsy Braddock...a.k.a. Psylocke. The story is a Chris Claremont, Herb Trimpe & Fred Kida creation. Yeah..someone on Amazon is actually asking $499 for this. Wtf Anyway, here is my copy. I would really appreciate your thoughts as this will be leaving my collections as soon as possible... Front Cover... Back Cover, with print offset to right edge...
  4. Yes, it will. I could really kick myself for allowing that to happen.
  5. Thanks guys. I was thinking 5 [v/g Fine-] having looked at Overstreet's grading guide and reading their allowances against the comic itself. I just put this up for sale today at £49 [$62] based on some copies I have seen sold and for sale on eBay, as I don't think it is worth getting graded...that probably would not be sensible. If it sells, or not, I will update this post with the result.
  6. PGM DC Comics Presents #26 Front cover not too bad, some feint creases, worst one is at top right corner. No spine roll that I can see. This one is a UK 'Pence' variant. Back cover is suffering from some bad creases at top left. I'm not sure if pressing will remove these, obviously not the colour break. Spine is good, staples are clean and secure. Crease on FC The Teen Titans supplement is all present and correct. Pages are off white, as expected from a raw, 37 year old comic. Many thanks.
  7. Thanks guys! I was thinking long-term, as you never can tell in the world of comics. I believe boarding and bagging them is the way to go, so that is what I will do. The covers look amazing though and I intend to keep them that way.
  8. Batman LOTDK: 'Freak' mini-series [1997] Hello all. I just bought Batman LOTDK #91 - 93 for the sum total of £2 [$2.55]. The owner said they were unwanted and only read once, which I can believe, as the comics themselves look in very clean, unblemished condition. The corners are square and there are very few tick-marks to the spines...hardly visible. I was thinking of getting them graded for future collecting. Any thoughts?
  9. Thank you! I was thinking maybe a 2.0 or 2.5, although I am definitely no expert...I was going off what I have seen on eBay. I think I have enough of an idea now as to what to price the comic at. eBay is such a wildly contrasting place, people expect too much but then again, speculate to accumulate, I suppose. I'm glad I found this forum, it is a great help...and I think I might be catching the collecting bug.
  10. PGM: Batman 251 My Batman #251 has definitely seen better days. I remember seeing this cover for the first time when I was thirteen years old and it was brand spanking new on the comic stand. I should have bought two and kept one of them mint! Who knew back then? I have seen a copy on eBay which I equate to mine but that one is in dreadful condition at the top of the spine and the cover is coming away...the seller is asking £79 [$100] which I think he will struggle to achieve. I'm thinking of lumping this in with the Batman #181 in my earlier thread and seeing what I get offered. Her
  11. Thank you for the responses, I didn't expect them so quickly! From what I can read here, I think I will keep it raw, put it into a quality bag and board and take up the $150 offer. I also have the Batman #251 Jim Aparo 'Joker' cover, which is in decent condition and he is also interested in taking that at the same time, once I get a price in mind.
  12. I had an offer of $150 from the states, which seems reasonable. There is so much on eBay that prices seem to go from one extreme to the other.
  13. I wondered about pressing and cleaning but I am worried that it would make the comic worse and may not be worth the expense. I am based in the Scotland and these kind of services, such as cleaning and grading, don't seem to be on offer in these parts. In fact. local comic stores are quite a rarity.
  14. PGM: Batman #181 Hello, my very first post here and I wanted some opinions on whether or not this copy of Batman #181 is actually worth grading for selling or left raw. I have had an offer on it but being new to selling, I am doing research to prevent myself from possibly getting ripped-off. I hope I have done these correctly and, as you will see, the copy has had lots of usage, having been with me for nearly fifty years and moved house with me five times. The cover has colour breaking creases, worn and small missing piece to the upper right, also wear and creasing along the middle of t