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  1. Requesting: Dudley (1949) 1-3 Buzzy (1944) 1-77 thanks
  2. Requesting: Dudley (1949) 1-3 & Buzzy (1944) 1-77 Please make your request in the 2021 This set doesn't exist, please build," thread. This thread is for slot additions only. Thank you
  3. Requesting a new set: All Funny Comics (DC) #1-#23 (1943) thanks
  4. pretty annoyed to see all these Berk book arrive at dealers sites for double the price. I for one will not be making offers on any of them. I kind of knew I was bidding against flippers but the extent is fairly large. Talk about Sh$ting on the market.... Just my 2 cents I cannot complain though since they pumped up the prices of my books. Dog eat dog.