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  1. Yeah same. But it got moved from that forum to this one almost immediately.
  2. Why did this get moved from the other forum? Is 1976 not Bronze age now?
  3. Cases are fresh, no scratches. Graded a few months ago. First gets it. Final price drop before i close it out. Payment via Paypal. Returns up to a week after getting it are fine as long as you pay return shipping. Ill ship anywhere in the world via priority mail but if its going overseas dont ask me to mark it down on customs. X-MEN 101 - 9.4 - $825 $780 SOLD
  4. You can thank me for that $414. Wasnt a newstand copy though. Good price on yours!
  5. Bumping this because of the horrendous box i got back from CGC yesterday. 16 of the 25 books are smashed into the bottom of the inner well, some even look like theyre sealed through the bottom edge of the well. 14 of those 16 books were graded at 9.8. The box didnt have any damaged that showed a hard impact.
  6. Just had a submission of 25 books come back, 16 of them jammed into the bottom of the inner well so bad that theyre stuck/damaged. Some of the back covers are ripped and it looks like some of the books are actually sealed into the bottom of the well. 14 of the 16 have 9.8 grades that are now completely meaningless. Nothing extremely high value but some decent stuff like Xmen 164, Justice League 1 1:500 cover, Wolverine 1 etc. Has this been happening lately? I also had to send back a submission recently of 4 copies of Xmen 101 that all got damaged prior to grading.
  7. Adding $350 - ASM 361 - CGC 9.8 White Pages