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  1. Picked up a real beat but complete copy of Catman Comics v3 #2 (26a) last week. Another off the list to complete my run and also (technically) another LB Cole devil cover to add to my collection. ?
  2. I was thinking the same thing but someone mentioned seeing a raw copy of the original version, so surely they must exist.....somewhere. Ive never seen one myself. Only the 'no publisher' variation.
  3. I’m assuming that’s what they do as well but it does confuse me considering the original edition is valued quite a bit more than the ‘no publisher’ variant.
  4. Im curious to know if every copy graded by CGC has been the less scarce no publisher variant because there appear to be NO GRADED COPIES of the original edition. if so, Im wondering if its possible that CGC does not look for this difference when inputting/grading this book, and enters every copy as the 'Fall 1945' version.
  5. OS has the original Apr-May edition listed as scarce, but no scarce designation for the 'No publisher' variant.
  6. I’ve always been curious about this. Below is a snap shot of the listing for Mask comics in overstreet (this is the 2016 edition). OS denotes that there is a ‘no publisher’ variant for issue 2 and even assigns a slightly lower value to that variant. If you check the census listing, there is no separate notation for this variant. CGC has graded 34 copies of Mask Comics 2, is it possible that all of the copies that have been graded are in fact the original version, or is it that CGC does not notate the difference, and if not, why? Also, the variant is listed in OS as having ‘Fall 1945’ on the indicia. The original version does not have this date, as it is listed as being published in April/May of 1945. All 34 graded copies have the ‘Fall 1945’ denotation on the label, which would then imply that these are in fact, the ‘no publisher’ variants. Which confuses me further... I have a copy myself, but I purchased it slabbed and I have not cracked it to look at the indicia. I was curious to know, of those boardies who do have copies, which version of this issue do you have? And do you have any insight on this? Possibly a clarification? I’ve always wondered myself! Thanks!
  7. Red dress underground to... red dress gettin down!