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  1. This just in... ive completed my run of Strange Stories from Another World! And even finally found a copy of Unknown World #1 (I consider this to be part of the series run regardless of the title change) all 5 issues sport painted covers by Norman Saunders. Issue 4 was the last to be added, I have been looking for a reasonably priced mid grade copy for a few years now and kept coming up empty handed. Well, I think I’ve outdone myself because I managed to snag the White Mountain Copy to complete the 5 issue run! And boy is she pretty! Check out those white mountain pages too!
  2. Picked up a real beat but complete copy of Catman Comics v3 #2 (26a) last week. Another off the list to complete my run and also (technically) another LB Cole devil cover to add to my collection. ?
  3. I was thinking the same thing but someone mentioned seeing a raw copy of the original version, so surely they must exist.....somewhere. Ive never seen one myself. Only the 'no publisher' variation.
  4. I’m assuming that’s what they do as well but it does confuse me considering the original edition is valued quite a bit more than the ‘no publisher’ variant.