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  1. There is a 9.0 listed on Ebay ATM, sharp minus the right edge chip.
  2. I never took the book in the thread , seller continued to sell it in marketplace , and EBAY . Then threatened to add me to this list if u did not pay for the book plus their “expenses” seller sold book on eBay , I am not sure what they are trying us accomplish here besides berating me further as they spammed me constantly since I inception of transaction . If this is the way this board utilizes it’s tools they should be ashamed . I have never had such a terrible transaction with a seller in my entire collecting hobby ,I would highly recommend avoiding member . This will be my last post on this matter
  3. What about CCS? Can a book be submitted for pressing , etc , and then graded at a discount?
  4. That is one SHARP 33, one of the nicer ones I have seen structurally wise. WOWSA! :P Thanks for sharing!
  5. I have seen many 9.8's of this book without this defect, that looked flawless. CGC has only given 2 9.9's to SA ASM'S and both copies (19,73) deserved every bit of the grade. I do not believe it would be very easy to get a 9.9 on a 33 as there are so MANY graded copies out there and 10X that many in the raw. I would not waste your money on grader notes, as I would wager that there aren't any as typical with most 9.8's. The staples are the bigger issue on it , might post the front cover :P , one of my favorites. Congrats on such a beautiful copy!
  6. Its a home made printed copy that I hope is not trying to be passed of as an original , seems like a shady way to ask .
  7. Things that make me go hmmmm... 9.4? With that pre marvel chipping and pieces out of the right cover edge I would not grade that higher then a 9.0 Here is my 9.4 for comparison Frustrating as it seems this is becoming a pretty HOT book and I thought one had surfaced with great color until i looked at the scan closer. Thoughts?
  8. Yes you are right, I looked at it again today and I think I was a little harsh on it. After looking at some of the high grade ASM'S they have listed with pretty substantial pre marvel chipping and pieces missing
  9. It sold a few months ago, Filter81 was consigning it. On another note, does being a former CGC grader get privileges? Great eye appeal , but very overgraded....... That is a pretty large piece out of the corner for a FN copy IMHO. I guess perhaps all the marvel chipped copies technically have more missing or as much .. Thoughts? I noticed this looking through all the marvel chipped ASM's that someone is offloading at a premium, anyone bidding on this auction might look very closely at the high res scans, And stay the heck away from the books I am after :P
  10. Perhaps, just in my experience coverless copies are more abundant then covers with the attributes to be able to be married. I think Filter81's 3.0 was in the 12k market. Pretty reasonable for a sharp looking 3.0 these days if you look what that NG is going for.
  11. Filter81 had a couple lower grade married cover books he consigned to Metro at one point, a very presentable 1.5 and 3.0 if I recall , you might ask him. Would save you from having to locate a cover and have the work done. Just my.02
  12. Looks like it could go either way, and I have had many books come back a grade lower from resubmissions. The defects in this range and the 8.5-9.2 are very tight with CGC in my experience . If it is still slabbed I would keep it that way and sell it as a 8.0 in a 7.5 holder, perhaps with a CVA sticker
  13. I think goblin issues in general have been pretty level for awhile, unless they are the rare unicorn sightings like a 9.8 14. 17 has been on low end for many years unless it is in 9.6. 23 hit or miss in lower grades, strong in NM- or better, 26, 27 spiked quite a few years ago up to 5k+ for a 9.6 , flattened out and are "trying" to reach that same level again , haven't seen it. 121 9.8's still have a little room , I think this will be a steady 5k book relatively soon 122's not so much, look for these to drop a little. Short answer is I don't see it affecting anything , as we really haven't seen a goblin market spike for any reason, including some pretty heavily hyped movies, etc... Long answer is if anyone wants to unload their high grade goblin keys because of this I am happy to purchase them .