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    Oops, I didn't even check, brought it home snapped the photo and tucked it away for later.
  2. A very different way to sell a colllection.

    Found the VP training software disc. I didn't remember the disc was numbered, looks like over 40,000 copies were produced. I used to use this before heading to Vegas on vacation. It has pretty much all the popular games and different paytables. Neat thing about is that you can adjust how much feedback the program gives you, it can let you make mistakes and review them after or it can warn you before make a mistake and break "perfect play". At one time I was really into figuring out the game and best play strategies. Long time ago I was part of a Toastmasters Club and for my second "speech" I presented on finding the right VP machine with right paytable. Quite nerdy for a New Yorker who only vent Vegas on vacation. Oh and my first "speech" for Toastmasters was to present a list of the top 3 people I would like to meet. After I did a 5-7 minute speech talking about Ice-T, Dave Mustaine, and Bruce Campbell as my top 3, I got some strange looks.
  3. A very different way to sell a colllection.

    What game has potential for this? Video poker with "perfect play" like Bob Dancer? I actually have a copy of his old video poker training software.
  4. Thanks for the input. Unfortunately I did not take any photos. I am a bit skeptical, but I'm not really able to confirm/deny what I am looking at. That said, I do trust the LCS owner and he would know if this is real or not. If I can find out anything else I'll post again.

    New pickup from the LCS this weekend...
  6. Found an interesting book at the the LCS, but can't seem to figure out what to call it, and this is making research difficult. The book in question is a copy of Evil Ernie (1st Eternity Series), but it looks like a handmade copy stapled together (more like a movie -script than a comic book). The LCS owner says it was a preview sent out to retailers for them to review and decide if they want to carry the books in their shop. I wanted to pick it up, but didn't want to spend that much without knowing more about it. Would this be considered an "ashcan" or something else. Having trouble finding any information online. Thanks for looking!! Jimbo
  7. Collecting every appearance of a character

    Neat topic. Collecting appearances is kind of a requirement for the stuff I like to collect. My top 3 are Alien, Predator, Terminator and there really are no "runs", vast majority of these are in 2/4/6 book minis.
  8. RAK it up

    The background info was really neat, and the stamps themselves look very sharp. Not bad for the $1 I paid.
  9. RAK it up

    Stamps are yours @shadroch PM me with shipping info.
  10. RAK it up

    Here is another RAK. Found these stamps at a small "rummage" sale today, look to be in nice shape, and still has the wax USPS envelope. Free to anyone who wants it, just PM me shipping information.
  11. RAK it up

    I ran across on older RAK website where he said the the first (with the cover you have) only had 1,000 copies. Nice find!! http://www.rakgraphics.com/thundermace.html
  12. RAK it up

    A book about selling your soul to a casino for $10,000....
  13. RAK it up

  14. RAK it up

    I didn't know RAK either. Best I can tell, it is the guy that created CHAKAN The Forever Man comics, which eventually became a Genesis game. So learned something new today, I had played the game before but didn't realize it was an original comic character.
  15. Albany Comic Con?

    BTW, My comment wasn't a knock on VT, I've been visiting for years and have even entertained the idea of moving to VT someday.