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  1. This week in your collection?

    Condition is what you might expect, book came out of a packed long box with no bags/boards, no rips/tears but the cover has some dents. I can't "sell" it to you, as I don't have paypal set up to receive funds, but if you really want it we can trade a book for a book.
  2. This week in your collection?

    I stepped away from the $1 boxes for a minute and picked up Batman 426-429, and had them signed by Starlin. Then went right back to the $1 boxes.
  3. This week in your collection?

    I actually saw that book in this thread first, otherwise I would have gone right by it. I found quite a few Parillo covers in these dollar boxes.
  4. This week in your collection?

    Just got back from a local comic and toy show, I think I made out well. Everything came from $1 boxes (except Heavy Metal).
  5. I'm a "list guy" then, looking for specific issues of indies. I like the digging aspect, but if a dealer has say 6 longs of 1$ books and I know that boxes 1-5 don't have indies I can save a lot time and still "dig" for stuff in a specific location.
  6. I do the same, just like digging for stuff. They don't need to be in order, but a high level sorting (Marvel - DC- Others) is a nice touch.
  7. Is this place deader than ever?

    We can make it to 100+ pages for sure. How about some show and tell? I'm thinking I need to reduce my collection a bit and start getting more focused. Going to a comic book show this weekend, and again in a few weeks, so I pulled this short box to double check inventory. I'm going to try and focus on Terminator/Aliens/Predator, IMHO the ultimate Sci-Fi movie trinity. Here is where I'm at so far...
  8. This week in your collection?

    Got this book yesterday, first book by a local artist (self-published around 500 copies). Oh, and this frickin puzzle will never be done, we are missing 3 out 1000 pieces
  9. O'Barr's "The Crow" love

    How do you guys feel about Momoa as The Crow? I can't see a guy his size pulling off acrobatic moves like Brandon Lee in the first movie.
  10. I'm glad you found the recommendation helpful. So I've got the SNES and the controller extensions, next step is going to be adding more games.
  11. Are the days of wholesaling drek over?

    I was just kidding anyway Maybe someday I'll have a few of these "keys" to work with.
  12. Are the days of wholesaling drek over?

    If i say "yes, this method is still applicable today", will you buy my drek?