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  1. Thanks for the Dude! I am submitting a guess of $1751.49 Merry Christmas!!
  2. Sweet books, one of my favorite series. This is also Alex Ross' first pro work.
  3. I'm stuck working from home, so taking my lunch to the park has been a good way to out of the house. New York State opened all of the NYS parks and are not charging fees (usually $8 a car) during this time. The state park near me was full of people and puppies, it actually felt like a normal spring day there were so many people outside.
  4. Awesome book!!! Dark Horse doesn't re-print too many books, so that is a definitley a keeper!
  5. Handful of solid $1 pickups from this weekend. I only found one long box at the show with any Dark Horse stuff and it paid off decently.
  6. Nice looking copy! No yellow UPC on the back cover...
  7. Yep, an entire T2 trilogy. I can reccomend the prequel and sequel novels based on Terminator Salvation: Cold War and Trial by Fire.
  8. Just watched the movie on Blu-Ray this weekend, while there was a lot to like about the movie, this one is going on the bottom of my list. T1 - T2 - Salvation - T3 - Genysys - Dark Fate I really like the REV9 Terminator abilities, but there was never any explanation of what a REV9 "is".
  9. Merry Christmas!! I'm going with $1560.49 for this years guess. Bring on the gifs.
  10. Very cool find!! Hard to find much info about this book from my limited search, but MCS had the following description: "Mark Verheiden and Mike Richardson discuss Aliens; Mike Richardson discusses Godzilla. Aliens cover by Mark Nelson." Good catch on the date, this was before Aliens 1 and DHP 24, could this be the "first cover appearance" or something like that?
  11. Been a while since I picked anything up, grabbed just these two at a local con this weekend.