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  1. ygogolak kudos

    Purchased several books from Jon recently, great communication, fast shipping and excellent packaging. Would buy again.
  2. Technology in comic collecting — now and tomorrow

    Like @90sChild mentioned earlier in this thread, I am also using www.comicbookrealm.com for online tracking of inventory.
  3. Technology in comic collecting — now and tomorrow

    I'm already using a database website and their corresponding app, so i probably wouldn't use the other app for organizing, but I do like what the app has to offer.
  4. Technology in comic collecting — now and tomorrow

    I'm just shy of 1000 books now. I use an online database to track my collection, but my physical organization technique would probably drive you crazy! What works for me is a by-the-box approach, grouping similar titles, so if i'm looking for a specific type of book there is a box for that. You would think Avenglyne books are right behind Avengers, but no, Avengelyne is in the Bad Girl box, Avengers is in the Marvel box. What about Spider-Woman, don't look for her under Marvel, she hangs out in the Spider-Man section.
  5. Living large on Stan’s dime!

    A few summer ago I had this crazy dream/nightmare, may have even been sleep paralysis. I thought I was awake as I could see my bedroom, walls starting creaking and all of a sudden the entire rear wall of the house started separating and fell off the house crashing down, and I could feel the impact. This happened like a day or two after I had installed a window A/C. I think I was worried that I didn't secure it well enough at the time, and then dreamed that it was so heavy it pulled the wall off the house.
  6. Living large on Stan’s dime!

    I had just finished reading this thread, then turned over my comic trivia calendar for today.
  7. Spawn #8 - Feb 1993 is my personal favorite. This was one of the first books I actually held onto for "collecting". I traded three Beavis & Butthead comics for Spawn #7, #8, and #9 with a friend, and still have them.
  8. SHow us your Christmas haul

    Dawn variant covers and TPBs from my wife. Dawn books were a good find, all three came from the same box of "former wall books" that never sold at the LCS. Batman/TMNT hardcover was full price, HQ + SW TPBs were $5/each. Bruce Lee TPB, signed by Jeff Kline. Video games purchased with Christmas gift card.
  9. Books you just cant find in the Wild

    The computers that said yes became skynet.
  10. Books you just cant find in the Wild

    Is it a trade paperback or a floppy? Very cool cover!
  11. Books you just cant find in the Wild

    Found this in a $1 bin, I've never seen these before. Just say no...
  12. Thanks for the contest X!! This was fun.
  13. Christmas, Holiday or Snow covers !!

    Picked this up today in $1 bin. Very cool scans you guys are putting up.
  14. One man's trash and all that... I'm trying to complete my set of the first Terminator series from NOW.
  15. Books you just cant find in the Wild

    That Terminator book is an awesome dollar bin find!