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  1. Merry Christmas!! I'm going with $1560.49 for this years guess. Bring on the gifs.
  2. Very cool find!! Hard to find much info about this book from my limited search, but MCS had the following description: "Mark Verheiden and Mike Richardson discuss Aliens; Mike Richardson discusses Godzilla. Aliens cover by Mark Nelson." Good catch on the date, this was before Aliens 1 and DHP 24, could this be the "first cover appearance" or something like that?
  3. Been a while since I picked anything up, grabbed just these two at a local con this weekend.
  4. Dude... great finds!! You scored big with that copy #10.
  5. Awesome books! Predator Hell & Hot Water looks cool, I don't think I've ever seen one before, nice find.
  6. I think the noob status gets lifted after you've made it through a @DR.X Christmas Contest.
  7. The horror movie books are great, always fun to find these hiding in the discount box. Jason vs. Leather face art by Simon Bisley is killer, can't wait to find the rest of the series.
  8. That B+W cover is great, definitley more striking than the color version.
  9. Great minds think alike!! I've been collecting the Batman/TMNT crossover series, waiting for Pt 3 to finish to read the whole thing. I really dig the Eastman B covers.
  10. I just saw a stack of these in softcover at Five Below over the weekend... really cool book, the hardcover looks way better,
  11. Has anyone watched Batman vs. TMNT ? I'm expecting it to be awesome, but haven't had a chance to catch it yet.
  12. I can reccomend Batman: Ninja and Teen Titans: Judas Contract.
  13. Were you able to get any information on this book?