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  1. Here is the filing cabinet I ended up with. Each drawer holds (2) short boxes, so (10) shorts tucked away in there. Cons - Incredibly heavy. Pros - Very sturdy, roomy.
  2. Jimbo749

    Anything and everything Dark Horse

    I'll have to check it again now, didn't think to turn it over
  3. Took advantage of LCS sale and picked up a pair of books for half-off. #18 - First Print
  4. Jimbo749

    Anything and everything Dark Horse

    I ended up checking my copy again after you mentioned it... No mention of 2nd print, so if it says nothing that usually means 1st right, otherwise it would be noted?
  5. Jimbo749

    Anything and everything Dark Horse

    Found a few books in the 50-cent bin this weekend, can't say no. I can usually find the #1 of this series in the wild, but I rarely see the rest of the run. Did this series never catch on?
  6. Jimbo749

    Adventures in the Dollar Box

    Had a good weekend for shopping, toy & comic show at the community center w/free admission, and the annual LCS sale. 50 cents $1
  7. I was able to get a large 5-drawer lateral file cabinet on ebay for cheap, look for government office surplus, get them before the refurbishing companies buy them up. Got something like this for $11, saved a lot of money but had no idea just how heavy they were, warehouse loaded it with a forklift. If you can get some help moving the cabinet, I'd say they are pretty good for storage.
  8. Top 100 - (9) original books, and (8) reprints of books in the top 100
  9. Just went to see this movie based on the trailer only, not knowing the character/series and still enjoyed it. Special effects were pretty cool. Some of the fight scenes were pretty violent, much more than I expected.
  10. Jimbo749

    Adventures in the Dollar Box

    Just one book this week... waiting until the annual lcs sale next weekend. I pulled this book from the $3 box, which will be 3/$1 during the sale, excited to see what I can get next time.
  11. Jimbo749

    BIRD's Kudos thread

    Purchased a small stack of books, every thing was as promised, well packaged and shipped fast. Thanks!!
  12. Jimbo749

    This week in your collection?

    Recent pickups from a board sale...
  13. MME and True Believers are my jam. But SA is name of the game