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  1. Hello: Thanks for responding to my message! You have asked a fair question! I sold a Spider-Man #1 CGC 4.0 to a CGC forum member with a screen name of "mosconi" early last December 2018. I also have a 100% positive feedback history on eBay under the member ID of rj20105551 (274 transactions since 2000). I am just a collector- not a dealer. I am selling this magazine so I can upgrade this issue. So,my number of eBay transactions are mostly limited to initial purchases and a few sales to finance issue upgrades. Jay
  2. My copy of Amazing Spider-Man #1, CGC 5.0 is available for sale. Following are the CGC grader notes: moderate marvel chipping front cover multiple staple recessed small tear right bottom of back cover small, multiple smudge back cover tear left bottom of whole book wear full top of back cover wear spine breaks color This amazing comic can be yours for only $12,500 . It's a great investment- it's value only increases over time! Price includes shipping. I will accept Paypal or cashier's check as the form of payment. Please contact me off line at rj2010@cosmotography.com if you have questions. Thanks!
  3. Your 8.5 (!) sports a superb looking, highly memorable cover! I believe my more modest 7.5 also does an adequate job of preserving that iconic Spider-man action pose!
  4. Thanks for sharing your perspective on the cover chipping! I agree- the edge colors do make the problem less noticeable and helps turns the frown upside down!
  5. Thanks, Andrew! It wouldn't have happened if not for you!
  6. Here's my new copy of ASM #1. It represents an upgrade from my CGC 4.0 copy that was sold to help fund this purchase This edition has some obvious Marvel chipping around the edges of the front cover plus the back cover has a December 11, 1962 date stamp near the upper right corner. Nonetheless, I am delighted to have this in my hands!
  7. I just upgraded my CGC 4.0 copy of ASM #1 to CGC 5.0! The front cover has Marvel chipping around the edges and the rear cover has a December 11, 1963 date stamp near the top right corner. Regardless, I'm quite enthusiastic to own this!
  8. Congratulations, Andrew! You have amassed a truly exceptional (and enviable!) run of issues! I'm delighted to have been able to help you achieve your goal and thankful you helped me reach mine!
  9. ASM 28 is probably my favorite cover. It's very hard to find high grades of this comic because the black background color was so easy to break. I can see you have nothing to regret about either of your early Molten Man issues! One day, I hope to upgrade my copy of 28 to at least 7.5 Below are what I have....
  10. Here's my pair of Scorpions clocking in at 7.5...
  11. I really enjoy seeing your top of the line copies of these old comics. Below are my more modest versions...
  12. Thank you very much(!!!) for the compliment about ASM 1-3. My collection does not approach the quality that I see regularly posted here, but all my other issues are between CGC 7.0-8.5, with the majority either 7.5 (my target) or 8.0. Once my bank account recovers from my recent purchase of ASM 1, I plan to start upgrading...
  13. I am new to using this forum, so I need some help or instruction about managing image uploads. For example, today, I accidentally uploaded the same image twice to my attachments. This also resulted in the image appearing twice in my forum post. Is there a way to delete an image from My Attachments?
  14. Hi Folks: I have been a lurker on this forum for over a year while I slowly amassed a collection of Spider-man 1- 38 plus the first two annuals (in other words, all the Steve Ditko's except AF #15). Since you've been celebrating Spider-man #2, I thought I would share my copy, too- along with #1 and #3 ..