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  1. Marc Guggenheim is writing the -script and he is also writing the -script for the Prophet movie. He's not a good writer. His comic work is average at best, same goes for his Arrow writing. It's time to sell. Because there's no way these books stay hot for long.
  2. Yea bro, theres nothing on the Kickstarter page about the foil virgin having only 100 copies. I can order 200+ copies from the link provided above. It's a Print-On-Demand book. YOU GOT BURNED !!!!!!!!
  3. You definitely do not know what you're talking about. Low print ??? HA Diamond already has these books in their warehouse for the past month. The copies that Lunar and UCS sent to shops are either from Diamond's warehouse or printed from the same location that the other copies came from. In either case, these books are NOT low printed. Now, next months books are a different story.....
  4. You do realize that Diamond already has these books at their warehouse.....for the past month......
  5. Cant send 8 weeks of books if the printers aint open......
  6. Not an assumption. Hard cold fact. It's definitely being shilled. The seller even has ANOTHER listing for 9.8s as a BIN....FOR LESS ! Stay away from this seller.
  7. There is a way to tell: Other sellers have it for much less.
  8. Another shilled auction, same seller as before:
  9. Shilled ?
  10. Bad Idea was only formed to generate some comics and IPs for Hivemind to make into movies. Seems that's what these indie publishers do these days.
  11. Bad Idea is trying to create artificial scarcity. Demand > Supply. This is not the way to grow a business.
  12. Showcase4, you seem to be autistic.....
  13. Oh how the mighty have fallen. It's like you buy the CBSI TOP 10 books after the list comes out.....
  14. KeyCollector is a person_who_is_obnoxiously_self-impressed . Dont rely on him for info
  15. Dont buy into the marketing. Being "limited" is not the same as "total print run". When a webstore mentions a variant being "limited", it means the print run is much higher.Its all marketing gimmicks to sway noobs into buying their variant.
  16. Only buying books from TFAW is your first mistake. There's Westfield, Graham Cracker, Midtown, Ebay....I could keep going....
  17. Having under 10 copies on the CGC census just means people dont give acrap about slabbing it. Doesnt mean the book is a ghost.
  18. It's not. Ebay is flooded.