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  1. Spawn

    Sí, probablemente valga $ 5 o $ 10 más de lo que el cómic sería en sí mismo.
  2. Voldy slabs letters?

    No, I'm saying that it's a weird by-product of slabbing that people are paying for art based on the grade of the book. That's not the grade of the art. There is no art grade. If you like the original art on a book in a slab, the best thing you can do for yourself is get it cheap on a 9.0 book. The art is still 100% art.
  3. Voldy slabs letters?

    The grade of the book is generally unimportant when the book is a blank cover filled with hand-drawn art. You just want to know that the art is authentic. The grade doesn't matter, so there's still a grade box on the label, but it's art.
  4. No way. I spent some time in Canada this summer, and I think it's hilarious that they simultaneously believe the Queen of England cares about them as well as pretending that France matters in North America. Don't destroy the fantasyland.
  5. They're both Disney movies, so it's kind of funny that they'll "compete" for a lot of the same audience.
  6. The beginning of the end?

    Did it ever get a nickname? Wolvenom? Venomverine?
  7. ASM 300 Appreciation/ Club Thread

    Nope - they haven't broken the sales records out, and if you listen to some people around here, there's no difference in price. (But that's because they don't have any newsstands and they don't like the fact that their direct editions are 2nd best, claiming the harder-to-find bar code is ugly vs. the generic black spidey head that's on most copies.)
  8. The beginning of the end?

    This mashup from 10+ years ago was actually awesome looking, but they didn't do anything with it.
  9. Copper's Heating/Selling Well on Ebay

    I guess someone just got tired of waiting since there are only 8 of them on the CGC Census. There hasn't been a new CGC 9.8 MM #23 (universal blue) graded since April 2012.
  10. The beginning of the end?

    Good news! AF15 is already available for $1.99
  11. Variants make me puke!

    Unless they're just playing the ipecac game from Family Guy.
  12. Variants make me puke!

    Here's the reason it won't crash... variants don't cost extra for retailers. So, if you're a retailer buying 25 copies of a book for your store/customers, and you get a 1:25 variant, you can definitely get full cover price for it. That copy won't sit unsold while the regular cover sells out if they're the same price. So, you can probably (and do) charge more than cover price for the variant... and it's now the most profitable book from the order for that issue. Retailers aren't giving up guaranteed sales, and they're certainly not giving up the most profitable book from their order. Publishers sell more copies. Retailers make more money. Collectors sometimes buy the same book twice (or five times). The only downside is when collectors overpay for the variants and watch the price drop in the secondary market. That doesn't matter to the publisher or the retailer, so why would the craziness stop?
  13. Moderns that are heating up on ebay!

    Not at all (I haven't had a return since 1965 . . . ) The IRS has been notified.
  14. Sacrilege! I'll play... which Batmobile is more important than the Millenium Falcon?
  15. True, in the background. Even if you grant #1 a "full appearance" for Ben and Han (which is stretching it... we don't know anything about them from #1), Star Wars #2 is absolutely the first Chewbacca... the only non-droid household name character in Episodes I through VIII. It's also the first Millenium Falcon, which is probably more important to Star Wars than any other vehicle in comics (including the Batmobile).