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  1. It was good to be buying CGC in 2001... and just keep on going.
  2. I think I'll update my answer from last year, based on current prices. $196 shipped from @gdcomics on Ebay in 2006.
  3. It's not limited to comic books. Sportscard grading (slabbing) is older than comic book grading, the leading grading company (PSA) has had several scandals through the years, and they still completely dominating the market. Beckett (BGS) - the "Overstreet" of sportscards before slabbing was a thing can't really make a big dent in the PSA domination. BGS is a solid company for sportscard grading, but compare grade-to-grade prices and PSA wins by a long shot. CGC is the PSA of comics... because PSA was dominating before slabbing comics was even a thing. Slabbing coins was a thing ba
  4. It'll be interesting to see how much the census increases as people rush to get their X-Men #1s graded to meet this ultra-high demand...I wonder what the numbers will look like in 6 months to a year? Any increase in the census still may not be enough to meet demand, but it might contribute to some price stability. Using Avengers #1 as a comparison, Disney's Marvel takeover, the first movie in 2012, and all the subsequent Avengers movies through the big one (Endgame) only saw the Avengers #1 universal census increase by 2,200 copies over 9 years of CGC grading to 3,200 copi
  5. CGC 9.8 Akira #1 (first printing) - GPA shows $900, ASKING $850 NOW $825 SOLD PER PM Back cover in spoiler tag.
  6. CGC 9.8 Batman: Vengeance of Bane Special #1 (1993) - GPA shows $600, ASKING $525 SOLD per PM Back cover in spoiler tag.
  7. Seems to me that this book is just ridiculously cool. Only 500 of them, oversized, sold at a convention in the 1980s... unless the creators somehow held onto extras, the conditions on the surviving copies won't be 9.6+ very often. Less than 70 of them are on the CGC census above 9.2. That's fewer than the number of TMNT #1 first prints at 9.6 or higher.
  8. CGC 9.6 Strangers In Paradise #1 (first printing, 1993) - GPA shows a 9.2 for $395 in February, no other sales in 2021, hard to price this one... ASKING $1,000 Back cover in spoiler tag.
  9. CGC 9.8 Spider-Man #13 Newsstand Edition - GPA shows $350, ASKING $325 The sales records for the past 12 months indicate about 13% of CGC 9.8 books are Newsstand for Spider-Man #13. Back cover in spoiler tag.