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  1. I have never seen this variant.

    I think there could be some debate on that. If the foreign edition is released six months after the first printing of the domestic edition, then the foreign edition can be seen as a reprint first, foreign edition second. Since there are foreign editions which are printed on the same domestic machines at the same time as the domestic editions, they don't need to be lumped in with foreign reprints which come out six months (or six years) later.
  2. I've been trying to log into PayPal's credit account (Synchrony Bank) all day and it keeps giving me a "We're sorry for the inconvenience..." Probably unrelated, but maybe worth mentioning.
  3. I have never seen this variant.

    Seems like three options for foreign editions: Variants - printed at the same time as the regular (domestic) editions on the same machines Reprints - printed later than the regular (domestic) editions Bootlegs - printed without permission of the publisher
  4. TMNT #1 Club

    Only 11 (GPA-recorded) sales of CGC 9.8 in the past 15+ years. I'm not sure if there's as much of a hurdle when you know it will probably be 500 days before you have another shot at a CGC 9.8 upgrade. If there were plenty available, it would definitely be weird to pay the 9.8 price for a 9.6, but this isn't one of those kinds of books.
  5. I have no problem agreeing with that. I just don't see how we can say virtually all GA comics are low grade. I would be willing to bet more mid to high grade comics were lost in one way or another, than low grade. That's beside the point, seems they don't exist. What we do have is a majority of mid grade books. Maybe there's something I'm missing. I don't think either of us was saying that the majority of GA comics are low grade. That was someone else.
  6. September 4, 1997. Nothing.
  7. If the original number of copies was 1,000,000 for some Golden Age book and if it was originally 100,000 for another Golden Age book of the same age... the number existing today is heavily impacted by what used to exist. You can't just ignore the starting points.
  8. Right, but that wouldn't be specific to any particular grades. Those reasons would eliminate comics of all conditions. Low grade comics were thrown out for an additional reason that isn't applicable to mid and high grades. It's why the population numbers are "middle heavy"... low grade didn't survive the eyeball test as often.
  9. True, but the reason they don't exist is that they were deemed "trash" in the past. They weren't trashed because they were pristine. They were trashed because they looked like trash. It takes a "mid grade" for survival, if someone is deciding what to do with them. If they're just throwing out comics, then all conditions are lost. But if they're deciding whether to throw out comics, it takes at least a mid-grade to be saved.
  10. I think there's reason to believe that the majority of comics which became low grade at some point in the past 50+ years were trashed (literally discarded and gone forever). So, we're only talking about survivors and they're likely to be mid-grade... not "trash" (to the untrained eye) as often as low grade. Virtually all GA books are lower than low grade. They're gone forever. The survivors are "hill shaped" with a few in high grade, more in the middle, and tapering down on the low side because "trash" (to the untrained eye) didn't merit saving.
  11. History of Valiant Comics

    I agree, since there won't be any more of the old stories... you can hold off on those until you have gotten caught up on the new stuff. That way you'll be able to contrast what's different about the older stories with the newer stories as the baseline. During the years that it wasn't sure if Valiant would ever return, there was only one Valiant... it was mostly loved for its first two years of books (Jim Shooter was only there for about a year-and-a-half)... and it was very "90s". Now that (new) Valiant is in its sixth year, the new stories (still growing monthly) have become what Valiant means. The older books are the origins/inspirations and many of the first appearances, but they aren't Valiant today.
  12. agree they were all over the place in the 90s. At the time, they were getting about 1/2 the price of Valiant golds and the number of Deathmate golds (the Valiant/Image crossover) was at least 10,000 (more like 20,000 golds for Deathmate Prologue)... so I'd be very surprised if the Image golds were less than 10,000 copies since they didn't hit the same prices as the 5,000 golds for Valiant and since the Valiant/Image crossover used a higher number than the 5,000.
  13. It's likely that the Image gold issues are around 10,000 copies. It's also possible that there are cases of them somewhere, which are waiting to be (re-)discovered... but it has been 25 years so who knows.
  14. History of Valiant Comics

    Valiant is keeping what they liked about the 1990s stories, but updating/changing whatever makes for better stories in 2012+. So, X-O Manowar is still Aric, the Visigoth, taken from his home (by aliens) in the year 400, transported into space where he steals an alien armor and then returns to Earth in the present day. That's a match/retelling of the 90s origin, but, the story changes pretty quickly from there. X-O Manowar #1 relaunched in 2012, and then started over with #1 for 2017 (he's not on Earth in the 2017 series, but he is the same guy from the 2012 series). Which series are you reading?