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  1. valiantman

    Venom Movie

    Venom: Marvel Ain't Letting Spidey Near This Venom 2: IP Wars Venom 2: Gone With The Turd In The Wind
  2. valiantman

    Truly Dissatisfied With Service

    He has probably moved on to the Mega Millions message board to complain that he bought the winning ticket and they're refusing to give him the money.
  3. I prefer the unsigned copies for the high grades (9.4+), but I would definitely prefer a signed copy (especially signed inside in the 1980s) if it was a mid-grade book.
  4. valiantman

    Web of Spider-Man #32 Grading Census

    There is no way to tell them apart on the census.
  5. valiantman

    Bagged comics...the funniest of ironies.

    You're not that far behind, gramps. ...but I'm not catching up!
  6. valiantman

    Bagged comics...the funniest of ironies.

    You're old.
  7. valiantman

    Top 50 Copper Books in Overstreet

    Golden Age Silver Age Bronze Age 1980s comics 1990s comics Etc. Best of both worlds.
  8. It would be a nice problem to have, no? However, this isn't a record. The Heritage sale on 11/17/17 of $26,920 was a record for a 9.6 (cgc # 1294883001). Still a nice price and ebay takes less of a hit on sale(and buy) than Heritage. True, but if there's some distinction between CGC 9.6 with signatures and those without, the $20,000 for a copy without signatures is a record.
  9. Didn't see that yet. That's a slight bump up from the average price of late. Seller had this up on Comic Link and ebay at several prices, originally 30K then 25, then 27, then 23.5. So he really tested the higher prices but settled at 20 for this one. I wish I could "settle" for a record price every time.
  10. Did this already get discussed? CGC 9.6 TMNT #1 - says the "Best Offer" accepted was $20,000 and GPA has it at $20,000. No signatures inside or out, just a standard CGC 9.6 White Pages blue label.
  11. valiantman

    Venom Movie

    But Venom adds wind. A turd in the wind.
  12. valiantman

    Truly Dissatisfied With Service

    More examples while we wait for the original poster to provide some photos...
  13. valiantman

    Truly Dissatisfied With Service

    Right, but if you don't know how to grade, you just see "perfect, almost never read, protected by bag, board, cotton gloves, laser grid, etc."
  14. valiantman

    Truly Dissatisfied With Service

    I've got more "perfect" books that are CGC 8.0. I'm not the one who started this topic, and you don't see me complaining... I'm just showing photos since he won't/can't, and these books don't look like CGC 8.0 until they're in a slab that says so.
  15. valiantman

    Truly Dissatisfied With Service

    Its telling that he didnt post pics. "Just believe me". If I had 9.6s that got 8.0s I'd post pics like crazy!!! At least 4,000,000 graded by CGC. I bet his books don't look this good: