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  1. Damn.... I wish I knew about this earlier
  2. Here's my appreciation post! The two raw copies will be sent off to be signed by Todd and David soon! Super excited to see what they come back as!
  3. Unfortunately not... There is actually an 8-Cover copy of this book signed by Stan Lee graded a 9.9, but it has never been up for sale.
  4. Starting November 15th, my 6-Cover ASM 361 will be up for auction in ComicLinks Fall Featured Auction! This book is a 1 of 2, making it extremely rare! Please check out the link below to view the item!
  5. Holy moly. Did you end up selling this? If so, how much did you get for it if you dont mind me asking?
  6. Thanks man! The gentleman I bought it from was in his late 40s/early 50s. He was getting ready to move at the time and said he was going through the boxes in his basement when he found his comics. He said he has no use for them anymore and could use the money to help with the move. I'm pretty sure he just looked up the price of a raw copy at that time, and they were going for around 70-100, and he may have not known that multiple covers draw more. I didn't believe it was genuine at first, and that's why I had it graded, so I would know for sure. It would seem like a waste though to remove the cover off 5 ASM361s and place them onto another book just for $100, he could have easily sold all 6 books individually for $100 each.
  7. I would tend to agree, but as someone else point out, it's got a lot going on for it. It's not just a currently hot key 1st appearance, it's not JUST a 9.9, and it's not JUST a multiple cover. It's a SIX COVER, 9.9 currently hot key 1st appearance. 6 covers??? I mean, holy carp. I'd think your estimate should be right on, but something this freaky deaky, bidding might get wild. Yea, I was super amazed at how much that 9.9 went for. It's insane. I know Carnage doesnt have the hype that Deadpool has, but I also think the Deadpool hype has died down a bit since the first movie came out. I think it will go for high 4 figures, but the rarity of it may push it over that 5 figure mark.
  8. Yes, I remember checking the census before I submitted it and there was only 1 9.9 and it was Sig Series. I was a little sad when I found out another 9.9 blue label had been graded, but I bet its not 6 covered
  9. I really believe this could pull in a few thousand, maybe even reach 5 figures? I mean it covers a lot of desirable fields. Its a 9.9 (rare) It has 6 covers (even more rare) Its a Spiderman book Its the first appearance of Carnage Its a 1 of 1 as of now. There hasnt been a book like this for sale recently, and with the Venom movie type train, it could draw a lot if attention.
  10. Yes sir, that is the one. I'm definitely going to take a chunk of the sale amount and give it to the gentleman that I purchased it from.
  11. I believe they take the highest cover instead of the first or the average, because you could technically remove the two outer covers and be left with a 9.9 covered book.