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  1. Ok I screwed up. too small I'm sorry I will try to find a bigger pic in computer
  2. I Paid $1200 for this but a tough copy and off white to white pages. I am having big issues syncing my i phone for pics to computer. Now Ill have to drive 35 miles to Akron to fix it at apple. I will share what I still have. I do not know but does anybody want to see Archies I sold in the last 2 years. B&V CGC, both 8.0. Am I allowed to post them ?I dont own now. They are in my computer. LOL
  3. Thank you so much. Im now in Ohio and have lots of time. Im trying to find a couple of comics I own In my puter. Does anybody mind if I show some I used to have. The owners might be here so I will see if you all say thats ok. OK I DO OWN THIS COMIC highest graded and rare. Archie 3. Ill find more Ill wait till I hear from people. I dont know how to put a pic ion my profile HELP
  4. Did I sell you this one years ago. How high is it in top grades. It was so different years ago, you just bought whatever you could find and afford. a lot more to find then
  5. I guess it has been almost 40 years ago you bought them from me.That sounds about right to me.Still off white pages the holy grail of Archie's.
  6. Yes, here is a good friend good friend for years who mowed lawns and did everything to get these comics. this was they called me Archie bought pep 22 and Archie one for about $1200. I know where all pep 22,s CGC 4.5 are s I bidded $65,000 on one 3 or 4 years ago and lost to a guy who was buying Archies from me. that copy was slightly brittle. My old copy is 4.5 I think off white.I cant afford the comic now. I do have an Archie 3 CGC 8.0 and a couple of top graded early Archies.
  7. wow cant see them now as I dont have photo bucket. what a collection!!!!!!
  8. Can I get approval by a moderator. I was here years earlier Have collected Archies and other comics for 49 years and many people know me including they call me Archie. I gave mike Ulsan and Jeff Mendell my copy of Pep 22, and Archie 1 (I owned at the time) to them for the Best of archie 1980. Anybody will see my name in the book as Im the only Thurston Bowden in the world here. I have no clue how to navigate in here and make up a name maybe, but I go by Thurstee98 and I am known by hundreds of comic fans including Dennis the Menace registry collection. Im getting up there in age and retired and comics have Been my life. I own Archie 3 CGC 8.0 ( Best on Earth) Pep 44 CGC 8.0 ( best on Earth Pals and gals 1 CGC 9.2 also the best AND MORE. I know many archie facts that people know Including why Archie annual 1 is rare. I told my case to mr overstreet and he agreed.If you have an Archie 56 Look at the bottom of the frnt cover for a hint. I went to Archie publications years ago and got theories.