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  1. It probably is facilitators charging fee's on top of CGC's price... I paid like $154 to get a Amazing Spider-Man 100 signed by Stan Lee graded... The receipt I got back from CGC said the grading was only $64.00
  2. I am... I'm new to the comic thing but I'm loving the hobby and hope to meet Mcfarlane and Kirkman... I'm still learning and hope this forum will help me learn the things I am required too.
  3. I'm really not worried about it the original post wasnt worrying about the cost.. It was worrying that I wasn't going to get my book. It was four months til I got it and I got paranoid and scared since it was my first time doing it. Next time, I'll know to ask why something is so much. Get a green slip with what is included in cost and make sure what i'm doing is worth it. Other then that, the experience was great. Awesomecon was great. I met everyone I wanted too. Bought some comics and met Stan Lee. Of course I'm going to over pay to experience those things.
  4. I don't think they billed me. I think it was just the total for grading it, shipping it and pressing it was. I'll find the pink receipt here somewhere..
  5. It just says Total.. and It was filed under Value.
  6. This was my first submission, I kinda feel like I was taken advantage of. I paid $120 for the sig i paid $153 for the submission Receipt I have from CGC says total due was $60.40 Im kinda on One and Two. I had a great experience in meeting Stan Lee who actually interacted with us dispite his assembly line style meets. I love Spider-Man and I’m glad I got him to sign a comic before he leaves us. But I feel I was just over charged. I paid in cash, so nothing can be done about it. So I’m just gonna get over it and swallow it and learn from this is all. Thanks guys for all the help, even though I’ve had to repeat myself to some. I’ll find the receipt and show it to you. I’m pretty sure it’s standard tier and not a % based on the books value since the comic is worth $100 tops at this grade
  7. UPDATE. On OCTOBER 9th, 2017 I received by comic book.. I am very happy that I finally received my comic book which won't be sold but cherished in my collection as a reminder that I met the great STAN LEE.. PROBLEM: My receipt claims "TOTAL NOW DUE: $60.40 I paid over $150 for this grading WITHOUT THE TICKET TO HAVE HIM SIGN THIS... I FEEL LIKE I PAID TOO MUCH I could of bought this comic at a higher grade with SS label for the same price I paid for everything... I am not happy with this but, I might just have to take my loss.
  8. Update: It's been three months since the con and I'm still waiting on my comic..
  9. I have not yet. In a couple days it has been officially two months since the signing. also, from the earlier comments my book was not 9.2 or higher. I did get it pressed but it was a 5.0-6.0 at best. Fast tracking was told to me to be only $10 more. I really wanna know why I paid $156 to grade this book and $120 for the signature with assembly line type experience.
  10. Is there a better way to contact Anastasias collectibles the fb?
  11. No. I paid $120 for the signature. So I paid a total for the experience $276 okay and thanks for the information, buddy.
  12. I got an Amazing Spiderman Issue 100 signed by Stan Lee and then submitted to CGC from I'm assuming "Stan Lee Collectibles" and paid (I think too much $156) which included express shipping which is supposed to be around half of the 50 day standard. It has nearly been two months since the con and I have not yet received anything yet, is this normal or should I be worried? Because I am worried.