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  1. Might switch over I use one called comic geek, its cool just acts janky sometimes if you don't have good service or a wifi connection.
  2. I ordered 30$ worth of books from them last month. Have sent them 2 emails and have received no response or shipping confirmation. Should I just report it as fraud with my bank? disgusting business practices.
  3. I hate when they relaunch but such is the lay of the land nowadays... However, they should keep the legacy numbering on the cover along with the new relaunch number... satisfy the fanboys and the veterans Marvel!
  4. Redman - Whateva Man Take Redman's advice... It's whatever, seems like you have the answers to your own question with what you've seen with the market prices lately... Cosmic Ghostrider is getting his own series... so its up to you... I'm holding my copies because I like the series...
  5. it's ight... doesn't have me excited at all. I just all feels forced... It's probably because I hold Watchmen and Moore to such a high regard and thats why I won't give it a chance.
  6. One day, one day... one day, I will not have to sell my bone marrow multiple times to afford this book
  7. ordered some comics from them on the 15th... still in processing *crosses fingers*
  8. I have an extra copy of Thanos #16 (2018) 1st print. Looking to trade it for either Spiderman #795 or Thanos #1 (2017)
  9. I'll check it out eventually... definitely don't like how they did Starlin dirty though...
  10. Do you think the book will cool down? Or should I bite the bullet? Edit: Bit the bullet bought Thanos 14, 15 & 16 off ebay.
  11. I can't find those cosmic ghost rider comics... ebay is ridiculous right now... should've had Thanos on the pull list! sheesh
  12. I actually just found ASM #792 about an hour ago for cover price... I really appreciate you reaching out though. Check your messages. peace