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  1. Horrific 3 CGC 1.5 $1900 shipping included Just back from CGC freshly slabbed PayPal preferred
  2. My bad it didn't dawn on me about the CBCS. Thanks for pointing it out
  3. Keys for sale Price includes shipping in US Int $15 credit Ships for Buffalo Ny PayPal preferred No returns on slabbed books unless damaged during shipping Detective Comics 359 CGC 7.0 sold Batman 181 CGC 7.5 $1250 Hawkman 4 CGC 6.5 sold The Incredible Hulk 377 rarer 3rd print CGC 9.4 $625 Weird tales of the future 4 CGC 3.0 $325
  4. Looking to buy a chamber of chills 19 PayPal ready. Please help me find this book. Thought I had a deal on a 6.5 but seller decided not to sell. Please help
  5. Desperately trying to find low to mid range crime suspenstories 22 and chamber of chills 19 PayPal ready
  6. Looking to buy low to mid range Chamber of Chill 19 Crime Suspenstories 22