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  1. Avengers (11 pages), Daredevil (10 pages) and Doctor Strange (11 pages). Mike
  2. I think it was scarce in the market until the price rocketed up over the last few years. I was looking for a copy 4 or 5 years ago and didn't find one. now that it's 10x more expensive than it used to be sellers are more motivated. Mike
  3. Missed out on the Tip Top 185, but managed to grab the 188. The Peanuts 1 went for a nice sum.
  4. Finally finished my complete run of Doctor Strange with a copy of the prototype issue. Seems like a pretty sharp copy.
  5. Picked up the 64, 84 and 94. Not sure why my last three issues all ended in 4????
  6. Just completed my Daredevil run on ComicConnect tonight! #1 to last months issue....only took 20 years (I guess I could have tried harder). 1, 3 and 7 are VF+, about 20 are VF/NM and the rest are NM- or better. Now I just need to get them in the mail and can post a group pic. Mike
  7. Picked up a grail in the CL auction. Incredible but true, not all comics are going up in value.
  8. Same for me obviously (or I wouldn't have asked the question). I found this write up - Mike
  9. I can't figure this one out - Is Michael Golden such a great artist that a panel page from 1982 is at $9,200 before the live bidding? Mike
  10. I've notified Heritage a few times of errors in their descriptions. Maybe if the error is big enough they pull the item and then relist it rather than just making a change. Mike
  11. I bought a Fiction House piece once from them that they stated was by Lubbers even though it says Elias in the GCD. They said they disagreed with GCD so I bought it (I didn't really care that much anyway as I liked no matter which artists it was). Everyone who's seen it since says it's Elias.
  12. Something I bought 6 years ago is still for sale.
  13. I bought a Humorama piece from them that looked white on their site. When I got it there was a big tanning halo. I paid $100 to have it deacidified and it came out well in the end. Mike