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  1. Thanks to both of you! I didn't realize that heritage was a free sign up, so I joined as another resource for info. I appreciate the tip.
  2. I regularly buy and sell comics, as many of us do, but I've come into a Phantom Stranger 6 from the 1952 series. Typically, I use completed eBay listings, as a guide, but eBay hasn't seen a copy of this book recently enough. It's rare I find something this scarce, and I would love insight, as to what other sources may be trusted, as a true market price. I'm not opposed to hearing opinions on a price range or grade, but I'd also like to find out what could be used in a situation like this. Is it better to just auction an item this rare and see what it does? I'm aware of gpa, but I don't have access to it, and I would ask, if it isn't reliable on a scarce book like this? The book is obviously low grade, but it is complete (I've counted the pages). The cover isn't detached, and there is a spine split nearly half of the way down. It's a pretty incredibly tight book though. There are other various condition issues with the water damage, smaller tears, and such, but the pictures should help clarify those. There are no cutouts or other major defects ( aside from what is in the photos) in the body of the book itself. This is my first post to any of the cgc forums, so I hope this is in an appropriate place and within guidelines. I'm just looking for some information and iddealy some new tools to be able to help myself in the future. If not, then I'm here to share this scarce old book. Thanks for your time!