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  1. ExNihilo


    The seeming abundance of CGC miscues the last few years has me really concerned about their quality control. If this continues, it has to have a long term effect on the confidence in their product.
  2. I have two books signed by Gal, but can't decipher any of it. I'm assuming it's signed in Hebrew?
  3. Every sub-forum has a "heating up" thread if that counts.
  4. Whatever date was estimated at the time your books were actually ENTERED as Received (not shown as received/delivered by FedEx/UPS/USPS), is the number of days you should use to guesstimate how long until your books return to you. Remember, it's business days so exclude weekends and holidays.
  5. What is? The JIM 83 or the sweet rims? And to OP, I'm keeping the JIM 83 all day, every day. Pre MCU, Antman was probably a C list character. Thor has always been one of the more well known Marvel characters. I don't see that changing in the future. Thus, to me, there will always be demand for JIM 83.
  6. "worth" and "value" are completely subjective. I might find "worth" in collecting every issue of My Little Pony, but I won't find "value" there.
  7. Free notes apply to any books you submit beginning from the time you signed up for membership.
  8. As someone who didn't watch The Clone Wars until last year after all the episodes had already aired, I don't know how people dealt with waiting a week between episodes for Season 7. ESPECIALLY the Siege of Mandalore arc. I know it's the same feeling while waiting for episodes of The Mandalorian or WandaVision or Falcon and the Winter Soldier, but I think having watched 7 seasons of this story (plus Rebels), I'm more heavily invested in these clones than I am Din Djarin for example. I wish I could binge The Bad Batch. The next 16 weeks are gonna be long.
  9. It's an app for tracking your collection. Seeing as how you're looking to get rid of a collection and not maintain one, I don't think it really applies to you.
  10. It's really unfair that that book could get sent in and would get a 0.5. And when I say unfair, I mean to the other existing CGC 0.5 copies in existence because it's in REALLY bad shape.
  11. This, especially if I feel a book is overpriced. I'll send the seller a polite email explaining why my offer may appear low, but is in fact based on a variety of facts. I'll usually break down step by step how I arrived at that price just so they don't think I'm lowballing them. I want to show them that I made what I believed to be a serious offer.
  12. revat makes an excellent point. He's trying to express that there is a time value in money. As I mentioned originally, you can maximize your profits by selling the books individually, but the amount of time it will take to do so may not be worth it. Or you can sell it all off in various bulk lots and wash your hands of it quicker. Would you rather sell $3000 of books now and then be left with an inventory of 2000 books that you try to sell individually over the next 20 years (with the chance that many of them go unsold)? Or would you rather just sell the whole lot for $4000, take the mone
  13. The thread originated in the newbie portion of the boards. All I'm trying to do is educate OP on proper handling of a high value book. The gloves are a personal preference and merely a suggestion, one that doesn't need to be taken. I did however cringe at the curling of the book. I do think it's beneficial for new collectors to understand that the way they handle these books can mean dollar signs down the road. Whether they take the advice or not is up to them, but if someone posts in the newbie thread, then they're reaching out to be educated on such matters.
  14. Once you identify which are the key books, and have a general idea of the grade/condition, you can go to eBay completed sales and figure out a range of values. Any premium value assigned to first appearances is already baked into the price by the market. Any further upward deviation in the sales price on your part is purely speculative.