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  1. I think the Wave 1 books might have been the last time I bought books from him. The completionist in me is tempting me here... https://www.instagram.com/p/CKe6WY_MJZm/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link
  2. I wait until my books arrive and then open the box like it's Christmas. Sometimes you get that toy you want...sometimes you get socks.
  3. Honestly, if it's a cool book you just want to own, save yourself the money and buy it raw. Personally, the only reason to buy raw is resale and signature verification. (Or I guess registry, but that's a whole different set of collectors as far as I'm concerned.)
  4. I love Joelle Jones' heavy ink lines. It really makes the primary subject in her pieces pop out. That and the colorists that usually work with her make her pieces so bright and sharp. I subbed to her Catwoman run for as long as Artgerm was doing the covers and then I dropped it. Truthfully, she's a great unique artist, but she's not a good writer. I had no idea where that Catwoman run ended up going, but it wasn't captivating.
  5. How do you feel about the the overall value of these boxes? I stopped buying his stuff about a year ago because the sets just started to get pricey. $20 for cover A's and $60+ for cover C's became a bit much. But I did think maybe I could buy a box every two years in the hope that they'd be full of more recent stuff that I may have passed on. My biggest issue are the signed books. I much prefer my signed books CGC graded in a yellow label, so having raw books like that would probably kick in my OCD. Your haul looks pretty good though. All Marvel/DC (another worry of mine is getting
  6. If we're going off metals I think the metals in decreasing value post Copper should be... Chromium Age (this would refer to books in the 90s to early 2000s and would be somewhat apt given that some books had "chromium" foil covers. Overall, it would refer to the period of comics with gimmicky covers that was prevalent in the 90s). Aluminum Age (mid-2000s to 2020s(???)) Digital Age (20xx - ) Personally, I'd like to avoid using "Modern Age" unless you want to go through the exercise of re-naming ages again down the road. I think using "Digital Age" allows a natural move awa
  7. Ok... Thank you for being here to repost the obvious for us newbies. Not sure what we'd do without you. Don't let post count fool you, your account is older than his by 3 weeks, so he's more of a newbie than you are.
  8. Given that books are generally signed by the writer, artist, inker, colorist, creator, there are only a handful of signatures that could likely be. The most obvious contenders are Scott Lobdell, Brett Booth, and Norm Rapmund. The giant "S" would lean towards Scott. Comparing against his known signature on Google, that is Scott's autograph on that book (short of it being forged).
  9. Step 1: You'll need to get a creator form from CGC. Step 2: Fill out a standard form online at CGCcomics.com for the sketch artist. Step 3: Send the sketch cover, the creator form, and the standard form to the artist. Step 4: The artist will do the sketch, fill out the creator form, and they'll send the book and paperwork directly to CGC. Emphasis on the creator sends the sketch directly to CGC in order to maintain the chain of authentication.
  10. On the plus side, I can probably pre-emptively block the user from any future sales threads.
  11. are we just claiming books from @ivdyer's collection to start off 2021? In that case, I'd like to claim the Michael Turner remarked book.
  12. Thankfully X-Wings don't have the same physical limitations of jet fighters. In other words, no one has to ask why random X-Wings are fueled up and whether they can fly several thousand miles. Now if TIE Fighter squadrons start jumping into hyperspace, i'm gonna be a little concerned...