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  1. Not sure when they'll be back in stock, but these are UV resistant. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01MYOHHQ6/?coliid=I1A9USF63OKHL7&colid=3C7SDZMZSH3ZA&psc=0&ref_=lv_ov_lig_dp_it
  2. Follow up, this joker left me negative feedback two weeks after the whole debacle. You know, despite me having archived the eBay correspondences between us showing he was confused when he made the purchase and was expecting a different book. Requested feedback removal from eBay, but yeah, just another reason to block this id10t.
  3. i saw this on his store, but i didn't quite understand what it meant. What are these metal prints?
  4. Bottom one is Vance Astro for sure. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Vance_Astrovik
  5. You must be one of those "newer" board members I hear about. (just kidding)
  6. Are these repeated comments about newer board members in reference to my comment? If you're gonna post facts, by all means, keep on posting as that's actually relevant to the decision making process. Some of the responses seemed to begin to devolve into name calling which is why I posted what I did.
  7. @Charleybrown @Mxwll Smrt I may be off the mark on the intended purpose of the eBay Blocked User thread, but I sense this is devolving into something that is better suited to PM's. You both stated your case and now it's up to the community to decide whether they want to add you to their personal blocked lists. From my perspective, neither party is looking very good right now.
  8. Personally, I have no problem if someone retracts a bid early on in the auction while the amounts are still low. I can't see your deleted bids, but it sounds like you put in several high bids before canceling. This likely scared off other interested buyers and possibly (we'll never know) affected the other person you were in a bidding war with who may have construed you as a shill account as well. If you were so concerned about shill bids, you probably shouldn't have bid so much and so often to begin with. Certainly not 3 days into a 10 day auction.
  9. I don't look at any listings from "all_things_comics". The subject usually leads with "near perfect grade" and the description almost always has some sort of restoration. I also could've sworn they used to not list restoration and got in trouble once and that's why they list it now.
  10. Didn't read through all 5 pages, but the shop I used to go to had a $0.50 bin and a $1.00 bin. $0.50 bin was not organized, nor bagged/boarded. $1.00 bin was not organized, but was at least bagged. Personally, I hated that the $0.50 bin was unorganized and that so many people pilfered through it that you were pretty much just left with reader copies. The worst was when you would recognize that there was some semblance of a run scattered throughout, but I would be too lazy to recommit myself to searching through the first 2 rows of books. I think books should at least be bagged because it does make it easier to quickly skim through the issues. I don't think one can expect the books to be neatly organized by title because they're just not worth the effort and customers can't be trusted to put books back in their proper place. Maybe it's easier to do if they're organized from the outset and the customers recognize this and maintain some order. But if it starts off a mess, then it's going to stay a mess. I think the suggestion of at least grouping by publisher is good idea.
  11. I think @500Club hit the nail on the head when he says that this is largely attributed to none of the characters created by the writers really taking off. How much of this is a result of Lee being a big name and tied to low risk/established projects? Batman, Superman, All Star Batman and Robin, Superman Unchained, etc. Compare this against modern day keys. NYX #3, Ultimate Fallout #4, Edge of Spider-verse #2, Teen Titans #12, etc. The latter all being smaller titles with less well known creators who might possibly have more freedom for creativity whereas Lee has worked on AAA titles that generally maintains the status quo.
  12. Looks like someone was ahead of the curve. I better pick up a raw copy before the book explodes like IH180.
  13. You mean to tell me that I spent $75 on UXM266 and it's not even the first appearance of Gambit?!?