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  1. It's the gatefold poster from ASM #365. You can see the tagline below.
  2. I'm honestly nervous. With her arc and the overall strength of the writing for The Clone Wars, I just don't know if that level of quality can be topped with future stories. That combined with what I felt was a weak showing for the Mandalorian (poor acting, weak fight choreography, and slow pacing in the early episodes due to world building), makes me unsure of how well her character can be pulled off in season 2. I'm about to start watching Rebels which I heard gets good by the final season.
  3. I just finished The Clone Wars and I really regret not watching earlier and having an opportunity to get her 1st appearance on the cheap. Ahsoka's story from season 1 thru 7 is absolutely amazing.
  4. I once yelled at Stan Lee. And he deserved every bit of it. "THANK YOU STAN!" I don't think he heard me over the roar and applause from everyone else in attendance.
  5. I put the windowed bag with the board flap in another bag for shipping/handling purposes (whatever makes the life of your facilitator easier). Basically I'll provide the windowed bag laid out here, then I'll also provide a "finished" bag/board which is for the book after it's been signed and is ready to be shipped to CGC. If I recall correctly rules were put in place that books had to be sent to CGC in regular bag/boards, not windowed bags. On the back of the boards in the finished bag will be my name, book, signatures, and my mailing address. Both the windowed bag and the finished bag then get put in an outer bag. This way everything is in one tidy place for the facilitator.
  6. There was a short span where I bought into the "new character" hype. I bought up a few copies of Spider-Gwen #24 (or whatever the first Gwenom appearance was). I bought a few copies of Action Comics #1000 because of that new villain. I quickly learned that trying to get a read on what first appearances will take off and which won't is a fools errand and now i'm just back to collecting what I like to read. Guess I'll just wait for King's Batman/Catwoman limited series to finally come out. (it is a limited right? not slated as an ongoing?)
  7. I dropped off after King's run ended because it seemed like a natural jumping off point. Does this mean I need to go back and fill in some 15 odd issues just to get caught up. >_<
  8. So if you stop paying, what features do you lose then? I downloaded the free version which just allows you to create a database of up to 100 comics. I suppose if you stopped paying does that mean you would just lose the ability to add new books?
  9. Didn't CLZ used to have a lifetime subscription option at one point? Did they recently change to an annual fee business model? It would make sense since they probably make more money that way.
  10. Pretty sure it's not because that guy won and paid for his 5 pieces already. That guy's good for his money. Plus I think he was mostly interested in the Dark Knights Metal pieces.
  11. So i've turned my book into something more rarified. I've taken a normal book and moved myself into a category with more limited supply. But by doing so, i've also reduced the demand on my book because not every collector is out there looking for a signed book. The fact that fewer of something exist, doesn't necessarily make it better. There are fewer copies of Hickman's X-Men #1, but that doesn't make it more valuable than Chris/Jim/Scotts. It's the content that drives it. Wolverine #1 in a 10 or Hulk #181 in a 9.8? I'm taking the 9.8. At the end of the day it boils down to what makes you happy. For me, it just became an expensive part of the hobby that I didn't necessarily enjoy the way I thought I would. But if you enjoy sigs on your books, then go for it. All I can offer is the personal experience I went through of going from wanting books signed, to not wanting them signed. (Again, moderns excluded because they're easy to replace.)
  12. Surprised Jim didn't just offer it up to the next highest bidder. Seems like it would have been the easiest way to deal with it.
  13. As someone who joined the boards b/c I was looking to get books signed and what not, here's my . I've been collecting comics for 30 years at this point. Recently (whenever it was I joined these boards) I decided I was in a good enough financial position to go out and buy some of those expensive books I always dreamed of having as a kid. One of those books was a Silver Surfer #1 (SS is my absolute favorite character of all time). Well, I went out and I bought a CGC 7.5 blue label and I went and got it signed by Stan and Joe Sinnott. The sigs are great. Fantastic placement and both in silver (because he's the Silver Surfer, not the Gold Surfer). I'd be lying if I told you I wasn't happy with the book. I just pulled it out and looked at it and I love it. But I'd also be lying if I didn't tell you that I wish I had a blue label to go with it. So many books are signed these days that it feels like the number of high grade blue label books keeps shrinking. And if you're thinking about resale down the road, a blue label is going to have a larger market for demand than a yellow label. Mind you, I only feel this way about older keys (Giant Size X-Men included). Print runs on key modern books are so high that it hardly matters, not to mention their values are "cheap" to begin with. If I get X-Men #1 signed by Jim, Scott, and Chris, I can just as easily find a replacement for less than $10. (okay, terrible example since it's the highest printed book of all time). But Batman #608 is the same. 'Tec 880 might be a little more difficult to replace, but you get the idea. They're cheaper to find blue labels than me going out and buying a blue SS#1 or you finding another Giant Size X-Men #1 CGC 9.4. Long story short, I would say no, don't get it signed. Besides, have you seen Chris' sig? It's not what I would call...legible.
  14. Are you submitting through CGC? Or through comicsketchart? Send it off to comicsketchart as they are official facilitators. They should get you squared away so you only pay for one submission form.