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  1. I would honestly have no problem if they just gave us a movie with JGL as Nightwing, and brought in Anne Hathaway and Margot Robbie to reprise their roles as Catwoman and Harley Quinn. The dynamic between those 3 would be great as Catwoman and Harley seem to enjoy toying with the "baby bird". I realize the Nolan universe is separate, but at this point it was the last great series of DC movies, what would be the harm in returning to it.
  2. (shouldn't this thread be in the modern section?) Hands down, @stinkininkin.
  3. Did your wife indicate whether or not she was going to cremate your collection before or after you passed away?
  4. A list Villain appearances rarely have as much value as A list hero appearances. The bump to Iron Man #55 didn't benefit as much to the movie as the bump we've seen from Fantastic Four #48. And that's not even a confirmed movie/appearance for Silver Surfer yet.
  5. Wait, is this true? That's a perfectly valid response. Money talks and is the only actual way to affect a large corporation (other than bad publicity). I watch every Marvel movie on preview night because the trailers look good, the casting is usually decent, and they've established a level of quality that I trust. DC (outside of Cavill and Gadot) has done none of that. I have no idea how anyone sees Ezra Miller and thinks "yes, that's my Barry." The CG has looked awful. And most importantly, the trailers (which trailer/editing departments are hired to make movies look good) looked terrible (again outside of Man of Steel and Wonder Woman). I would have watched the movies in theaters if the trailers looked good. Instead, I spoke with my wallet, like any actual grown up would do. I didn't go opening weekend, I waited for reviews, and when those reviews came back bad to mixed, I elected not to spend my money. (I suspect when you say "Grow up" you're referring to the small group of people who intentionally try to bring bad publicity to a film to actively dissuade people from watching the movie (for example, for socio-political reasons a la Black Panther and Captain Marvel)).
  6. I've only been to Phuket, Koh Phi Phi, and Krabi, but Koh Phi Phi alone left such an impression on me. One of my fondest memories is the day my tour group got a private boat and just did a booze cruise around that smaller adjacent island. We went to that little bay on the other side of "The Beach" and swam, kayaked, etc all to ourselves. Such an amazing getaway. I've been to a lot of places, but the Great Barrier Reef is EASILY one of the best things I've ever done or seen. I'm not a strong swimmer and am afraid of open water, but the part of the reef I went too wasn't too deep and the water was clear so I could see down to the bottom and around. Ooph, those blue holes scare me. #Thalassophobia
  7. You joke, but this would be an epic send-off.
  8. My dad bought comics as a kid, but never as an adult. I'm not sure where the process began with me. It's not like he had books around that I would rifle through. But somehow I got into comics at an early age as well. I have to presume that my kids will develop a curiosity for these odd books their dad (me) keeps reading. If one of them really takes a strong liking to comics, then I'll pass the collection on to him/her. If not, I'll sell all but the 10 biggest keys. I'd like to think that out of respect for me, they would realize that these (10) tokens meant something to me and would keep them as a symbol of my memory after I'm gone. I always imagined having something to pass on to my kids and then to theirs and so on and so forth. Some people have the pistol of their great great great great grandfather from the Civil War and that just seems so cool. I'd like to start something like that over generations. But it's gotta start somewhere. At the very least, my kids are getting my Complete Calvin and Hobbes Hardcover Collection. That's non-negotiable.
  9. Stop it. Is DC trying to destroy the comic book movie market? Are they just going "alright, we can't make movies better than Marvel so we'll just throw out ones until people get sick and tired of comic book movies."
  10. "To travel is to live" - Hans Christian Anderson If I had to choose between comics and travel, i'd travel. Having the budget for both is a luxury.
  11. So your comic book budget is now a travel budget for two? If you didn't have a wife, you would only need a travel budget for one. The rest would still be a comic book budget. Something to consider.
  12. I don't have GPA, but you're going to have to post proof of that. I can only refer to eBay sales, but two copies of FF48 CGC 7.0 sold in March for $2500. The last FF49 CGC 8.0 sold in March for $1500. Higher grade. Lower price. I imagine the same will be true when the price of the book is scaled up to a 9.8.
  13. Yes, but as an owner of a copy of Rockets first appearance, I'm clearly biased.