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  1. I haven't paid attention to the variant market until recently, but I get this sense that we're seeing more variant covers than at any other point in the last 10-15 years. Perhaps Ross is just trying to take advantage of the variant market while its still hot same as all the other artists out there. I'm just glad that he's doing regular covers as well. Part of the reason why Immortal Hulk and Captain America are on my sub list are because of Ross' covers.
  2. The only ones worth getting are the Alex Ross variants.
  3. Received my copies of Silver Surfer Black #1 from IGComicstore. First time ordering from them. The books were well packaged, in mylites, and included a COA indicating what number out of 600 (or 400 for the virgin cover) I had. I know I know, COA's are meaningless, but I still find it a nice touch. My favorite though was the unexpected inclusion of a readers copy. Will be keeping an eye out to see what other exclusives they have in the future.
  4. I'm more of a Keown/Frank Hulk fan. My issue has more to do with the many panels where Hulk is weakened and looks like he's melting. But I guess a lot of people have described it as a horror story and the art (as you depicted) really matches a book of that genre.
  5. The sheer number of keys in your collection is jaw dropping.
  6. I've used DCBS the last few months and have had no complaints. Books have been in better condition than what I would have otherwise gotten at my LCS.
  7. I feel like a lot of the people who rave about it aren't pumping and dumping. From what I've seen on /r/Marvel, it's widely considered one of the better Marvel books at the moment. That's a community largely of casual readers...not collectors, not re-sellers. I personally enjoy it. I do wish the art was better, but Al Ewing's writing lends itself to a sort of gravitas. I love how the first page of each issue is this sort of deep introspective thought. It's really unlike anything else Marvel is putting out at the moment because it doesn't necessarily read like your stereotypical comic book (compared to books like ASM or Avengers). Also, this topic seems it would be better suited in the thread linked below.
  8. My only real experience with a comic book creator was Ron Lim. He's an amazingly friendly guy with a contagious laugh. I also met Will Forte (SNL, MacGruber) at Disneyland while waiting in line for Indiana Jones. We ended up chatting, riding in the same ride vehicle, and then chatted some more while the park closed around us. Another all around nice guy. I was afraid I was taking up his time, but he kept the conversation going and at no point did he give me the impression that he wanted to be anywhere else. All in all we chatted for a solid half hour while the park was emptying out. I really can't speak highly enough of the interaction I had with him, especially since I feel celebs can be so private and a bit stand-offish.
  9. I read the first 6 issues of Oblivion Song and got bored. I think independent non-superhero titles just aren't my thing. That or it was Kirkman's writing. Take your pick.
  10. Has the creator list of those who will be doing signings been released yet?
  11. I love that cover. I want one of the original ones signed in white. I ended up buying one such copy slabbed in a competitors red label, but looking to upgrade to the real deal (CGC yellow label).
  12. I don't like buying signed books not graded by CGC. It's just a personal preference. And in this case, I shouldn't be spending $400 to buy cover A&B signed/graded. I'll just hope more stock goes up on his site or that I can get a facilitator to grab some for me at SDCC. Depending on popularity, some variant covers may increase in value long term, but it's a real crapshoot. I'm sticking with his regular covers, but in this case I do like his cover B as it's an homage to Hulk #1. But I'm also collecting it for its artistic merit and not for any long term value.
  13. I see Jonathan Hickman listed here as a special guest. Does this mean he will be signing or that he's just speaking at a panel? Hoping it's the former. With the release of his X-Men books, I have to imagine he'll be signing somewhere, but just looking for confirmation. https://www.comic-con.org/cci/2019/special-guests?page=1 (EDIT: and the same goes for J. Michael Straczynski.)
  14. Dang it, I missed this. Didn't even hear about it until it was too late. Guess I'll have to seek out a facilitator to help me pick up copies from his booth. :\
  15. Truth. I had no idea slabbing was a thing until...well, whenever I signed up on this board. For that reason it just doesn't make dollars and sense to go about offering slabbed books because in all likelihood, the book will just sit there gathering dust. It makes even less sense to send in a number of new books hoping they'll return in 3 months and that there will still be a market for them amongst your customer base.
  16. I've had two foil covers pressed. My recommendation, send it someone highly experienced with book pressing. I was worried that the heat from the pressing process might affect the book, but both came back 9.8.
  17. I wonder if I should give this series another shot... I picked up the first 6 issues and then dropped it.
  18. There is precedence though...Return of the King. That film only won because it was viewed as the culmination of work on 3 movies. Infinity War/Endgame is similar in scope imo. While it certainly lacks the depth of the typical Best Picture winner, if Return of the King is worthy of a nomination, then Endgame at the very least deserves the same respect.
  19. But it looks sophisticated af.
  20. A variation on this seems to be the best solution. You can get thicker aluminum brief cases if you're carrying more books. Add some padding on the inside and handcuff it to you and you're good to go.
  21. I had this happen when I bought my FF48. Contact the seller and politely ask for compensation as you will need to send the book to CGC. If it's a good seller, they should bear the responsibility of paying any re-holdering fees. As the book is not impacted, you should receive the same grade without the book having to be re-graded.
  22. These exceed the 12 issue max you've imposed, but they're still technically limited series. Batman: The Long Halloween Batman: Dark Victory
  23. I got my most recent shipment two days ago. Books were rubberband bound and shrink wrapped. The condition of the books appear to be unaffected. The shrink wrap itself is rather loose as there is a reasonable amount of room for me to at least cut open a hole and use a scissor without even getting close to the books. The rubber band seems rather useless and I do wish they did without it as I can see how that could possibly affect the books. But overall, my books have arrived in great condition thus far. Far better than what I would otherwise pick up off the rack at my LCS at 60% of the cost.
  24. Geez, that sounds a big alarming. Interesting how nature determined that hot pink would be a good color to ward off predators.