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  1. The facilitators in the signature series subthread are all authorized witnesses by CGC. They just remove from the slab prior to the convention, place your book in a windowed bag, get the sigs, and re-submit to CGC for a yellow label.
  2. My guest room doubles as my comic room. I have everything on bookshelves with some art framed in the room. I won't say anything, but if people are exploring my place, they'll usually ask in astonishment "are these all your comics? how much is it worth?" (because everyone still wrongly assumes that comics all have value.) This usually moves on to discussion about the movies and then that's about it.
  3. I have a raw copy of the book, but I think his remark rate is like $1000 or something now? I can't remember, but it was some absurd number that I just can't afford right now.
  4. I dunno, sometimes the board still gets accused of being too harsh on newbies.
  5. Lol, I'm such an insufficiently_thoughtful_person. I totally meant the destination is the journey or some such. Or Life is a Journey, not a destination. Or Some will win, some will lose, some were born to sing the blues. Oh wait, those are Journey lyrics.
  6. Thanks. I had no idea he accepted commissions at conventions. Good to know.
  7. Remind me again how many covers there were for Batman #50 and Action Comics #1000. (Answer: 45+) The whole variant cover market is a big gimmick and one I hope burns out soon.
  8. I wish I knew how people got these fine commissioned pieces. Whenever I send them an email, I'm just met with silence.
  9. I did the same about a year ago as well. The constant stream of events, relevant tie-ins, and bi-monthly books just got to be too much on my wallet (30 books/month, $120+). I either cut back while staying loyal to my LCS or I switched to DCBS. I ultimately chose DCBS due to the ~40% cost savings. Even now though, I find myself cutting back my titles b/c i'm finding it more laborsome to read some titles that I've simply lost interest in.
  10. How many artist "proofs" does an artist need? https://jscottcampbell.com/products/captain-marvel-7-ap-1-to-300-glow-in-the-dark?mc_cid=a8313c0d70&mc_eid=0acab83c3e&utm_campaign=a8313c0d70-CAPTAIN_MARVEL_7_AP_EXCLUSIVE_TEASER_2019&utm_medium=email&utm_source=J+Scott+Campbell+VIP+List&utm_term=0_d5c14a603b-a8313c0d70-427057097
  11. If you're going to a convention yourself, you'll have to take the slab to the CGC booth and have the slab cracked and the book removed in front of the CGC witness. Then the signing itself is rather academic, the CGC witness accompanies you to obtain your sigs, you and the witness return to the CGC booth and have the books submitted. If you're using a facilitator, they will crack the book from the slab for you and will obtain the signatures before submitting to CGC. In both cases, if needs to be emphasized that the book is to remain in the slab and can only be cracked under the watchful eye of a CGC witness/authorized facilitator. DO NOT crack the slab yourself beforehand. As for the pressing, if you elect to go through CCS, you just mark it on the Submission Form and it will flow through CCS before going to CGC. If you want to go with a 3rd party, I would recommend working with your facilitator to sort out the details.
  12. I have no interest in the title and I've never been a fan of the various "decades" variants for other books, but I have to admit, these first two seem kinda cute and I'm actually digging the vibe a bit.
  13. It has that awkward looking foot/heel situation from one of his covers with black cat.
  14. Same rule that deadleg mentioned applies here. Venom is the established character, he's the one I grew up with, so that's the book for me. Sure, TWD could develop into a niche book like TMNT (scaled for era and print run), but the book doesn't resonate with me the way ASM #300 does.
  15. Oh nice, I didn't realize there were any images available. Seems like a great buy.
  16. Haven't seen prints of past covers of his, but I could be wrong. Agreed that his Invisible Woman is A++++. He does have a DC Portfolio coming out soon. Guessing it'll be a variety of his DC covers in a 12x16 book with pages that can be pulled out for framing. https://www.dcbservice.com/product/sep190566/dc-poster-portfolio-stanley-artgerm-lau-tp
  17. Easily take the IH181 (how is this even in the realm of discussion?). Everyone knows who wolverine is, people outside of comics have no clue who Moon Knight is. Heck, I read comics and I've never read a Moon Knight book and have only seen him when making appearances in other books.
  18. I'll put it to you this way...I was at that panel, I received a copy of the book (tried to get more than one but they were already running short), I immediately bagged/boarded my book and placed it in a toploader. Care to take a guess as to how many people I saw just placing the book directly in their bag? Yeah, pretty much everyone else.
  19. In Stan's defense, he did acknowledge Jack Kirby at the D23 Legends induction in 2017.
  20. Ah yes, because the monthly words of wisdom in the comics, the tribute at the beginning of Captain Marvel, the full page spread shortly after his passing, and whatever else Marvel/Disney have done have been disrespectful. /s