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  1. Very nice but it is the contents of this book that makes it valuable and appealing. Should be framing a 49, one of the greatest covers of all time and truly significant being first full Galactus (one panel last page is considered cameo ala hulk 180) 2nd Surfer, First Cover for both mega characters which is a huge deal in this day and age. A true representation of the imposing Galactus, Surfer there front and center with his trademark board trail and the rarely seen on cover, a team of superheroes running in fear. 49 has so much going for it that it is incredibly undervalued at the moment. I predict we will see more growth with 49 than any other FF book has/will see in terms of percentage.
  2. *This is also relavent to the Copper Age and in fact any age of comics. The question is.... Speculation. Are there any possible Mid-Major characters left to speculate on across the two ‘ages that havent already been speculated on? And i’m meaning books that can spike hard if the character becomes a main player across the various cinematic universes. The reason i ask is because due to my occupation i have alot of time on my hands to do research on various interests of mine and ultimately i have come to the conclusion that there is nothing left... All of the Hero candidates are pricey enough it’s high risk low return ie. Nova, Warlock, Silver Surfer, Beta Ray Bill There are villians that may spike a little but will not hold but already the more prominant villians that will end up in a movie are too pricey. ie. Dr Doom, Galactus, even Mephisto And the modern stuff is just rubbish for speculation. I mean c’mon The Batman Who Laughs, Cosmic Ghost Rider, Gwenpool... pffft just rubbish and these characters will be nothing more than a phase untill the next ridiculous lot of characters are created. They are solid flips right now but for long term they will be fodder. Basically, are there any character’s from any age that has low investment risk with high gains potential long term? No...
  3. Yeah i agree but 49 has the potential to somewhat bridge the current gap in value on 48. The recipe is there for 49.
  4. Hot books for obvious reasons. Which of the 3 is likely to gain the most in value over the next 5-10 years? Obviously 48 is a must have book but i think the real undervalued book of the 3 is the 49. First Full Galactus is more important going forward than a noted cameo. First Silver Surfer is hard to top but combine first full Galactus with Silver Surfer second appearance combined with first Silver Surfer/Galactus cover. A true recipe for success in years to come. Such a great imposing cover that gives the true impression of the mighty Galactus. Ultimately does the majority agree that 49 is undervalued? Could this book be as valuable if not more valuable than 48 in 5-10 years time and beyond?
  5. Just love these covers. Not expensive books but are easily recognisable as Silver Age with the colours, art and layout. Nothing over done
  6. Ok thankyou. Is it a scarce book? How can i find out how many there are roughly? and i dont have one to sell i want to buy one
  7. ffs? 9.9 estimate value 10 estimate value Scarce?
  8. Hi all, just wondering if anyone can give me some information and possible value on G.I. Joe #1 2009 Dell’Otto sketch retailer variant in 9.9-10. I can’t find much info on this book at all online. Maybe i’m just looking in the wrong places but is this a “rare” book? How many copies of this could there be? I did find one sale on ebay from a couple of months ago sold for $350 in a 9.8. I really love this wrap around cover i just like to do some research before a purchase but can’t find much. Thanks in advance.
  9. Hi all, can anyone please help me out with an estimated value on this book. High grade
  10. I have read this in an article dated from back in 2013/2014. It was something to do with a facebook game revealing the character along with readers putting two and two together from NA 10 Infinity 4 plus the game. In NA 10 despite how it reads he is not the boy, he is "the healer" helping the boy. Marvel were asked if the unnamed "Thanos son" from NA 10 was Thane and they confirmed it is. I can't find the article again but i am looking! Also just received confirmation from CGC that any future graded/slabbed NA 10's will have Thane's first appearance on the label. NA 10 will be a valuable book if Thane manages to get a gig in the MCU in the future. I know most have had enough of this Thane topic so that's it from me, just wanted to let you all know that CGC will now be recognising as first appearance. Cheers.
  11. It's black and white there are no real grey areas here. He clearly appears in NA 10 i agree its not much of an appearance but thats the way Marvel wanted it done. He is sought out, found in which the images clearly show then on the next page it is confirmed that it is Thane. Not sure how anyone could say it is NOT his first appearance. I found one cgc graded sale from back in 2014. There is no mention of Thane first appearance on the label. I have contacted cgc to give a reason why. If Marvel themselves say it is his first appearance in a comic book then it's hard to argue anything else