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  1. Hi all I'm in the UK so would be great to save on postage if any UK sellers but please get in contact wherever you are from Show me those low grade FF#49's
  2. BA#12 9.4 UK sale only at the moment. Up for £550 on eBay but would discount to reflect eBay fees. Thanks
  3. In the UK so UK sellers preferred but not necessary. Flash 123 needs to be low grade but display well (2-3 kinda grade) TOS 58 needs to be low-mid grade but display well (2-6 kinda grade) thanks! Ben
  4. Thank you! Yeah probably around a 3.5 so maybe looking at a three taking that into account then. ill be happy with that with a blue label. It’s to protect and display anyway so not selling or anything
  5. Hi all I have a lowish grade FF52 with some writing etc on the back cover (see picture). Will this be graded normally or be given an exotic colour? Also (but no so fussed as low grade anyway) how much does it affect grade? Thank you!
  6. Any cheap Batman Adventures 12 out there? Raw or grade 5-7.5 From the UK so if seller from there obviously helps reduce costs Thanks :)
  7. As above, after Batman Adventures 12. Any cheapies around? Obviously not 9.8/9.6/9.4. in the UK so obviously cheaper total if you are aswell. Thanks Ben
  8. $150-$250 or £150-£200 depending on comic
  9. After a silver age CGC signed by Stan the man (something he worked on). Or a cool Spidey homage like this Skottie Young
  10. Wanted/ISO Stan Lee SS signature CGC (prefer silver age - something he worked on. Especially after TOS58 or FF49). Lowish-mid grade to make cheap. Or possibly random modern such as Spidey Skottie Young. Under $250/£200. From UK so prefer to buy from UK obviously to save on postage. Thank you
  11. In search of (mid grade cheapies). After some more than others so please don't take offence if say no ? From UK so sellers from there only to save on postage costs please ? Iron Man 282 Incredible Hulk King Size Supernatural Thrillers 1 (IT) Batman Beyond 1999 #1 FF 49 Doc 169 Xmen 101 Tales of Suspense 58 Tales to Astonish 39 Avengers 5, 7, 15 New Teen Titans 2
  12. Hi everyone I'm a newbie to the site (but not comics) so have set this up for anybody I do business with to kindly leave feedback. Many thanks in advance! Regards Ben
  13. Adam was great to deal with. It was my first purchase on this website and also my first slab! Great price, extremely well packaged and arrived quickly. Very pleased thanks mate Regards Ben
  14. Hi all, I'm still on the lookout for a low grade complete or qualified Hulk 181. I'm in the UK. No silly prices. Thank you :-)
  15. *In search of* Lowish grade Hulk 180 and 181. #180 around $120 so grades 2-5 if display well. #181 grades 1-4. Would consider higher grade qualified if just stamp removed. Under $900 and time payments or a 2 month reserve would be needed for this one. I'm in the UK. Thanks :-)