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  1. Thank you! It's part of what takes me so long to post but also gives me a chance to reflect before I release it for sale. There are quite a few times where I've backed off after finishing the description.
  2. I am running a Sales Thread with some GA/Atomic Age comics: These are a portion of what's up for sale:
  3. That is all for tonight. Might drop a couple more tomorrow afternoon. Thanks for looking!
  4. *** SOLD *** Monster #2. I'm a huge fan of Maurice Whitman and am happy that Fiction House made him lead cover artist for the couple years of their comics line. He was adept at every genre and knew how to portray an exciting scene. If the cover is not good enough for you, the interior line up Johnny Bell and Bill Benulis should be. Census: One in 7.0. This raw vf/nm copy with cr/ow pages is $2500.
  5. *** SOLD *** Blazing Combat 2, 3 and 4. This series was a special tribute by Archie Goodwin to Harvey Kurtzman's EC war stories. He used mostly the same artists as had worked under Harvey and gave them creative freedom. They in turn produced spectacular work, fronted by newly created Frazetta paintings. The Russ Heath story in #4 deserves mention as Russ considered it his finest artwork. These three VF copies for $250.
  6. Atom #15. Murphy's career at DC often included inking, which he did superbly partly because he was such a good penciler in his own right. Here his inks grace Gil Kane's pencils on the tiny titan. This is a raw nm copy with white pages for $180.
  7. Dr. Fu Manchu (I.W. Reprint) I.W. stands for Israel Waldman who evidently purchased a big chunk of plates previously used to print comics. Since that was what they were made for, that's what he decided to do with them, though without the expressed written consent of the National Football League copyright owners. In this case, they put a new cover on the Wally Wood Fu Manchu story, drawn originally for Avon comics. Census: three tied for highest at 8.0. This is a raw nm- with off-white pages for $90.
  8. *** SOLD *** World's Finest #64: Win Mortimer is the quintessential 1950s Batman cover artist for me. The characters are cheerful and, in his best scenes, placed within a setting of properly handled deep perspective like this image of Times Square in New York City. There is always a Batman and a Superman story in these issues but there's quite a variety in between those two. In this case, DC used a spy story most likely intended for their earlier cancelled "Danger Trail" title. Census: 2 in 6.5. This is an absurdly difficult comic to find in decent shape. This raw 6.5 copy with ow pages is $800
  9. *** SOLD *** World's Finest #59: These 68 page giants are bear to find in decent shape and you'll have a hard time doing better than this attractive copy. Joker takes on the Batman in the solo Batman story at end of the comic. Superman stars in the first story and the loads of art in between. Census: One in 8.5, one in 8.0, one in 7.5. This raw 7.5 copy is only $800.