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  1. I'm thankful that a conscientious boardie researched this while one of the protagonists was still alive. If only there were some of sort written document where we could gather the stories of all these different pedigrees.
  2. Is no one going to mention that this was signed by the Big Red Cheese himself!
  3. I think Novick wanted to change his style and, at that point, Kurtzman's look was different and compelling so he played with it. That overt imitation didn't last long as he continued to experiment before landing on the approach he took from mid-50s on.
  4. That's an Irv Novick cover and his work on Battle Cry was definitely influenced by Kurtzman.
  5. I'm very happy with my focus. I'm very unhappy that others have the same focus.
  6. Lee Ames -- who drew other covers for Avon
  7. I was never anticipating that the spine of a stack of comics would be as exciting as this!
  8. Maybe there needs to be a company that can grade a slab. And then slab it so that their grade is tamper proof and the original slab will be protected.
  9. Douglas Bader
  10. It's a magnificent set as is so you should be able to rest easy while you wait!
  11. A very cool and difficult set of books to find this nice!