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  1. I figured you would find a way to get this when I saw it on c-link. Congratulations!!!
  2. The question asked was with respect to Golden Age comics. I'm not very familiar with MCS but they appear to have little involvement in the high end market for GA. Are they more substantially involved in middle/lower GA market? Have they actively intervened as a market maker?
  3. This is limited to Atlas war covers and the candidates scans are all available in the thread with the poll.
  4. My old undercopy, bought raw back in the 90s.
  5. Not me, though I did consider buying it when Metropolis had it for sale 6 or 7 years ago.
  6. I continue to learn from my participation on the Boards and it does help mitigate the deterioration of the various Comic Cons. Hard to imagine. I did a big reveal at 10k and 5 years. I might need to ration my posts to make it to 25k at 15 years. What is "AW12"? It was the Christmas season. Perhaps I could have been forgiving.
  7. Yup. Post #5 on my first day of posting.
  8. Just noticed this on the first page of this thread. The pictures were lost in the switchover to the new forum but the AMF 2/3 was among those first few posts.