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  1. Outside on your driveway? Laid directly on the concrete?
  2. For example, there's no comparison between the gal on Terrific 5 and the one on Startling 49.
  3. This just won't do. The bidders should be found and punished severely to serve as an example to any other independent minded collectors.
  4. He may have but, if so, he sold them early on. Joe Duggan had them and then sold them to Joe Smejkal back in the 90s (or earlier). Joe ended up consigning them to Heritage in 2008.
  5. This. Lamont bought comics off the newsstands for a few years until he graduated to pulps. They were left in the family barn, forgotten, until decades later. It wasn't until Berk found him that he learned that his comics, set aside 58 years earlier, had survived, and were famous. I was interviewed recently about my first contact with the Okajima books which occurred 25 years ago. I struggled to pull the story together because it was not something I ever expected to be quizzed on after such a long time. It was even more extreme with Lamont.
  6. It's amazing how much I learned from this thread. Today I robbed two banks and a hair salon. Thanks, Dr. Wertham!
  7. Not a pedigree. There aren't Nova Scotia's from that time period and it doesn't match the typical NS 'm'.