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  1. Goodman always paid in a Timely fashion.
  2. More a matter of necessity. Too many piles of books were cluttering the floor in various rooms. I also organized my non-comic related books on a separate set of bookcases.
  3. It wouldn't have taken so long if I didn't have these to organize as well.
  4. Took me 2 weeks this summer to get these back under control.
  5. Complete lack of spoiler alert.
  6. C 3 2 looks likes "C" for the distributor to return unsold copies to. "3 2" probably refers to March 2nd the date the book was placed on the newsstand. I'm not sure what CD means.
  7. There are some books with a grease pencil 'S' but not part of any recognized pedigree. Whether this book is from the same source as those others which are from the early 40s is very difficult to tell.
  8. He was a real estate developer. The stated reason was collecting other things but this was a couple years after the Financial Crisis so...