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  1. Yeah definitely learned to not press anything...first time I ever did it and i got burned fortunately it only ruined 1 and not both as I submitted 2 and the other kept its 9.8
  2. Grader notes say Medium Split Bottom of Spine I was advised to doing do quick press via CCS just to ensure the 9.8 stands wasn’t looking for a grade increase CCS had to damage this book in the pressing process cause there’s no way it goes from 9.8 to 8.5 due to a split cause nobody was sitting there reading the book
  3. Yeah I never pressed a book before and was encouraged to due so since it was a 9.8...I don’t see any visible flaws to the book and am completely baffled how this could occur. Still awaiting the graders notes
  4. Anyone ever have a CGC 9.8 cracked to get signed then after obtaining the signatures for SS, have it quick pressed & only receive an 8.5? I just recently had this occur with a G.I Joe Special #1 after getting McFarlane Signature and Hama Sketch & Signature on it. I contacted the CGC facilitator who handled the sigs for me and I’m awaiting the grader notes just curious if anyone has had such a drastic drop in grade 9.8 down to 8.5 after having a book quick pressed...