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  1. I'm new to CGC and really I'm new to the whole grading concept and how CGC puts "yellow labels" on books. I think I have it figured out for the most part but my question is. Will CGC put a yellow label on a comic that was not witnessed but was only distributed with signatures already on the book? For example I have Chew #1 RI it is a Retail incentive variant. It looks like the video game variant however it has a white bottom with both of the artist name printed on the lower part of the comic book with their signatures above their names on each side with a picture of a bald chicken between John and Robs signature. Again Image only realeased this particular comic variant signed by both artist and writer. So my question is, if I submit this for grading would I get a Yellow label? A Red label? Or a Green label? like I said I know CGC has made exceptions in the past with giving books a yellow label without witnessing the signature (I.e The Walking Dead 100 "Lucille Variant) if any anybody knows or would like to tell me their opinion or experience I would love to hear it. I put a picture of the comic I am referring to in the link.