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  1. Spawn1709

    Stan Lee RIP

    While I (unfortunately) never got to meet Mr Stan Lee, I will never forget the impact that he had on the world, not only as a comic book writer but also as a person. A beautiful man who wanted nothing more than to make people smile. Rest easy Stan Lee.
  2. Hey, sorry for the late reply. Yes. Absolutely.
  3. Been about two weeks. Bump.
  4. Bump. Still looking for the books.
  5. Spawn1709

    PGM Sandman #4

    Biking is great! Great exercise and great fun
  6. Spawn1709

    I was wrong. Modern variants vs. Key Issues

    I like modern variants! I wouldn't spend that much on one though. Anything over $5,000 is a bit too much for me. I have a bunch of modern variants that all cost in the hundreds of dollars.
  7. Bump. Anyone else selling! Still looking for either of these books.
  8. Spawn1709

    PGM Sandman #4

    Yeah! Hiking, biking, stuff like that. It's great How are you spending your summer?
  9. Spawn1709

    PGM Sandman #4

    I'm visiting family in British Columbia, Canada!
  10. Spawn1709

    Hulk 181

    I agree. Looks like it might be a purple label.
  11. Spawn1709

    PGM Sandman #4

    I haven't read it yet, unfortunately. I had the book shipped to my house, which I am not at. On vacation
  12. Spawn1709

    PGM Sandman #4

  13. Thanks! Just let me know when you find them