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  1. So shipping, say 10 at a time, is more cost effective than shipping two.
  2. But I tried to submit only one book (the book getting pressed) and the shipping cost was still $60. Is it because it's going to CCS and then to CGC that the shipping cost is so much?
  3. No worries. I actually am a new member in the sense that I have never submitted a book myself. I have always done it through my lcs.
  4. So then do I have to pay the $120 if I want my books graded?
  5. So I just checked out to see how much it's going to cost for only one. It's still $60...
  6. When I submitted through my LCS it wasn't even close to as expensive.
  7. Do you think I should email CGC and try to figure this out?
  8. No. Just return. It's on the submission form I have to fill out. $60 per book for return shipping. They also don't give me any other options.
  9. Hello, I just finished packing two books to ship off to CGC. However, when I saw that the shipping costs would be $60 per book ($120 total), I became very confused as to why it is so much. I am shipping from Canada. The books that I am shipping are both listed as modern comics (1975 - current). One book is being pressed. If anyone could explain why the shipping is $120, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Edit* The shipping method that comes up when I fill the submission form is FedEx International ground shipping.
  10. How long does it usually take for the graders to grade?
  11. Quick question. I'm pretty new here and was just wondering how long it takes for people to get the grades back from when CGC receives the book (not the actual book back, just the grade)?