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  1. Great Spawn books! Definitely would consider if I didn't already own them. By the way, what dob you think a good price to pay is for the homage sketch covers (220 - 235). Really looking to get them in a 9.8, but eBay sellers I think are overcharging. Thanks!
  2. I saw those! After I zoomed in on the picture, I noticed some very serious spine wear. Maybe CGC is getting more lax with their grading...
  3. Fair price for Spawn #1 CGC 9.8 please?

    Yeah, I got to agree with Newshane. When it comes to Spawn, he knows what he is talking about. However, the real valuable Spawn #1 is the Black and White 1:50 incentive or the Spawn #1 no black ink. Continuing on the topic of Spawn, do you guys think the Spawn variants (from 220 to 235) are overpriced? Looking to get them but they are quite expensive. Especially considering I would like to get them all in 9.8. Almost all of them have a print run of about 500 - 700.
  4. PGM Daredevil 168

    7.5 to 8.0.
  5. Congratulations! 7.0 for that book seems about right, so that's good. Hopefully you were happy with the grade.
  6. Nice book. Living Tribunal is an awesome character!
  7. PGM Strange Adventures 110

    6.0 in my opinion. Submit it And good luck with the grade!!
  8. Spectacular Spider-Man #1

    I'd say between 9.2 - 9.4.
  9. PGM Avengers 1

    Probably a 1.5. Press is not necessary.
  10. I'd be a bit stricter on this than everyone else here. I'd say a 5.0 spot on.
  11. PGM: New Mutants #98

    Yeah. Too bad about that crease. Probably about a 7.0.
  12. 1954 action comics #192

    Yeah, I agree with ADAMANTIUM. Around a 3.0 - 3.5.
  13. PGM: Reverse Flash Artgerm

    Well either way, you got that 9.6 so that's pretty cool. Congratulations. I love artgerms work (I'm getting a couple of his Supergirl comics graded).
  14. PGM: Reverse Flash Artgerm

    Really? A 9.6? I would've guessed a 9.0 because of the spine wear. Congratulations