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  1. Thank you everyone for the responses
  2. So shipping, say 10 at a time, is more cost effective than shipping two.
  3. But I tried to submit only one book (the book getting pressed) and the shipping cost was still $60. Is it because it's going to CCS and then to CGC that the shipping cost is so much?
  4. No worries. I actually am a new member in the sense that I have never submitted a book myself. I have always done it through my lcs.
  5. So then do I have to pay the $120 if I want my books graded?
  6. So I just checked out to see how much it's going to cost for only one. It's still $60...
  7. When I submitted through my LCS it wasn't even close to as expensive.
  8. So if I submit one, will it be cheaper?
  9. Do you think I should email CGC and try to figure this out?
  10. No. Just return. It's on the submission form I have to fill out. $60 per book for return shipping. They also don't give me any other options.
  11. Hello, I just finished packing two books to ship off to CGC. However, when I saw that the shipping costs would be $60 per book ($120 total), I became very confused as to why it is so much. I am shipping from Canada. The books that I am shipping are both listed as modern comics (1975 - current). One book is being pressed. If anyone could explain why the shipping is $120, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Edit* The shipping method that comes up when I fill the submission form is FedEx International ground shipping.
  12. How long does it usually take for the graders to grade?