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  1. Bump. Anyone else selling! Still looking for either of these books.
  2. Spawn1709

    PGM Sandman #4

    Yeah! Hiking, biking, stuff like that. It's great How are you spending your summer?
  3. Spawn1709

    PGM Sandman #4

    I'm visiting family in British Columbia, Canada!
  4. Spawn1709

    Hulk 181

    I agree. Looks like it might be a purple label.
  5. Spawn1709

    PGM Sandman #4

    I haven't read it yet, unfortunately. I had the book shipped to my house, which I am not at. On vacation
  6. Thanks! Just let me know when you find them
  7. Hello, I have a Sandman #4 that I just bought off of eBay. The seller said that there are "no rips, marks, colour breaking spine ticks" and that it is a "perfect looking book." I just got the book and it appears as if he is completely wrong. Just want to know what you guys think of it. Any chance for a high grade with this book? I was hoping that this book was going to be a 9.8 candidate. Let me know what you guys think. Thanks.
  8. Hello, I am interested in buying a Books of Magic 1 (1990) and/or a Sandman #4 in either a CGC 9.8 or raw, but the book has to be in good enough condition to be a 9.8 candidate. If you are interested in offering me a raw book, that is great! Just keep in mind that the books HAVE to be in 9.8 condition. Thanks for looking!