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  1. I have three pieces of art that I will try to donate next year to the Bill Ireland Museum or another museum that collects comic art. Good sentimental pieces that I have had for over 40 years and don't want to ever be flipped. More public exhibits will keep the art market healthy. The rest I will leave plenty of documentation for each one and make it simple for me or my family to sell or keep.
  2. The Lucas Museum opening later this year will be a big boost in helping to educate and excite people about original art. Just like museums did for Impressionist and Modern art. Artists and collectors donating to comic museums like Billy Ireland will really help. I have a 81' Byrne drawing I would never sell so I want to donate it.
  3. Billy Ireland is a must visit for Watterson fans. I hope more artists and collectors donate their art to museums.
  4. Does Terry Austin still make Con appearances? Would love to add his signature to this Uncanny X- Men 113.
  5. I picked up a fresh copy of FF 232 at a con back in 1981 that John Byrne was at. When he signed it I later noticed that he added the number 3. Always wondered why. This issue came out that week so I was wondering if he was numbering the first few. Maybe a personal joke?
  6. I've seen him at CAB for the last four years. And Scott Eder had pages for sale at his table.
  7. I decided to pull this out the closet after being in there for over 30 years. Six pages, in pretty good condition. I think it's time to sell at auction. I have no idea what to price it so I'll submit to Heritage and the other auction houses?
  8. I have a few nice old pieces that I will not sell but love to give to an awesome Museum like Billy Ireland or another University that has a comic art collection. I would rather they sit in storage and shown occasionally than being auctioned every time the next seller goes broke.
  9. I just have a few sketches from SDCC over 15 years ago. It's great that he added to my Little Lulu collection.
  10. Wow! Fantastic. I have never seen this piece. Please post the second one if you can.
  11. Thanks! Yes I have seen a few more this week and they look great. And Sal is 82!
  12. I just received my Sal Buscema commission that was offered here earlier this year. I requested Captain America head sketch (with clenched teeth if possible). I'm very excited about how it turned out. It's better than I imagined. Thank you Sal Buscema! And thanks to Desert Wind Comics for having this event available to participate in. If anyone else received their commissions please post here as well.