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  1. Yeah I just get this sense of a sudden inconsistency. Unless of course it was the packing. I just hope I can learn from it. If I open the slab and can't see the defect it doesn't do me any good. I really hope it's noticeable cause it sure wasn't before I packed them.
  2. Hello all. First time posting here since becoming a cgc member. The question I have is in regards to my grader notes on my recent submission. I was sure I had many more 9.8's than I did. I noticed most of the notes were "bends", all in various locations on the books. I swear I didn't see any before shipping them. I do press my own books and have gotten 9.8s much easier in previous submissions. I'm wondering now if my packing had anything to do with it. I would pack about 12 to 13 books in a makeshift Gemini then I put those in a medium flat rate box. Think that might have done it? I'm probably going to resubmit some of them. A friend of mine said I should start packaging each book in a Gemini individually from now on. I've also heard others do that as well with good results. Any thoughts?