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  1. I purchased a 9.8 not a 9.0 in a slab of 9.8 , so why am i the responsible one? Its their fault for not inspecting before shipping it to me. So relax with your sheesh... Happy Holidays!
  2. I did, they said no refund on shipping, which I think is bs
  3. There was a backcover, no damage was present
  4. Got my refund check today, took awhile, shipping was not refunded so i lost $100
  5. I emailed Vincent with pictures and he told me to send it back. I mailed it out the same day by priority overnight. Btw I don't think they will refund me for the shipping
  6. This is the front cover for ppl who wanted to see it
  7. Hi, sorry for the delay response. I sent it back and Vincent agreed that the book is damaged and that he will fully refund me. Still waiting on the check.
  8. got it from ComicConnect, through make an offer
  9. at this point im scared purchasing expensive books
  10. I guess that's why the price was so low, i shipped it back today.
  11. Good morning everyone, I recently purchased Hulk 181 CGC 9.8 for $14,500.00 , i was really pleased since it seemed like a great price. I got the book and noticed a crease on the back cover. My question is: Should i keep it or return it? The OCD is killing me, but i doubt i will ever again get this book for this price. Any advice will help. Thanks
  12. Good day, I recently purchased this book in a 9.8 CGC, after inspecting the book i noticed that the book has a crease on the bottom back cover. Is this normal for a CGC 9.8? I spent a lot of money on this book, so any help will be greatly appreciated. Thank you
  13. zoom625

    Can anyone identify the stamp?

    Some selling venues stamped the comics on the day of arrival. It helped them keep track of how long they had each issue for sale, and presumably helped with tracking when to return unsold copies. All copies were stamped.