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  1. A quick press worked for me but with mixed results. I had 6 DC reprints and that were all wavy through the whole book. I sent them in with some others for quickpress and grading. Well when I sent them the corners were all sharp and no other defects but the waves. I got them back. 3 of them came back 9.8's the other 3 were ruined by the pressing. the 3 that were ruined all had damage at lower staple area. They came back 9.0 9.2 and 9.6 due to damage. But all are wave free! So the QP did work. Just watch out. If whatever presser you are using puts too much pressure on your books they will end up like those 3 did. No other comics were ruined and quickpress drastically improved some of them. One of my books came back a 9.8 that I thought best case would come back 9.4. That book was older. The quickpress worked really good on most! I sent in a Hero for Hire 1 Express press once also. That came out the exact grade I figured it would. QP seemed to worked just about as well as the $85 option did. I'll keep using QP for cheaper titles that need it and would suggest the service to others. I'm sticking with CCS and have sent in 6 more of the same DC reprints to CCS for pressing/grading. They are there right now. If they come back all messed up this time, my opinion might change. If you are worried about a book being ruined have it prescreened or don't have it pressed, If you don't prefer CCS go somewhere else, and if you have a $10000 book watch whoever presses it press it. That's my opinion/advise.
  2. A good point was made in here. A lot of GFTs come back 9.9's. Do you all own any? They are printed on thicker paper for one. Don't have any fold marks along the spine and have pointy sharp corners. Most of the marvels and DCs I get have a fold line along spine or tiny split on corner, and/or you can see where it was cut at the bottom left or top left corner. They say that fold line doesnt affect grade, but Ill refer to my inhumans prime that is slabbed. Only defect is the normal fold line on spine with one horizontal crease(less than 1mm). Its like a tiny fleck off the line. Should be a 9.8 with only that if fold line is disregarded-graded 9.6. I dont have any 9.9s or 10s yet, but i did sub 4 GFTs for press and grade just to see if I can get one! I might be posting pics soon............ Btw. Those are some great looking books everyone.
  3. So I know this has kind of been asked many times before, but I have to ask again. I will be sending in 25 or so moderns for prescreen. I have some variant books in there, but most are regular covers. Im keeping a lot of them but selling some. Anyone have trouble selling 9.6s slabbed for $15 if they end up 9.6s? Looking for opinions. It seems like the most Ill lose on a 9.6 is $5 either way and any variants should at worst break even slabbed at 9.6. Plus its probably easier to sell a slabbed book. Am I correct in this or should I prescreen 9.8? Any input would be appreciated. Oh and 2 more questions. Will CGC let me know which ones are denied before grading or after? And when do they charge on a prescreen? Before or after grading?
  4. I know this post is older but I wanna rant a bit too Doktor. Ok now mind you this is the first shipment of my first order from DCBS. Part of a $500something dollar order. I already placed a $1500 order for October too. That probably seems like a lot to some of you but to me its called speculation and investment. If I think a book will be valuable in 10yrs I dont buy 1 or 2. I buy 10. Then I'll sell 2-3 to get some money back as needed. This can be like an update for you(Doktor) on DCBS CS a year later. For 1 they didnt or don't have the 10 Venomverse 1 Torques I ordered. Maybe they were shipped some bad ones. Im not sure. But looking at the others.... Hopefully those come with the second half of the order 2 order was packaged well and was not damaged in shipping. So I open it. Looks good. Then I look at the books. All of my Venomverse 2 Torques look like this. Some worse than others. And its not just the torques. Half of my books look this way like someone set my pile of unboarded books on a frickin wavy platform. Ok they look pretty good other than that. I press will fix it if Im sending for grading. I can deal with the wavy paper. Comics won't always be perfect. Then I look at my Francavilla Venomverse 2 variant. It has some wave to it some printer press lines(or whatever you want to call them) and a dent in the back. I can deal with all that. It's still probably NM if I dont get dinged for the printer lines. Somebody please chime in on if you get dinged for those. What wasnt ok was the big 2" cb crease on the top corner. Thats a handling error, not a production error. I paid $75 for that book and its an 8.5. That is ridiculous. Ive actually found out most of the time the distributor will take back and replace ratios that are under NM. So there is no reason I should have an 8.5. Especially at that price point. It should be a 9.2 or better. I have emailed DCBS to get a replacement and will post the results here whenever they get back to me. That October preorder is getting cancelled(im on a charge note) if they dont take the return and replace or credit me. So lets see how it goes.
  5. Steppinrazor did a great job packing my items and I picked them up at a great price. Thank you very much!
  6. Im spamming sorry. In 5 days you are not going to know the difference in an 8.0 and a 9.0. I received a Hero for Hire 1 in the group i was talking about last post. Initially I thought it was an almost flawless comic. 2 years later I sent in the comic. I had it pressed and graded to the tune of $225. Even after that I was so stressed thinking it had a slight chance to end up a 7.5. It just came back 8.0! I was actually thinking the press might get it to an 8.5 but that didnt happen. Im using this to show an example of initial impression of a nice comic when you first get in and after a while. Initially I was thinking 9.0. Later on I saw the defects and had to pray it wouldn't end up a 7.5. This is my scheme of things to sell the 100 or so that Im working on right now. I personally would not send all yours in until you can eyeball a real grade. 1. First buy in. Pay at least the Gold and get the $150 sub credit 2. Be ready to be out some cash for a month or 3 or 4 until 1st sub comes back too. You say you have the cash so thats good. 27 bucks the cheap way with a 50 business day turnaround plus a possible press on silvers. 750 comics is like $15-20000 to grade. As an example here I just sent some bronze in. QP MFT 18 of them was 710. Ill make a profit of $400 and a few freebies. Unless a couple come back 9.9's of which 6 of them have a chance 3.Decide how much to put in initially. If you want to spend $2000 dont spend on first sub. Ill explain below 4. A: Find the comics that need pressing(if you are into that) and send those first. Cause theyll take the longest. Also keep in mind your subs have to fit same price tier or they will be separate orders. Shipping starts around $36 per sub. And goes up with each book(shipping on 15 is around $60 or so) if no press skip 4a 4 B:Find some that dont need press and send them in just for grading. 5. Wait...........Like a week or a month and send some more in! This gives you constant cash flow as your comics get returned 6. Wait repeat See thats why you dont spend it all up front- unless you have a lot of money and a lot of patience on getting it back So tired of writing
  7. I'll reiterated vann's knowledge.Get a price guide! Get a price guide! GET A PRICE GUIDE! Trust me. IF I only had a price guide that NYX 3 and Hulk 181 amongst others would still be with me. I inherited some comics a while back when the market was down and went just off of ebay. What a mistake!
  8. To answer your question. Do you want it back in 5 days or 10? They go off normal raw fmv. Even if its a 9.8 you couldve seen it as a 9.4. Oh and CGC customer service is awesome. They will answer all your questions. If the person on the phone doesnt know, someone who does will call you back.
  9. I called CGC about the tiers on pressing and then grading due to the fact a book may be $800 prepress and $2000 after. Customer Service told me if Im happy with the lower tier of insurance they dont really care either. I personally wouldn't send it below standard-$1000 though. They will for sure bump you on a modern sub for obvious reasons.
  10. Put my Hero for Hire 1 on ebay. Tomorrow when I receive it from CGC price goes up to $500. My fees last month- Ridiculous. Don't worry I will still provide grader notes to anyone here interested after receiving it unlike listing states on the bay. http://m.ebay.com/itm/stock-photo-1972-Hero-For-Hire-1-CGC-8-0-white-pages-last-chance-under-500-/152692268638
  11. No interest in these from anyone so moving to ebay where they are selling like hotcakes... *CLOSED*
  12. Ok there is a good starting point. My phone is about to die so ill give quick estimate on some more grades based off the same scale i used on others. 179-199 179-4.0 185-1.0+ 188-4.0 190-4.0+ 197-4.5+ 199-4.0+ I could be low on these but im not going to post something unrealistic without pics. Im going to charge a little while and ill b back Screw it 3% 181-1.5+ 176-4.0+ 175-3.5+ 174-4.5+ 173-4.0 172-4.5+ 170-4.5 168-2.5 i think. stain on top right corner and color rub off middle of back by his face Btw. I know im going low on a lot of these. Some that I listed approximate grades already would be good 5.0/5.5 candidates, but I dont like returns. Its a hassle
  13. 159 im giving a 1.0+ bad spine creases. Another trifold back cover with some extra creases.only cover ripped bottom corner Creases, creases, creases.
  14. 152 154 158 161 162 covers detached 161 and 162 in 2 pieces ripped down spine...they would be at least probably 3.0's if the covers werent detached im giving 160 a 4.0+ those creases are supposed to be on back cover for trifold display on back cover. Spine curled a little has spine creases corners are pretty good
  15. I had to wait for kids to get sleep. Heres the list More under 200 than i thought 152 154 158 159 160 161 162 164 166 167 168 170 172 173 174 175 176 179 181 185 188 190 197 199 So 24 under #200 Then 203 (2)205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 221 224 230 251 258 And Super special 12 with comic 17 with posters 23 with stickers Winter 1979 with color pages And A beat up annual 10 missing back cover and stickers Pics soon. Looking at them now price might be going up....... !