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  1. Definitely needs a clean and press for a grade of 8.5 to 9.0. Does it still have the marvel value stamp?
  2. I'm thinking 9.4 at least. Hoping for higher after the cleaning and pressing. Will post it once its all said and done! Wish me luck.
  3. 8.5 because of the spine ticks minor but the bottom left corner is suspect
  4. I have one that is similar and it came back 9.2. On the front on the top of the door, is that a manufacturing defect crease. Mine had that as well.
  5. Just bought this baby! Front looks great and the Back needs a pressing and a cleaning. What do you think with all that done? Crossing my fingers!
  6. Front looks clean and the back needs a good clean. What is going on the back left edge by the Word Monogram in black? Is that a tear or a fold of some sort? I give it a 9.2 at least with a press and a clean possibly a 9.6
  7. Not always the case! I recently purchased a PGX 6.0 FF#48 and it came back CGC3.5! Had a tear on the inside pages with some tape!
  8. I am amazed that the ASM 9 got the 8.5 with those bends in the comic. Pressing it will make it look better but I don't know if it would improve the grade. Doesn't hurt to try if you have money to burn. You can only hope to get maybe a 9.0 but I think it stays the same.
  9. I bought it graded at 6.5 so a regrade was not bad. I think I got a bargain when I bought it too!