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  1. Good luck man I would do the same for my dog as well. Hope it all works out.
  2. Stoy77

    PGX terminates entire staff?

    Right now its cheesey stuffed slabs. I wonder if the slabs will be in red like those old pizza hut glasses.
  3. Ridden hard & put away wet
  4. Yeah yeah yeah.. It went up my nose! This is just so wrong in so many ways. This something that should be on pornhubs greatest hits!
  5. Not a panel but I don't care its awesome!!
  6. Stoy77

    This week in your collection?

    Thanks to my buddy & boardie finally got my FF48!
  7. Stoy77

    Saw an Stan signed AF 15 in 9.6 today.

    I'd still rather have him sign my gfs boobs than an af15 & I can at least enjoy it later lol.
  8. Agreed they look terrible. They take away from the overall presentation.
  9. Simple if u had to choose a movie or book 9 outta 10 take the movie. I think people would sit and watch a 8 hour movie instead of reading a book of the same thing that would take them 20mins. No imagination anymore you basically have to tell most people what to like
  10. Stoy77

    Did Thanos kill you?

    Su. Uuuck. iiiiiiii. iiiiit. Thaaaanos
  11. I used to be a casual at the USPS & to them anything that has USPS on it is their property & not for the public but how many times do u go to a flea market or swap meet & see people with USPS bins & some I seen were even selling them. If this guy has a problem with u packaging his books better he should re evaluate his life choices that turned him into an a-hole apparently. C'MON SON
  12. Stoy77

    Need advice on a sale that is going sideways

    Sounds like the friend is a d-bag. Its one thing to back out on a stranger but a whole other to back out on a friend.
  13. Stoy77

    Shock SuspenStories 11 - VG+

    Ill take the 13
  14. Absolutely Awesome!!
  15. Stoy77

    The death of the run collector? I'm not so sure...

    I love collecting runs. Most of mine just started by me liking a certain character e.g. she hulk moon knight & even magnus. Start off with a few then before u know it you have most of it done why buy a few in the run when you can have it all. Lol. But for the most part its the hunt for the books you love & how excited you finally are when u know u found a htf issue or the last few or one you needed.