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  1. His lone regret in life is not being able to hunt and kill ice-t
  2. Had this for a min just never posted when i got it.
  3. 25 uncle scrooge, donald & daisy gold key books. From 120-195 all vf or better.
  4. Took me years to finally realize that Sandy wore the suit cause she was under water. Duh!
  5. Anything you wanna tell me about drop a line........
  6. Bought a Hulk 180 & was happy with how fast he responded to the pm worked with me on the book & sent me tracking info all the same day I 1st started messaging him about the book. Good deal bro. I would have no problems buying from him in the future.
  7. Such an awesome cover that I had to use it as my phones home screen to creep on it all day long. Lol
  8. Is it just me or is NYX 3 Just not around anymore. I go to a ton of lcs in & around my area (not really expecting to see one there) but also a ton of shows & the last one I recalled seeing was at least a year & 1/2 ago. Is everybody just hoarding them?
  9. " I did not heet her I did not its not tru oh hi maaak"
  10. Right now its cheesey stuffed slabs. I wonder if the slabs will be in red like those old pizza hut glasses.
  11. Yeah yeah yeah.. It went up my nose! This is just so wrong in so many ways. This something that should be on pornhubs greatest hits!