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  1. I love the story of Jim Streeter! I just bought a copy of this issue as well as the Action issue which came out the same month as these were his first 2 stories! Great book!
  2. And the 54...modified swipe of the 33...
  3. That's an amazing picture. Congrats! What is your fave Batman cover?
  4. Supes isn't really my thing but I do love the WWII / flag covers. Plus I think these are kinda neat based on being used by stores to keep kids busy while Mom shopped. Anyone have any thoughts on Superman-Tim in general? What do the GA Superman collectors think? I just picked these 2 up in the CL auction...couldn't resist.
  5. Some more...sorry for poor scans. If you squint at the 32, you can just make out the stamp..."Tiger" Woods...I'm going with Tiger...
  6. @MrBedrock you clearly have too much inventory on your hands...are we going to see a "Must move these red GA covers!!!" thread? You can start with some of the Bats please.
  7. Am I the only one who suddenly feels very inadequate?
  8. "Couple of hours"? You're too optimistic may be May before he stops posting his killer books! @MrBedrock great books as usual!
  9. That's a beaut! Congrats batman_fan!
  10. And the Tec 41 is also deep red...