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  1. Bat34

    My Top 50 (New books added on 01-10)

    Congrats! Fantastic MH!
  2. Bat34

    John Verzyl Collection

    Great info in this thread...thanks everyone, very enjoyable
  3. Bat34


    Great boardie! Fast shipping, great packing...easy transaction...thank you Mystafo!
  4. @GreatCaesarsGhostCongrats! Fantastic books, I was the underbidder on the Tec35...well done.
  5. That's a pretty elaborate setup just to get xrays at the dentist...thankfully dental technology has evolved over the years!
  6. Here is one
  7. EDITED: Leaving 305, 306, 309, 317, 320, 331, 334, 339 to be checked in the 305-340 range. I just checked these issues above. It is not in those. I did see the notice in 309 of J. Schwartz last issue as editor after 15 years.
  8. Maybe you're right! May have been only one...but thanks nonetheless!
  9. Great thread, thanks for doing this! I got 2 last time!