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  1. I agree with Peter as usual. As a service to my fellow collectors, I'd be happy to have you send me this worthless drek. I'll even pay for shipping to make it easier.:)
  2. I would also leave them bound. And that Wings volume is great to see!
  3. As a kid in the late 70's I sent a few dollars in cash to Robert Bell and had these bags in my collection for a while! Great to see the flap, thanks for sharing it.
  4. Troy purchased several books from me. Very easy to do business with, great communication, fast payment and a real asset to the boards! Highly recommend! Thank you Troy!
  5. Nice books....GLWTS. any early Detectives coming up?
  6. Neal has been my favorite artist since I was a kid. I met him a few years ago at ECCC and spent a ton of time with him, like Jimbo. He was awesome. I had him sign a few of my favorite books that I kept raw. I didn't care about not getting them encapsulated as SS. You can't make a mistake, just go with your gut
  7. Hi all, please grade my Detective 58. There is an obvious corner chunk missing, and what looks to be foxing/dust shadow on the edge. I have had this one for about 40 years! Thank you!!
  8. How amazing would it be to own a blue Tec 27 - even for a short time? I'd worry about liquidity on any big book like that...
  9. NEW...reduced price of Planet 48 Toledo to $650... on page 1.
  10. I thought you might be there...I followed the camera feed online until I bowed out of the Billy Wright Tec 44. Even that was slightly softer than expected. PS were you the guy in the back waving his hands during the Bat 1?
  11. Wow!!! Time to search for some change in the couch cushions. Those are huge books indeed!
  12. that's it for now everyone, thanks for looking!
  13. Jumbo Comics 104 OKAJIMA Pedigree CGC 8.5 $1100 This is a non-camp book but you can't beat that cover - AND Matt Baker art inside. I am happy keeping this one; firm on price. (PS, I'm pretty sure she should have just hit that cat with the paddle...)