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  1. I bought many of the Toledo Planets but sadly I do not have the 18!
  2. Wow that price is unreal! I don't consider 227 a key either. I had Neal sign a 237 a few years back, one of my fave covers.
  3. I am a big Pre-Robin fan and was tempted but these particular books didn't pull me in.
  4. Walter bought GA books from me on 2 separate occassions. Always fast payment, great communication, and a pleasure to do business with. He's a great boardie!
  5. Beautiful book! I have some #4's and the colors on my books are also very rich indeed. It's one of my favorite covers of all.
  6. I saw the Larson 35 in person at ECCC a few years ago it is a stunner.
  7. These are fantastic! Congrats! And thanks for sharing!
  8. I thought those were strong prices also. I was interested in the Tec 37 but the glue concerned me a bit. I mean, I'm not a barbarian...
  9. His #2 villain? Whoever the editors were who created the "new look" Batman with the yellow emblem.
  10. Wow. I don't like Kane myself but that's a neat story.