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  1. I honestly expect the prices to come down a bit to closer to 30-35 in a few months time. I’ll pick one up eventually.
  2. Oh no doubt, but last two years I didn't have these issues. I was able to grab everything I wanted over the course of the con (minus the usuals like funky, etc).
  3. So I just got back from SDCC. A couple things. Last year I bought and graded his exclusives. I bought them this year but said hell no to grading because I didn't want to pay an extra 200 for cgc fees, and then grading fees on top of that. Also, they no longer require a witness since they put the books in a tamper free bag for cgc if you opt for that. The second thing regarding the marvel booth...something really fishy was going on. I went preview night, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and each time tix were gone. I gave up for today. And it wasn't sold out as of last night when I walked by. But here's the thing, on Friday I was in the first block of people allowed to go down the escalator when the con started. I was in a group of no more than 100-200 people and they all didn't go to marvel. I arrived at the booth in less than 5 minutes of the floor opening and was told all the tix for the day were gone. The issue is these are not being taken by the general public, but by the exhibitors at the con. I saw a few stores and will not name them, that had stacks and stacks of these marvel exclusives. They've since been sold for a nice premium. I was highly dissapointed this year with regards to all things exclusives.
  4. Rich, any way you can do the rogue cover or the jsc captain marvel exclusive (both found at the marvel booth)?
  5. My experience as well. Only reason I went ahead is I wanted the covers, and had cancelled my unsigned trade dress set due to ASM 800 variant fatigue. I prefer to get JSC items unsigned and have bought through his store since, but will unlikely buy pre-signed unless it’s something I absolutely want.
  6. Same....mine arrived on the 24th. 7x 9.8 (including the two Batman 50 versions) and 5x 9.6. They all went to CCS for a press. Never again will I buy s/s at his booth for grading.
  7. Yup...$40 was the cost. Totally worth it. Will get another one the next time around.