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  1. interested in these: Green Lantern 62 VF $28.00 Superman 254 NM Neal Adams cover/art $45.00 Superman's Girlfriend Lois Lane 106 VG+ "I am Black" cover $75.00
  2. Slabbed preferred, but I could also be interested in raw. Grade-wise, looking for something above 5.0 and probably below 8.0. Thanks!
  3. Quick shipping, perfect packaging and awesome books, just as described! Excellent all around!
  4. Crossed One Hundred #1 Gold Foil Green Leather edition CGC SS 10.0 gem mint, signed by Alan Moore SOLD
  5. Longtime seller on ebay (warden5523) and I've made a few sales on these boards in the past few months. Prices include US shipping (priority with tracking) and I accept payment via paypal. I do accept returns up to 30 days. First gets it, and I'm always available to any questions or offers via pm. Thanks for looking!