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  1. Does anyone know if Darrow is signing anything? I want my Hardboiled set signed. Got it out for Frank, definitely need Geof.
  2. Is for a crack and sign, so case can suck and label can be gibberish. Long as its a real 9.8....happy to take a NM+ raw too...
  3. Sure, but I have 6 commissions ahead of you first. That movie was not_in_tune_with_social_norms crazy. Terrible, but so much fun to watch. **Edit : LOL @ swear filter.
  4. Just thought I'd throw out some sketch covers that I've been working on lately. Trying to get back into the swing of things after not drawing regularly for a long time. It's funny I don't remember my hand getting a sore when I was younger...
  5. Multiple stores are reporting the same issues. The black covers were even worse.
  6. So my LCS got in their Spawn 310 Ds today...and it was not good. Not a single copy that was tick-free. Every single one had damage. So question is, will CGC treat this similarly to the rips that ASM 361 had? Ignore it and treat it as a printing error?
  7. Well tahts fancy. Mine is much less fancy. They look like this:
  8. I have no idea what that means.
  9. What about the worthless but nostalgicly lovely Marvel Hologram cards from the 90s?
  10. I Wouldn't get rid of any of them. Frank Miller is a legend, why would you ditch them at all?
  11. AH ok that makes more sense. I was wondering for a minute there. But yeah, you're right. Collectors seem to be all about the speculation and BS reasoning. Again, D23 Marvel 1000 is I think the pinnacle of the sillyness. Still blows my mind that Old Man Logan series isn't worth more.
  12. Did you seriously just suggest that a good story shouldn't have any input on value? Seriously? I'd much rather collect a book with a killer story with a monster cover, than some random BS book that happens to be "rare" just because they didn't print many. See the D23 Marvel 1000 as a great example of a mediocre (at best) book with an artificially inflated value.