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  1. The Second City Loves ‘Avengers’ Director Joe Russo 3000 (20:30-21:00) Joe Russo: "'re never in this position in films ever and frankly it's probably not a good position to be in unless I think you've been doing it for 20 years in your perspective on it. It's helpful to have limited resources as an artist because it forces you to make compelling choices right now I'm about to say today we're in a position on these two films where we had unlimited resources...we could constantly correct things..."
  2. Marvel Writers Stephen McFeely & Christopher Markus Explain How They Wrote MCU Blockbusters | Vanity Fair
  3. Amazon's retail CDN & US prices. I purchased my nine MCU books pre-order from AMZN Canada ($35-40). I'm pretty happy.
  4. To a DCEU fan, the MCU books are -10! Besides, there's too many (23+) & they're too expensive!
  5. It's awesome, the Art of Winter Soldier & Doctor Strange are the most expensive in the MCU books.
  6. Bought this in 1987 for $70...bloody bent corners!