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  1. Worldwide Box Office Charlie's Angels (2019), $70,527,321 million X-Men: Dark Phoenix, $246,356,895 million Birds of Prey, $145,473,302 million
  2. Vintage automobile, mother, son (?), vintage baby carriage & Song: It's Been a Long, Long Time (1945ish)
  3. Why ‘Birds of Prey’ Whiffed at the Box Office “Birds of Prey” cost a reported $82 million to produce, with executives at rival studios putting that number as closer to $100 million (due to elaborate sets and CGI), and estimating the film needs to make around $100 million domestically and $300 million globally to break even. Sources close to the production say the breakeven number is closer to $250 million. Hitting those marks could prove difficult overseas, since fears of coronavirus have impacted moviegoing in Asia. However, its R-rating meant the film wasn’t going to open in China in the first place."
  4. Worldwide Box Office, Justice League (2017), $655,945,209 million Suicide Squad (2016), $746,059,887 million Birds of Prey, $142,873,302 million