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  1. its really hard to believe not sure how to feel right now
  2. they replied to me when I notified them of a book damaged because it didn't have a inner well they have yet to respond back to me about it
  3. don't forget the new rickmobile variants
  4. i love all of these and tom grummet is such a nice guy his art is amazing i got a superman red vs blue issue signed by him
  5. While at my first official purchase for a commission drawing i got for cgc ty templeton was drawing batman for me and he mocked and laughed at me because i was getting comic book information wrong even though i was praising his work though when he was done with my book he tossed it across the table and said it was done then went on to ignore me when i went to say thank you so i went over to pat broderick next door to draw me firestorm and he answered all the questions ty was refusing to answer about the comic art industry. And at that same convention i met the artist for king of the hill
  6. wow such a good deal i hope he comes to florida next year
  7. I got firestorm 2 signed by Pat Broderick though he isn't the original artist he did firestorm s2, firestorm is such a cool looking hero
  8. that was a bad typo on my part I ment cbc im at work so cant be on forum long
  9. im still new to the hobby ive been told by a lot of people that cgc and cbc were partners or bought each other out or something like that so im sure you can understand my confusion aswell
  10. a comicshop/hobby shop with card game nights like pokemon and magic the gathering would be a great idea
  11. I had your same issue on a signed book it hurts my heart
  12. my first signed book was a green label I learned my lesson so from now on be sure to contact cgc reps before you do anything at a convention and make sure you got your list ready and do all your sigs and one big sweep then enjoy the convention without worry
  13. id rather grade a new raw copy then risk ruining a near perfect 9.9 only book id ever reslab is my avengers 9.2 that could use some more sigs