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  1. is there much value in 1st issues

    no need to be rude to people trying to understand the value of things
  2. is there much value in 1st issues

    thank you i got alot to learn but im doing my best to learn till my next grading
  3. i was always wondering if there was a value is slabbing modern #1 issues
  4. its low price compared to alot of other keys
  5. I didn't know this was thing 😀
  6. I'm still very new to collecting cgc grades but I mainly go off art and personal interests so I still have alot to learn. I enjoy how helpful everyone here is because there were a few extra #1 issues I was kinda torn to get graded because they weren't going in for sentimental value like the others do but its the thought that they may be special is a good positive that I never thought to think about.
  7. So there is a chance that a few of these new sets #1 issues might actually be more then cgc labels them as?
  8. But a key issue is a first appearance or a special event or is there just very very few actual keys out there?
  9. question about rarity of a comic?

    It was like 100$ box set back in like 2002
  10. Are there any modern key issues that aren't very popular or rarely get seen in a slab?
  11. question about rarity of a comic?

    Wish I had more money so many books I want to get graded
  12. question about rarity of a comic?

    kinda bummed because i thought it was rare but its my first spiderman to my collection though guess it will be my 1st appearance and will have to make due with sentimental value, i got a russian spiderman #700 1st print coming in the mail but wont be able to get it CGC graded for awhile.
  13. question about rarity of a comic?

    i dont ever see much of them in slabs and i was kinda hoping CGC would say more then just reprint on it makes it seem less valuable with the one word description that they do on alot of special issues.
  14. Are counterfeit comics a real thing?

    he just posted facts that hongkong does not share rights with china so the idea of fakes may not be a problem, not sure why you are being offended by something that has nothing to do with you
  15. i got this same comic coming in the mail from CGC this is just a mock image though idk the gpa of my book, but im unable to find how rare this book is and if there is a market for it? this is a 2002 movie reprint from the deluxe edition movie box.