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  1. Pick up a run of Gold Digger books, here's a look at the first 5 issues from the start of the 1993 series. These had a extremely low print run, averaging about 2000 each, with issue #2 having a estimate 1,900 copies!
  2. The affordable ones hahahaha, but yeah I would be fine with a reader's copy, not into high grade levels, just want issues #1 - 7
  3. Looking for some indie books with Drew Hayes's I, Lusiphur #1- 7 and that furry adult comic Genus # 1- 6! Thanks!
  4. Love this thread! Can't get even of them obscure indie books, actually I prefer hunting these instead of common hero books. Here's one to add to the list, I believe this book could be a Earthworm Jim prototype appearance. They Called Him Evil by Doug Tennapel cover date 1991, which features a villain called Evil the Cat from EWJ! Recently pick this up with some other fun ones
  5. I'll join in the fun here! Last Sunday at the Cali Comic Con I was able to nab up this tasty tidbit from the late 90's, Danger Girl 2 smoking gun platinum edition I been seeking
  6. Simply amazing! Oh if your ever down in Fountain Valley/Huntington Beach check out McFly's Comics for those back issues of Eerie and Creepy Mags!
  7. Here's my copy of that issue on page 83 and 84, looks like I have the full story!
  8. Very Nice! Are those yellow blindings customs? Never knew about those, what issues do they hold?
  9. I have this issue, one of my favorites covers among the silliest of NL! Here's some sights of my key issues from that era! I'll check if my issue has that first pressing variant article.
  10. I have them in Top Loaders, normally these are around $2 in shops, but on Amazon you can get a pack of 20 for around $33, they are in a variety of sizes from golden age to even treasury size comics
  11. Last bits of the Comic room, maybe I should just open up shop here in my living room hahahaha
  12. Truly a unique and fun preview night! Here's some of the books that caught my eye!
  13. Thank you guys for this fine treat this evening at the Stereo Brewing, big shout out to Foolkiller for picking up the much appreciated tab on food and drinks! Can't wait for the main event tomorrow!!! See ya all bright and early! Here's my cool short box pin #72
  14. Thanks! Yeah I love having everything in the open, it's a little piece of heaven just coming home from work and relaxing to the sights of childhood dreams! I haven't ever had the fear of anything getting stolen since I'm the only one that knows about this and a guess now a couple of you guys from the forum hahaha. Plus I live in one of the safest city in Orange County