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  1. Hi Everyone, Joe Quesada Jimmy Palmiotti Kevin Smith and David Mack's "Guardian Devil" and "Parts of a Hole" are arcs that introduced and defined the character of Daredevil for me. I would love any page with Daredevil or Matt Murdock. A grail would be any page from issue 6 (particuarly from the scene where Matt destroys his apartment while mourning Karen Page's death) or any page of Matt unmasked. That said I would happily take any page featuring Matt or Daredevil. If you have this art or think you may have a line on it's whereabouts (particularly these pages from issue 6) please let me
  2. Hi everyone, I am in the process of selling some art to help purchase a new piece. Please feel free to check out my for sale gallery. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks for your time. Original Comic Art for Sale. Prelims Warm Up Sketches, Sketch Cover, and published pages. Paul Pope, Frank Miller, Tradd Moore and more!!!
  3. I am a big Jim Aparo fan and I had the good fortune of winning two pages from an unpublished inventory story called Nocturnal Flight. Looks like it was from the mid 90's when Jim was doing fill-ins. While unpublished I am so grateful to have two good examples of Jim's Batman as this is the only way I could afford a piece by him. Matt Todd's Comic Art Gallery - All Comic Art by Artist Jim Aparo (
  4. My latest piece by the incredible Mitch Gerads His amazing work on Mister Miracle rightfully won him back to back Eisners. His art and storytelling captures such raw emotion and power. The quiet moments as powerful as the most cosmic of clashes. I love his work so much. I was lucky to get on Mitch's list for SDCC 2019 and I got an amazing Mister Miracle Scott Free. When his list opened for NYCC I knew I needed to get a second piece. This was a piece that was inspired as I was listening to the podcast Word Balloon with Tom King as they were talking about Mitch's art and how his art is per
  5. Swamp Thing . I call the piece "Growing Pains." I have long admired the pieces Dave Wachter has created particularly of Swamp Thing. I asked him if he would be willing to draw Swamp Thing growing on the skeleton of Alec Holland, his eye lit up and he got super excited. After I saw the results I can see why. The piece is stunning and truly one of my favorite images of Swamp Thing ever.
  6. The past few months have been very good for my comic art collection and it culminated this past weekend at New York Comic Con. The following are the commissions I was able to pick up. Hope you enjoy Scott Williams Dark Knight Returns Batman Unmasked I am a big fan of Dark Knight Returns and Batman Unmasked is probably my favorite theme and recently I have been combining the two and it has resulted great commissions. Scott Williams delivered a stunning piece and was great to work with. Great communication and I absolutely love how he drew old man Bruce. I also really enjoyed talk
  7. Did anyone attend the IDW Artist Edition Panel at NYCC 2019? I have been looking for a recap of any announcements that came out of it and I can't find any. I was wondering if there were any updates on the Wrightson Frankenstein AE or if any additional Artist Editions were announced. Thanks!
  8. Hi Everybody, This year I will be attending NYCC for the first time and I could not be more excited. I am an old hat when it comes to SDCC but have never been to a con in NYC. I am wondering if anyone has advice on how to have the best time at NYCC, any recommendations or things you wish you knew going in. Any advice or words of wisdom will be appreciated. Thank you and I hope to see you there.
  9. I absolutely love prelims. Here are some of my Favorites. Frank Miller: Prelim to the Dark Knight Returns Tenth Anniversary Hard Cover Slipcase. A gorgeous piece and the closest I will ever get to owning a piece from the Dark Knight. Darwyn Cooke: Prelim to the Cover for Before Watchmen Minutemen issue 2 Darwyn Cooke: Prelim to Rocketeer Adventures
  10. Before Watchmen: Minutemen Issue 2 Cover Prelim by Darwyn Cooke. This Prelim was purchased at Albert Moy’s booth during SDCC 2019. Thrilled to have this piece by Darwyn. This inked Prelim gets me one step closer to owning a published piece by Darwyn Cooke. He was such an incredible talent who left us too soon. With projects like Before Watchmen, Cooke took such special care to flesh out two members of the Minutemen, Silhouette and Mothman, that he makes us care about characters that were mere footnotes in the original volume. I was particularly moved by t
  11. Mister Miracle Unmasked Scott Free By Mitch Gerads The incredible Mitch Gerads completely floored me with this Mister Miracle Unmasked Commission. This was obtained through this representative Comic Sketch Art when they opened his SDCC 2019 list. I asked for a Bearded Unmasked Mister Miracle. A favorite theme of my burgeoning art collection. Even with my high expectations Mitch really delivered an incredible piece. My favorite part of this masterpiece is the eyes. Mitch gives us a window into the haunted soul of Scott Free. You feel the pain, the sorrow and the wonder t
  12. Thank you very much for the update Andrew!!! And for being the bearer of good news!!! This is very great to hear.
  13. Well these all sound amazing. I was curious if an how they were going to bulk up the Frankenstein. Thank you for the information! I really appreciate it. Oh no that's awful news...I am so sorry to hear that.
  14. Did anyone attend the IDW Artist Edition Panel at SDCC 2019? I have been looking for a recap of any announcements that came out of it and I can't find any. I heard Ditko's Mr. A is going to be collected. I was wondering if there were any updates on the Wrightson Frankenstein AE or if any additional Artist Editions were announced. Thanks!
  15. Description The Rocketeer by Darwyn Cooke. I picked up this Prelim at Albert Moy’s booth. Thrilled to have a piece by Darwyn. He was such an incredible talent who left us too soon. I wrote this at the time of his passing. Darwyn Cooke was a master storyteller with the coolest signature in comics. He was an artist whose style was commonly and simply described as retro, but was much more than that, whether drawing a simpler time of the New Frontier or the harsh reality of Westlake's Parker, his artwork and storytelling expressed an el