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  1. My latest piece by the incredible Mitch Gerads His amazing work on Mister Miracle rightfully won him back to back Eisners. His art and storytelling captures such raw emotion and power. The quiet moments as powerful as the most cosmic of clashes. I love his work so much.
    I was lucky to get on Mitch's list for SDCC 2019 and I got an amazing Mister Miracle Scott Free.
    When his list opened for NYCC I knew I needed to get a second piece.
    This was a piece that was inspired as I was listening to the podcast Word Balloon with Tom King as they were talking about Mitch's art and how his art is perfect for street level characters. I have also been pouring over the IDW Daredevil Born Again Artisan Edition. A masterpiece.
    Matt Murdock is one of my favorite characters in all of fiction. His resilience is unmatched, he bends but never breaks...completely.

    "It was a nice piece of work Kingpin. You shouldn't have signed it."

    This scene from Frank Miller and David Mazzucchelli's seminal work is one of it's finest. It was a moment that I felt captured Born Again and one that Mitch's art would exemplify. And I was right. Mitch exceeded my incredibly high expectations. Thank you Mitch for your amazing work and for this amazing piece.

    Mitch Gerads Daredevil Born Again.jpg

  2. Swamp Thing . I call the piece "Growing Pains." I have long admired the pieces Dave Wachter has created particularly of Swamp Thing. I asked him if he would be willing to draw Swamp Thing growing on the skeleton of Alec Holland, his eye lit up and he got super excited. After I saw the results I can see why. The piece is stunning and truly one of my favorite images of Swamp Thing ever.

    Swamp Thing Growing Pains by Dave Wachter.jpg

  3. Hi Everybody,

    This year I will be attending NYCC for the first time and I could not be more excited.  I am an old hat when it comes to SDCC but have never been to a con in NYC.  I am wondering if anyone has advice on how to have the best time at NYCC, any recommendations or things you wish you knew going in. Any advice or words of wisdom will be appreciated. Thank you and I hope to see you there.  



  4. I absolutely love prelims. Here are some of my Favorites.

    Frank Miller: Prelim to the Dark Knight Returns Tenth Anniversary Hard Cover Slipcase. A gorgeous piece and the closest I will ever get to owning a piece from the Dark Knight.

    Darwyn Cooke: Prelim to the Cover for Before Watchmen Minutemen issue 2 

    Darwyn Cooke: Prelim to Rocketeer Adventures 




  5. Before Watchmen: Minutemen Issue 2 Cover Prelim 
    by Darwyn Cooke. 
    This Prelim was purchased at Albert Moy’s booth during SDCC 2019.
    Thrilled to have this piece by Darwyn. This inked Prelim gets me one step closer to owning a published piece by Darwyn Cooke. He was such an incredible talent who left us too soon.
    With projects like Before Watchmen, Cooke took such special care to flesh out two members of the Minutemen, Silhouette and Mothman, that he makes us care about characters that were mere footnotes in the original volume. I was particularly moved by the Mothman pages. That's right... Mothman. Cooke made you care, which is no surprise. Cooke was a master storyteller, and while he uses the designs and some layout cues of Dave Gibbons, make no mistake, this was a Darwyn Cooke comic. His sensibilities and style are ever present, and for that I'm grateful. The book was confident, but not cocky; it's respectful of the source, but never a slave to it.
    It was original - just like Darwyn Cooke. 
    An epilogue about this piece is that when it was turned over it revealed there was a sketch of the Comedian wearing his WWII costume. An wonderful bonus to a great piece.



  6. Mister Miracle Unmasked Scott Free
    By Mitch Gerads 
    The incredible Mitch Gerads completely floored me with this Mister Miracle Unmasked Commission. This was obtained through this representative Comic Sketch Art when they opened his SDCC 2019 list. 
    I asked for a Bearded Unmasked Mister Miracle. A favorite theme of my burgeoning art collection.
    Even with my high expectations Mitch really delivered an incredible piece. My favorite part of this masterpiece is the eyes. Mitch gives us a window into the haunted soul of Scott Free. You feel the pain, the sorrow and the wonder that Mitch and Tom instilled into the character and story. 
    Mister Miracle won back to back Eisners in multiple categories. And ever one of them richly deserved. 
    From the moment this book was announced I was thrilled with the possibilities and the moment we saw the book itself was a revelation. I thought Mitch's art was incredible. Tom's writing, superb.
    The series is magic from the first panel to the very last. This  series is a brilliantly executed comic on all levels. The art and the use nine-panel grid to pace the story is masterful and give it such a unique rhythm. The book is reverent to Kirby and the Fourth World while at the same time epic and incredibly personal. 
    I love how King writes Scott and Barda’s relationship. Full of love, passion, disappointment, and joy. 
    Mister Miracle takes all the best lessons from some of King’s best work (Vision and Omega Men) and evolves it into something very special. 
    It's like a great magic trick Tom King and Mitch Gerads made their pledge, their turn was bold and daring,  and their prestige was marvelous. I finally get how comic fans were feeling in 1986 when Watchmen and Dark Knight Returns were coming out.
    I also want to recognize the incredible talent and work of Nick Derington, whose covers were so incredibly iconic.
    Mitch Gerads created the art for Mister Miracle digitally so there is no physical original art so Commissions like these are the only way to have a piece of physical art.
    Thank you to Mitch Gerads, Tom King, and Nick Derington for creating such a wonderful comic that had such a profound effect on me. Comic Sketch Art for being so easy to work with. And of course a final thanks again to Mitch Gerads for creating such an amazing piece of art that I will treasure.
    A nice epilogue to this story that made me smile, a few weeks after SDCC Tom King tweeted out a picture of my Commission with the following comment. "The @MitchGerads commission I most tried to steal. Those eyes..." 
    I can't help but agree.



  7. On ‎7‎/‎29‎/‎2019 at 1:17 AM, thethedew said:

    I have a message which IDW's Scott Dunbier requested I forward to the good folks reading this thread:

    While the line is certainly slowing down, which it needs to after 75 or so books from IDW alone, but—with apologies to Mark Twain—the reports of our demise are greatly exaggerated.
    More to come, unfounded rumors be d----d.

    There ya go.  From the Horse's mouth, etc.

    Thank you very much for the update Andrew!!!  And for being the bearer of good news!!! This is very great to hear.

  8. 4 hours ago, ZimmermanTelegram said:

    There is (this is from another forum I belong to):

    Darwyn Cooke - They are reissuing the Parker Martini Edition and coming out with a second volume:  Martini Edition: Last Call

    The EC Covers AE will be more than 50 % covers that have not been in AE format before.  No percentage was actually discussed.

    Cockrum X-Men Artifact Edition Next Year.

    Frankenstein next year.  Will have a lot of other material and sketches.

    John Byrne Artifact Edition  in October looks great.

    Also discussed was the Roy G. Krenkel Centennial Book out in October.  Not technically an AE but all of the art was shot from the originals.

    Marvel Art of the Brothers Hildebrandt - next year.

    Complete Mr. A  --2 volumes, maybe three.  Looks like the Ditko family will be  releasing much of his work in the coming years.


    Well these all sound amazing. I was curious if an how they were going to bulk up the Frankenstein. Thank you for the information! I really appreciate it.

    24 minutes ago, Brian Peck said:

    I heard IDW will be shutting down its AE line. This must be what they still have in the pipeline. No mention of Steranko's Shield.

    Oh no that's awful news...I am so sorry to hear that.



    The Rocketeer by Darwyn Cooke. I picked up this Prelim at Albert Moy’s booth. Thrilled to have a piece by Darwyn. He was such an incredible talent who left us too soon.

    I wrote this at the time of his passing. 

    Darwyn Cooke was a master storyteller with the coolest signature in comics. He was an artist whose style was commonly and simply described as retro, but was much more than that, whether drawing a simpler time of the New Frontier or the harsh reality of Westlake's Parker, his artwork and storytelling expressed an elegant ideal. He was a comic creator who, with every encounter I had with him, showed an honesty and generosity with his fans. 
    He was....
    ...It's hard to use the past tense when talking about someone who's work had such a profound effect on your life. 
    My favorite memory of Darwyn was San Diego Comic Con back in 2012. It was Saturday night at the Hyatt bar. I had just self-published my comic Mysteryman and I was desperate to give one of my favorite creators my first published work. I could see Darwyn was about to leave for the night. Fortunately, I had enough liquid courage to approach him. 
    "Excuse me, Mr. Cooke?"  
    "It's Darwyn."
    "... Darwyn, I just wanted to let you know how I am a huge fan and your work has been such an inspiration. I just self-published my first comic and, I realize it's not the best time, but I wanted to give you a copy of my comic as a thank you."
    "Are you coming to my spotlight panel tomorrow?"
    "I am..." 
    "Great, give it to me after that. How old are you?" 
    "Keep your nerve kid, you're farther ahead than I was." 
    I was so grateful that Darwyn took that moment to slow things down; he easily could have taken the book and said thank you, but he didn't.
    The next day I went to his spotlight panel. Afterwards, I caught his attention and gave him a copy of my comic, and then he took out his pen - his pen with which he has signed so many of my comics in years past - and he told me, "You've got to sign it..." 

    Darwyn cared enough to take the time with a first-time comic writer. I hope he read Mysteryman; I hope he enjoyed it. 
    His work on the Parker novels were masterpieces. A perfect pairing of creator and material.
    Even with projects like Before Watchmen, Cooke took such special care to flesh out two members of the Minutemen, Silhouette and Mothman, that he makes us care about characters that were mere footnotes in the original volume. I was particularly moved by the Mothman pages. That's right... Mothman. Cooke made you care, which is no surprise. Cooke was a master storyteller, and while he uses the designs and some layout cues of Dave Gibbons, make no mistake, this was a Darwyn Cooke comic. His sensibilities and style are ever present, and for that I'm grateful. The book was confident, but not cocky; it's respectful of the source, but never a slave to it.
    It was original - just like Darwyn Cooke. 
    Thank you Darwyn, for your art, for your stories, and for your kindness. Rest in peace.


  10. I realize this may be a strange topic. I am just throwing this out there and would love to hear from other collectors to hear if this ever happened to them and if it did, what did they do?

    I have been collecting art for over twenty years, with the past two being a pretty active and involved collector. This month I had the incredible good fortune to pick up several pieces that  completed several major goals for my art collection. I have always wanted a Dark Knight Returns piece and at SDCC I had picked up a prelim to the cover for the DKR 10th Anniversary HC. I was thrilled!!! A gorgeous prelim that is tighter than you would expect and really shows Miller's process. Also at that same con I received a stunning Dave Gibbons commission of the golden age Nite Owl that wonderfully represents my love of Watchmen.

    These were two major goals that I never thought I would achieve, actually achieved.  I am THRILLED with these pieces they are wonderful representations of some of my favorite artists and comics. Particularly with the budget I can afford for the hobby.  But now I am having a collector's existential moment of "What's next?" "Where do I want my collection to go?"

    I acknowledge this is a good problem to have and that every collector is different. I know there will always be more art because I am always looking at new art.  As I take a breather I  wonder if something similar has ever happened to you? Have you ever reached the top of your mountain and go what's next?  If it did, what did you do to evaluate or reevaluate your collection? How did you figure out what you wanted your collection to be? Did it change your collecting habits if so, how?

    Thanks for listening and I look forward to hearing your responses.


  11. From SDCC. 

    Nite Owl. Golden Age cover commission. By Dave Gibbons. To describe this piece as infinitely special doesn’t even begin to cover it. With Watchmen Dave Gibbons and Alan Moore created a story that redefined the medium. My favorite sections were about Hollis Mason the Golden Age Nite-Owl. I poured over them constantly. My comic Mysteryman exists because I wanted more adventures with the character. So to have a new piece of Watchmen artwork by the original artist is just amazing. I love that Dave made it a cover to a comic book. This feels like this should be in Hollis’ apartment, hanging on the wall. It’s a little meta and it makes me love it all the more. I am so grateful that I got to thank Dave for this piece in person over the weekend.






    Starting my SDCC 2018 week off right.

    This piece is a two year collaboration that turned out even better than I could have imagined.

    At the 2017 C2E2 I met Dan and had the opportunity to get on his list. That alone was amazing. When it was done and I picked it up hesaid with all the times people have Commissioned him to draw Superman no ones ever asked for this pose. Which surprised me I love that it's so simple and iconic. I have always loved this pose. When I was a little kid I loved that Superman wore glasses like me. And the costume reveal/transformation show that.

    In May of 2018 I met Inker extraordinaire Brett Breeding at Three Rivers Comic Con. I asked Brett if he was taking any inking commissions and he said he could maybe fit it in but he offered if I wanted to have it inked with his full ink kit he would be willing to take it home and ink it there. Knowing that this would allow him to take his time I immediately took him up on the offer. Less than two months later I received word it was done and it is GLORIOUS.

    “The Death of Superman” was the first major comic event I ever experienced. It was the first time I learned there was more than one comic shop. I went to the phone book and called Adventures in Comics who told me they would be receiving more copies but it was not the first printing in the black bag. I didn’t care, I was just so excited to read the story. I was at the age where I honestly believed that when Superman died he was not coming back. The artwork was incredible, the power, the great use of the splash page. With Dan Jurgens and Brett Breeding drawing my definitive Superman it is just incredible to have this collaboration in my collection.


  13. We are almost a week away from SDCC 2018 and I CAN. NOT. WAIT!!!  This is not my first year going to SDCC but I would say this is my first year going as an active member of the Original Art Collecting Hobby. I will be there all days including Preview Night but I was wondering if you all had any advice to get the most out of the SDCC experience. Are there any original art collector meet ups?

    What are art/panels/ artists are you hoping to see?  I can't wait for the Artist Edition Panel.

    Do you have any pre-show commissions set up that you can't wait to pick up?

    Thanks for taking the time to chat and I hope to officially meet a lot of you face to face next week.


  14. 22 hours ago, cheekyj2112 said:

    Hi all

    We have just updated the website with a number of new pieces.

    I will be at San Diego next month if anyone wants to pick up art in person

    Artists added include:
    Dave Gibbons
    Frank Quitely
    Mark Buckingham

    Dave Stevens

    Barry Windsor Smith
    Rick Leonardi
    John Bolton
    Joe Linsner
    Adam Hughes
    Eduardo Risso

    The Brian Bolland Joker cover has been reduced in price.

    Thanks for looking.

    Great selection of pieces. I could not pass up the Dave Gibbons Super Soldier page. Story by Gibbons and Waid , Gibbons' pencils, and Palmiotti's inks, add in an appearance by Winston Churchill!!! It really doesn't get better than this.

  15. I wish I could be there Benno. I've never made it to Heroes but EVERYONE says this is the show to be at in regards to art and the lineup of guests this year looks incredible. I think this is going to have to become a priority to get to ASAP. I hope everyone has a great time and I can't wait to see pictures of all the great new art.