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  1. Great thanks for the info. Well as to why i bought it, I'm a 90's Valiant fan, I have read all of it and collected around 45% of all Valiant comics, i'm no expert but looking to that. So when it comes to DC i havent read that much, so i was in Vegas and entered an antique store, i know that most of the things there are overpriced but i dont care, im not a rich guy, i live in Mexico and buy comics in english and sell them here in Mexico, good profits , anyway i prefered to buy that overpriced comics along other ones from the copper and silver age, instead o letting them rot in the store, they were on the far side of the store around a corner and very well hidden, so I think i saved them and now i can sell it here in Mexico. If i can double it, sell it at $6 or $10 bucks I already made a win for me, so I don't I lost anything. So thanks for sharing that info and good luck with comic research
  2. Hi there, i have been working in buying some issues for my collection and I bought this Wonder Woman 15 from 1988 for 3 dlls, when i opened it, i noticed that it has a double cover, so i know it multiplicates its value, but i dont know how much, any guess, or do I really need to send it to CGC to have an estimate?